Tuesday, December 11, 2007


that title was what jack said. so i just put it hahahahaha. well jackie is over right now. lolo and reg were here but they went somewhere. i think reginalds coming back who knows?! haha anywhoooo....nothing interesting happened today. my mom picked me up late cuz her boys grandma had a heart attack. pray for her. so i went to her apartment and she had to run to work so she couldn't take me home so i called babe up and he picked me up. like around 5ish or somEsing....but yee i gotta take a shit. lynijack (8:26:30 PM): Hahaha put that in ur blog! hahah there you go ! shoooz. i just had hawaiian bbq. but yee babe and i went to mom's work to drop the key off. ummm...then we went to go look at puppies :] babe thinks the puppies i like are ugly but it's ok ahaha. we like this one but its 1195. it's super cute man. haha yeah so i guess he gonna bake chanelle's cake for me so chanelle won't see :] it's her birthday tomorrow <33>

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