Monday, December 10, 2007

just that sexaaaay

why hello. alright well im at home waiting for reg and lolo to get back from buying food ! yum robertos yee for me. gay. 2 weeks xmas break with baby and fam :] super excited. well i quit hifi today. :[ i love those girls but i feel like im not challenged....and i really dislike the EKETC thing. it's something unexplainable. i feel bad i can't give a direct answer but i'm really not feeling hi fi. FOR ME. i honestly think meccamee does benefit me better. cristian gave me a talk before i left meccamee telling me which one do you think benefits you more...and i didn't really think about that. but dang mecc be doing battlefest and fusion also. step it up mecc proud of you guys. thats exciting. good stuff. but it has NOTHING to do with anyone in EKETC. no one from vegas. i promise. i love you guys all. this is just the way i honestly feel. i'm not happy where i am in dancing with you guys. and ... i want to be happy... you guys are all great and talented individuals. man i will mis you guys no lie. it is hard. hifi guys are my number 1 girls no lie...don't forget that shit seriously. babe and lolo came over. i taught babe just that sexy hahahaha. he doing good im proud of him. :] we not finished yet he needs to work on stuff still. haha. yeah. so i'm supposed to "train" him errday haha.. i think he has potential. i think he can do it...good job babe im proud of you !!! yeah haha. that's basically everything today...yeah yeah..good stuff. haha

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