Thursday, December 27, 2007

back in vegas

WHACCCKKK back in vegas huh... well today me jen and aubz helped chanelle with work. labeling stuff..restocking stuff..yada yada. she needed it haha :] anywhoo...slept with my baby last night. yee <33>

well george seems to hit up jenise only when she is with ME. kinnah a coincidence huh!?! mm...he asked her how i was and shit. but he called my grandma and wished her a merry grandma told me. she was all... " george called me yesterday and wished me a merry christmas...does he know what you have a boyfriend?....poor guy why did you do that to him..." wth. hahaha geez grandma. but yeah... he is an interesting character. but i gottta say. i miss your dumb ass. i want to be your friend but your just pushing our friendship away. if you do talk to think i'm trying to talk to you in that way again. i also tell you before we have a convo...that i don't want you thinking that..and your like I KNOW I KNOw...then at the end you go.." i love still love me..?" then i don't say it then you get pissed off and say "DON'T TALK TO ME " and give me all this shit. but yeah...he's out here in vegas right now hitting up jenise...saying he wants to take her out..and he knows she's staying with me. duh. haha. anywhoo. that's that.

umm...i quit hi-fi. i had a meeting with meccamee...a lot of pros and cons. confused the fuck outta me. but i respect whatever decision they made. i have to try out january...umm something. AHAHAHA i forgot already. but yeah. i have to show them how loyal i can be. that i won't just quit on them in a heart beat. i am a committed girl but this dance scene is of course different from cali. so i'm still getting used to it. but i do apologize to them. i love that team they are so welcoming and i can call them "family"...MMMMMM

well anywhoo....

YESTERDAY...i left off my typing down there. but like i said... i feel like i got so much closer to my boyfriend. it's crazy how we been together for only a month and have all these feelings for each other. these DEEEEEP feelings. i honestly love him. but we do have our arguments. our argument on christmas eve was an interesting one. she called him...doesn't really bug me BUT how he wanted or was going to leave the room to talk to her...what you gotta hide? nothing hopefully. but how i important. i felt like...whenever he talked to reminded me and brought me to the past..what he did to us. it's hard not to think about that ya know? i bet you if he found that out about would be hard for HIm to trust me too...he still didn't understand though when i told him...then he told me how he felt. ill keep it short...he thought about karma..we had an emotional convo...but we had to make it work somehow right? i gave you my word...and ill keep it. i promise babe. only if you promise too. i love you so much. i can't wait for the future :] you know wussup haha. kind of..just support me baby. shoooz. i love you...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

xmas in cali

christmas i gotta say didn't feel like christmas to me. no reason...just a feeling ya know? anywhoo. i went to cali for xmas with my family and baby :] left for cali on the friday the 23rd. arrived around midnight and we slept at my grandma's. the next morning my grandpa mikey picked me and reg up. we slept there for 2 nights. baby hung out with his sis and johne saturday and they went to LA. melrose i believe. i stayed at home with fam just to chill. interesting's hard to see family after such a long period of time. you don't know what to say and you just can't open up. i talked to my dad who lives up in norcal somewhere. nice to talk to him but i miss him very much. then we got dropped off to the flemings house. just relaxed the whole day got ready for dinner. it was a nice dinner. they made lobster, spaghetti, salad...stuff i don't know. it was nice though. then me and reg got into a lil fight. or a big one. enough of that. he almost left :[ i love you baby. anywhoo. me reg and aubz went to midnight mass. family was too sleepy to go. but shooz it was interesting hahahaha. falling asleep and what not. and yeah xmas morning came opened up presents ha. i cut my finger shooz. aubz got two turtles and they were cute :] seeing my fam was nice. and i miss my grandma. but BOYFRIEND. i love him very much. i felt like we got SOOOOOOOOO much closer than we already were. seeing him everyday was nice. waking up knowing he was there was nice. i wish everyday can be like that. my family likes him and that makes me happy <3>

Monday, December 17, 2007

happy one month babe <3

happy one month babe ! yeee one month of happiness,sadness, arguing, shoooz iuno! whatev thank you for the mochi ! HAHAHAHA. good stuff. silly boy. and the flowers. many more months to come love you. hmm today boring day at school. shooz finnah monday over. this week is going to go by so slow. FUCK ! but tomorrow me jack and jenise are going out to PH and UNDFTD. so yeah. not much to type today. im just thankful for my wonderful reginald. hopefully more months to come after this first month. it flew by hella quick. let the second one be as easy as this one <3

Sunday, December 16, 2007

2 in the mornnn ha SIKE

SOOOO. fuckin caca. last night was fun. i went xmas shopping with chanelle and jack for my family. saw the fuckin cutest dress from express !! its only 60 omgah... i fell in love .. didn't wanna leave. it was furple with some black and shit. strapless. CUTE hahaha. anywhoo. yee. then me and jack went to robertos.. carnitas burrito !! MMMM. good shit. went to her house. baby and athan met us. then lo and erks then scottie matt and shpence. haha. set up the hookah hookah and i went to wii it with scottie matt and shpence. that tennis shit ya know. hahhha it was fun. haha we was all screamin and shit. hahaha good times. then me and matt played speed like a jazillion times nd i won every single time UGH SON. ahhah but we played a lil after and he beat my ass like twice ahaha. mm i only drank a shot of jager that athan was forcing me to drank. lolo bought me a 211. shit fucks me up. baby killed his 211. mm. so we was just all sitting talkin and shit. ya know ya know. babe wnted to go to "sleep" haha fucker. yeah the fuck right ahahaha. good shit. mmmm anywhoo. my night was fun :] haha im at jacks right now waiting for her ass to wake the FUCK up ! haha jizz is coming in at 1 50 today. ok im done ! BYE !

Saturday, December 15, 2007

feel like shit

SOOOOO...finally this long week has ENDED. thank god ! just one more. jenise is coming tomorrow yee. i don't know wth she gon do while im at school half of the day AHHA. oh well. but yeah last picked me up from escuela and they went to go eat filipino food at this one place iuno. haha but yeah jack met up with us then we all headed out to PH. it was me joseph jonathan babe and jack. so yee. went aroundd. babe bought me my 60 dollar nior earings :] is that how you spell it iuno i forgot haha. he was gonna surprise me but i didnt walk out the store he said ahha. he fuckin spoils me ! fuck. hahahaah too mahtz i love him though. thanx babe ! i love my earrings :] and hm 3 shirts from nike town. dang hella expensive [lmao good shit] but yeah...UMMMM. we went to fashion also walked around. then jackie face was irritated and wanted to drink her life away. babe bought the draaanks and we all went to jacks house. had an empty stomach...drank like nothing and was dunzos. my god i stillll feel like shit right now. i couldnt even walk straight. babe had to like drag me and shit. so me jonathan and babe were driving home and i heard jonathan go "pull over dawg" ahahahahah. we went to a gas station but i didnt yack. got in the car knocked the fuck out. babe said i was hella snoring AHAHA. oh shit. embarassing but oh well hes my babe :] so we all got home. i woke up andjust yacked. not even a lot. but yeah babe said i was shaking hahaha. so he walked me to my house cuz i couldnt walk straight and then he opened my door for me. and he helped me up to my room. and yeeeeaup ! what a loving bf :] yacked on his shoes too AHAHA. sorry babe. he took good care of me. rubbin my back when i threw up too :] GAAWD i love his ass !!!!!!! so mahtz ! yeah well he is sleeping right now while im typing this. wake up babe damnit. oh well. ill see him later tonight too. YEE. okkkkkk supposably we dranking tonight but i dont know cuz if eel like shit. haha. YEEEE. alright alright alright <3 ill write later BYE

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


that title was what jack said. so i just put it hahahahaha. well jackie is over right now. lolo and reg were here but they went somewhere. i think reginalds coming back who knows?! haha anywhoooo....nothing interesting happened today. my mom picked me up late cuz her boys grandma had a heart attack. pray for her. so i went to her apartment and she had to run to work so she couldn't take me home so i called babe up and he picked me up. like around 5ish or somEsing....but yee i gotta take a shit. lynijack (8:26:30 PM): Hahaha put that in ur blog! hahah there you go ! shoooz. i just had hawaiian bbq. but yee babe and i went to mom's work to drop the key off. ummm...then we went to go look at puppies :] babe thinks the puppies i like are ugly but it's ok ahaha. we like this one but its 1195. it's super cute man. haha yeah so i guess he gonna bake chanelle's cake for me so chanelle won't see :] it's her birthday tomorrow <33>

Monday, December 10, 2007

just that sexaaaay

why hello. alright well im at home waiting for reg and lolo to get back from buying food ! yum robertos yee for me. gay. 2 weeks xmas break with baby and fam :] super excited. well i quit hifi today. :[ i love those girls but i feel like im not challenged....and i really dislike the EKETC thing. it's something unexplainable. i feel bad i can't give a direct answer but i'm really not feeling hi fi. FOR ME. i honestly think meccamee does benefit me better. cristian gave me a talk before i left meccamee telling me which one do you think benefits you more...and i didn't really think about that. but dang mecc be doing battlefest and fusion also. step it up mecc proud of you guys. thats exciting. good stuff. but it has NOTHING to do with anyone in EKETC. no one from vegas. i promise. i love you guys all. this is just the way i honestly feel. i'm not happy where i am in dancing with you guys. and ... i want to be happy... you guys are all great and talented individuals. man i will mis you guys no lie. it is hard. hifi guys are my number 1 girls no lie...don't forget that shit seriously. babe and lolo came over. i taught babe just that sexy hahahaha. he doing good im proud of him. :] we not finished yet he needs to work on stuff still. haha. yeah. so i'm supposed to "train" him errday haha.. i think he has potential. i think he can do it...good job babe im proud of you !!! yeah haha. that's basically everything today...yeah yeah..good stuff. haha

Sunday, December 9, 2007

My Weekend

so...havn't been up on this joint for awhile ! but boyfriend coming with me to cali now ! YEE. so excited :] haha. anywhooo. boyfriend time all weekend :] made me happy. couldn't do hi-fi's thaaang. ha. sorrrrrrrryGIRLS!!!!!! but shooooooooooz. jack bought me dem furple chooooes ! cute but gross haha. and boyfriend bought my adidas :] yeah they cute i fakin love em. haha. i just walked into metropark and he goes here you go ! lmao. and it's dem shoes. what a sweet heart but spoils my ass -_-. like his itouch that's his but says it's mine and to keep it. oh HAAIL NAHHHH hahaha. i love you baby :] thank you for everything. let us seee....what's new?! hmmmm....i dont know but i have some shit on my mind. i would like to type it but i don't know who be looking at this. a couple of people know wussup but it's on the DL.

well HM. thursday night ..i hung out with lo jack and jack's friend anthony. " CAN I DRIVE YO CAR?!" hahaahha. oh geezez. we went to PH looked around yada yada. then went to buca to eat MMMM yummy haha. haha matt and scottie met up with us and we all went to go ride the roller coaster at NY NY. hahah random but scottie got us in for PREEEE. but also a bad day cuz aguin with the boyfriend. stupid caca. haha. oh well. gahh but whatevvv. make up sex. hahaha jk jk. wtfak?!

saturday was taking it to the streets. culture shock LV showcase. it was aight. FRESH ya know. haha gross. buut formLV did great. meccamee dope. culture shock LV did step it up to me. good shit. but yeeeah after.. me lo jack and reg went to TGIF to eattt. hella hungry man fak. then jianne and ar met up. lo bought us all 211's haha. fuckin dem niggahs killin that shit haha. buzzin of course. AR too damn funny. haha good times :] but mannn ! wth up with eketc out here. do they just talk shit and expect us to fuckin hang?! i mean thinkk about other ppl too yall.. put yourself in their position. it takes awhile for certain ppl to warm up ya know. dannng. wtfever i don't care right now haha. UMMM. that's about it. i got a retreat for chuch today. 3-8. yes imma good catholic girl haha. and 2 weeks of school till xmas in LA :] with my fam and baby. YAY ! i love.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Boring Day

so babe isn't coming to LA anymore :[ so sad ! geeeez. kdjfslfjds. oh well next year :] anywhoo my day was pretty shitty. i feel like shit. ya know. and umm yeah. i had to watch EJ so babe came over. he was alright and all of a sudden he started crying..and he WOULD NOT stop crying LMAO ! reg was all holding him and lil ej was SCREAMING like at the top of his lungs haha. omgah i felt bad. but that lil man...fuuuck would not stop crying.haha. yeah that was the highlight of the day hahaha. sooooo...erika got us girls this gig at mandalay. iuno about that yet. annnnnd some lady wants me to teach at her studio. so iuno wussup shoooz. and right now i'm still debating if i should move to LA or not. GAWSH. IUNO! yeeeeeaup.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

December Already?!

sooo i decided to make a blog. because i have a lot to say like every damn day of my life. so i'm oh the phone with boyfriend...and i found out that he coming down to LA with me for xmas :] ok anyways. i can't believe it's already demcember. the end of 07 is coming. finally a senior thank goodness. well if you guys didn't know i'm not living with my mom anymore. too many damn problems. we argued so damn much about the stupidest things ever. now she lives with her boyfriend in an apartment on the northwest side of vegas. i don't really talk to her anymore but i know i should. well i live with my uncle and chanelle. geeeez...the most inspiring and amazing people ever in my life. my life was (as you can say) pretty fucked. bad grades, did stupid shit, came home hella late, talk back, be lazy. fuck you name it. now that i live here...i feel like im part of a REAL family. i have never felt this feeling before in my life. i feel warmth everytime i walk in that door. i feel the support. the LOVE. i'm so grateful for them two. my life is slowly becoming GOOD. welcome to the goodlife ! haha jk. im gay. i thank God everyday for them. so yeah i'm living here at mountains edge..and met my dear boyfriend..reggie. my fuckin neighbor...

haha wtf neighbor?! that shit is too funny. chanelle's lil sister was sneaking out with her friend karmyna and then they wanted me to come with them. geez i didn't wanna go out. haha so i go out there. and karmyns bf was in the car and drove down the street. and them two walked down there to meet them. and i was sitting on my drive-way. so i see this car pull up..and i thought it was some old ppl. haha until they got out i seen two guys. i was like who the haaaail. so i start walkin down the street and i hear.. "SSSHT HEY YOU " like wtf?! me?! hahaha. and so i meet that reginald. he was with LOLO that night. and yeah. that's how i met him haha :] had some problems at first..but i guess you can say it's pretty much worked out yeah? hopefully. love that boy for reals. thankful for him. he helps me through hella shit. and i try to be there for him as much as possible. and in the will be even better .. right babe !? <3>

well dangit i got school tomorrow. FUCKK> gay gay LVA is gay. im too lazy to be going to a performing arts school haha. well hm. what's this week... practice friday for troy's moms party thing. and then we perform sat. then culture shock's taking it to the streets sat night. supporting my boys :] and meccamee <3> shoooz. yeah yeah yeah. iuno but faaaak. hahaa. going to hit the saccck cuz im sleepy. babe is sleeping on thee phone. yeah. i love him :] yeeeup. good night babies