Wednesday, December 26, 2007

xmas in cali

christmas i gotta say didn't feel like christmas to me. no reason...just a feeling ya know? anywhoo. i went to cali for xmas with my family and baby :] left for cali on the friday the 23rd. arrived around midnight and we slept at my grandma's. the next morning my grandpa mikey picked me and reg up. we slept there for 2 nights. baby hung out with his sis and johne saturday and they went to LA. melrose i believe. i stayed at home with fam just to chill. interesting's hard to see family after such a long period of time. you don't know what to say and you just can't open up. i talked to my dad who lives up in norcal somewhere. nice to talk to him but i miss him very much. then we got dropped off to the flemings house. just relaxed the whole day got ready for dinner. it was a nice dinner. they made lobster, spaghetti, salad...stuff i don't know. it was nice though. then me and reg got into a lil fight. or a big one. enough of that. he almost left :[ i love you baby. anywhoo. me reg and aubz went to midnight mass. family was too sleepy to go. but shooz it was interesting hahahaha. falling asleep and what not. and yeah xmas morning came opened up presents ha. i cut my finger shooz. aubz got two turtles and they were cute :] seeing my fam was nice. and i miss my grandma. but BOYFRIEND. i love him very much. i felt like we got SOOOOOOOOO much closer than we already were. seeing him everyday was nice. waking up knowing he was there was nice. i wish everyday can be like that. my family likes him and that makes me happy <3>

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