Saturday, December 15, 2007

feel like shit

SOOOOO...finally this long week has ENDED. thank god ! just one more. jenise is coming tomorrow yee. i don't know wth she gon do while im at school half of the day AHHA. oh well. but yeah last picked me up from escuela and they went to go eat filipino food at this one place iuno. haha but yeah jack met up with us then we all headed out to PH. it was me joseph jonathan babe and jack. so yee. went aroundd. babe bought me my 60 dollar nior earings :] is that how you spell it iuno i forgot haha. he was gonna surprise me but i didnt walk out the store he said ahha. he fuckin spoils me ! fuck. hahahaah too mahtz i love him though. thanx babe ! i love my earrings :] and hm 3 shirts from nike town. dang hella expensive [lmao good shit] but yeah...UMMMM. we went to fashion also walked around. then jackie face was irritated and wanted to drink her life away. babe bought the draaanks and we all went to jacks house. had an empty stomach...drank like nothing and was dunzos. my god i stillll feel like shit right now. i couldnt even walk straight. babe had to like drag me and shit. so me jonathan and babe were driving home and i heard jonathan go "pull over dawg" ahahahahah. we went to a gas station but i didnt yack. got in the car knocked the fuck out. babe said i was hella snoring AHAHA. oh shit. embarassing but oh well hes my babe :] so we all got home. i woke up andjust yacked. not even a lot. but yeah babe said i was shaking hahaha. so he walked me to my house cuz i couldnt walk straight and then he opened my door for me. and he helped me up to my room. and yeeeeaup ! what a loving bf :] yacked on his shoes too AHAHA. sorry babe. he took good care of me. rubbin my back when i threw up too :] GAAWD i love his ass !!!!!!! so mahtz ! yeah well he is sleeping right now while im typing this. wake up babe damnit. oh well. ill see him later tonight too. YEE. okkkkkk supposably we dranking tonight but i dont know cuz if eel like shit. haha. YEEEE. alright alright alright <3 ill write later BYE

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