Monday, December 3, 2007

Boring Day

so babe isn't coming to LA anymore :[ so sad ! geeeez. kdjfslfjds. oh well next year :] anywhoo my day was pretty shitty. i feel like shit. ya know. and umm yeah. i had to watch EJ so babe came over. he was alright and all of a sudden he started crying..and he WOULD NOT stop crying LMAO ! reg was all holding him and lil ej was SCREAMING like at the top of his lungs haha. omgah i felt bad. but that lil man...fuuuck would not stop crying.haha. yeah that was the highlight of the day hahaha. sooooo...erika got us girls this gig at mandalay. iuno about that yet. annnnnd some lady wants me to teach at her studio. so iuno wussup shoooz. and right now i'm still debating if i should move to LA or not. GAWSH. IUNO! yeeeeeaup.

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