Sunday, December 9, 2007

My Weekend

so...havn't been up on this joint for awhile ! but boyfriend coming with me to cali now ! YEE. so excited :] haha. anywhooo. boyfriend time all weekend :] made me happy. couldn't do hi-fi's thaaang. ha. sorrrrrrrryGIRLS!!!!!! but shooooooooooz. jack bought me dem furple chooooes ! cute but gross haha. and boyfriend bought my adidas :] yeah they cute i fakin love em. haha. i just walked into metropark and he goes here you go ! lmao. and it's dem shoes. what a sweet heart but spoils my ass -_-. like his itouch that's his but says it's mine and to keep it. oh HAAIL NAHHHH hahaha. i love you baby :] thank you for everything. let us seee....what's new?! hmmmm....i dont know but i have some shit on my mind. i would like to type it but i don't know who be looking at this. a couple of people know wussup but it's on the DL.

well HM. thursday night ..i hung out with lo jack and jack's friend anthony. " CAN I DRIVE YO CAR?!" hahaahha. oh geezez. we went to PH looked around yada yada. then went to buca to eat MMMM yummy haha. haha matt and scottie met up with us and we all went to go ride the roller coaster at NY NY. hahah random but scottie got us in for PREEEE. but also a bad day cuz aguin with the boyfriend. stupid caca. haha. oh well. gahh but whatevvv. make up sex. hahaha jk jk. wtfak?!

saturday was taking it to the streets. culture shock LV showcase. it was aight. FRESH ya know. haha gross. buut formLV did great. meccamee dope. culture shock LV did step it up to me. good shit. but yeeeah after.. me lo jack and reg went to TGIF to eattt. hella hungry man fak. then jianne and ar met up. lo bought us all 211's haha. fuckin dem niggahs killin that shit haha. buzzin of course. AR too damn funny. haha good times :] but mannn ! wth up with eketc out here. do they just talk shit and expect us to fuckin hang?! i mean thinkk about other ppl too yall.. put yourself in their position. it takes awhile for certain ppl to warm up ya know. dannng. wtfever i don't care right now haha. UMMM. that's about it. i got a retreat for chuch today. 3-8. yes imma good catholic girl haha. and 2 weeks of school till xmas in LA :] with my fam and baby. YAY ! i love.

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