Sunday, December 16, 2007

2 in the mornnn ha SIKE

SOOOO. fuckin caca. last night was fun. i went xmas shopping with chanelle and jack for my family. saw the fuckin cutest dress from express !! its only 60 omgah... i fell in love .. didn't wanna leave. it was furple with some black and shit. strapless. CUTE hahaha. anywhoo. yee. then me and jack went to robertos.. carnitas burrito !! MMMM. good shit. went to her house. baby and athan met us. then lo and erks then scottie matt and shpence. haha. set up the hookah hookah and i went to wii it with scottie matt and shpence. that tennis shit ya know. hahhha it was fun. haha we was all screamin and shit. hahaha good times. then me and matt played speed like a jazillion times nd i won every single time UGH SON. ahhah but we played a lil after and he beat my ass like twice ahaha. mm i only drank a shot of jager that athan was forcing me to drank. lolo bought me a 211. shit fucks me up. baby killed his 211. mm. so we was just all sitting talkin and shit. ya know ya know. babe wnted to go to "sleep" haha fucker. yeah the fuck right ahahaha. good shit. mmmm anywhoo. my night was fun :] haha im at jacks right now waiting for her ass to wake the FUCK up ! haha jizz is coming in at 1 50 today. ok im done ! BYE !

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