Sunday, December 2, 2007

December Already?!

sooo i decided to make a blog. because i have a lot to say like every damn day of my life. so i'm oh the phone with boyfriend...and i found out that he coming down to LA with me for xmas :] ok anyways. i can't believe it's already demcember. the end of 07 is coming. finally a senior thank goodness. well if you guys didn't know i'm not living with my mom anymore. too many damn problems. we argued so damn much about the stupidest things ever. now she lives with her boyfriend in an apartment on the northwest side of vegas. i don't really talk to her anymore but i know i should. well i live with my uncle and chanelle. geeeez...the most inspiring and amazing people ever in my life. my life was (as you can say) pretty fucked. bad grades, did stupid shit, came home hella late, talk back, be lazy. fuck you name it. now that i live here...i feel like im part of a REAL family. i have never felt this feeling before in my life. i feel warmth everytime i walk in that door. i feel the support. the LOVE. i'm so grateful for them two. my life is slowly becoming GOOD. welcome to the goodlife ! haha jk. im gay. i thank God everyday for them. so yeah i'm living here at mountains edge..and met my dear boyfriend..reggie. my fuckin neighbor...

haha wtf neighbor?! that shit is too funny. chanelle's lil sister was sneaking out with her friend karmyna and then they wanted me to come with them. geez i didn't wanna go out. haha so i go out there. and karmyns bf was in the car and drove down the street. and them two walked down there to meet them. and i was sitting on my drive-way. so i see this car pull up..and i thought it was some old ppl. haha until they got out i seen two guys. i was like who the haaaail. so i start walkin down the street and i hear.. "SSSHT HEY YOU " like wtf?! me?! hahaha. and so i meet that reginald. he was with LOLO that night. and yeah. that's how i met him haha :] had some problems at first..but i guess you can say it's pretty much worked out yeah? hopefully. love that boy for reals. thankful for him. he helps me through hella shit. and i try to be there for him as much as possible. and in the will be even better .. right babe !? <3>

well dangit i got school tomorrow. FUCKK> gay gay LVA is gay. im too lazy to be going to a performing arts school haha. well hm. what's this week... practice friday for troy's moms party thing. and then we perform sat. then culture shock's taking it to the streets sat night. supporting my boys :] and meccamee <3> shoooz. yeah yeah yeah. iuno but faaaak. hahaa. going to hit the saccck cuz im sleepy. babe is sleeping on thee phone. yeah. i love him :] yeeeup. good night babies

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