Thursday, December 27, 2007

back in vegas

WHACCCKKK back in vegas huh... well today me jen and aubz helped chanelle with work. labeling stuff..restocking stuff..yada yada. she needed it haha :] anywhoo...slept with my baby last night. yee <33>

well george seems to hit up jenise only when she is with ME. kinnah a coincidence huh!?! mm...he asked her how i was and shit. but he called my grandma and wished her a merry grandma told me. she was all... " george called me yesterday and wished me a merry christmas...does he know what you have a boyfriend?....poor guy why did you do that to him..." wth. hahaha geez grandma. but yeah... he is an interesting character. but i gottta say. i miss your dumb ass. i want to be your friend but your just pushing our friendship away. if you do talk to think i'm trying to talk to you in that way again. i also tell you before we have a convo...that i don't want you thinking that..and your like I KNOW I KNOw...then at the end you go.." i love still love me..?" then i don't say it then you get pissed off and say "DON'T TALK TO ME " and give me all this shit. but yeah...he's out here in vegas right now hitting up jenise...saying he wants to take her out..and he knows she's staying with me. duh. haha. anywhoo. that's that.

umm...i quit hi-fi. i had a meeting with meccamee...a lot of pros and cons. confused the fuck outta me. but i respect whatever decision they made. i have to try out january...umm something. AHAHAHA i forgot already. but yeah. i have to show them how loyal i can be. that i won't just quit on them in a heart beat. i am a committed girl but this dance scene is of course different from cali. so i'm still getting used to it. but i do apologize to them. i love that team they are so welcoming and i can call them "family"...MMMMMM

well anywhoo....

YESTERDAY...i left off my typing down there. but like i said... i feel like i got so much closer to my boyfriend. it's crazy how we been together for only a month and have all these feelings for each other. these DEEEEEP feelings. i honestly love him. but we do have our arguments. our argument on christmas eve was an interesting one. she called him...doesn't really bug me BUT how he wanted or was going to leave the room to talk to her...what you gotta hide? nothing hopefully. but how i important. i felt like...whenever he talked to reminded me and brought me to the past..what he did to us. it's hard not to think about that ya know? i bet you if he found that out about would be hard for HIm to trust me too...he still didn't understand though when i told him...then he told me how he felt. ill keep it short...he thought about karma..we had an emotional convo...but we had to make it work somehow right? i gave you my word...and ill keep it. i promise babe. only if you promise too. i love you so much. i can't wait for the future :] you know wussup haha. kind of..just support me baby. shoooz. i love you...

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  1. Hey Lexx... it's Erika. I just wanted to let you know that there's nothing you should worry about when it comes to me talking to Reggie. Honestly, I'm happy for both of you! And there shouldn't be anything to hide, because I got nothing to hide. And I don't front. I know that he's my ex, but he has you. And he's all yours. I'm all the way here in San Jose, living my own life. I'm not going to be some psycho-exgf.

    But anyways, just be honest with each other. He's not exactly the greatest mind reader in the world. And like I said before, when we first talked, I'm here to support you two. Your relationship is going to be very rocky, but it takes a while to build trust and honesty. Just let go of the past & just think about what you have in the present.

    Kkkkk bye girl!

    - Erika