Sunday, December 28, 2008


I don't have a title for this blog. Haha sooo! I called off today, cuz I'm hung the fack over. I drank too much jack -_- since *Groove. I didn't realize I was taking huge gulps of that shit...until I felt it creeping up. Fuckkk a drunk night I thought to myself. THen BAAAAM it hit me like a shotgun.

SO I'm sitting here in my room watching movies & ish with a broken hip, well not broken. But I woke up cuz I felt so much pain on my right hip but I just thought I slept too damn long, but it was 7:30 in the morning! So I just ignore it hoping it would go away when I wake up. Then I go downstairs to get water, and I can't walk. Wow. I was limping and I know I looked pretty dumb ha. I really don't know why my hip hurts so damn much. =( Ayeee yi yi. I don't know how to stretch it either. Hmph. It's pretty damn cold in my room too. Yadada.

My Grandpa calls me today (mom's) and wished me Merry Christmas right, and if you guys know my grandpa, he cannot hear for shieeet hahah. It's so frustrating, yet funny at the same time. If you guys know my family too, we always make fun of him. Ayee forgive me God. Haha. It's just funny! OK ANYWAYS! So he's like "why don't you call me?!" I said I didn't have his number since I lost my phone, and he's like "oh you want my number? here here" so I tell him no I don't need it since he called me and I'll save it. Then he's like "you don't have my number?" so I say yeah i do! Dangit. THen he says "here's my number" hahah I'm like laughing on the phone not knowing what to say, so he just tells me his number. Then he goes "who do you stay with?" I told him my friend Jenny. He's all "Johnny?!" I say no JENNY my friend. He's all "Who is he?!" Hahaha I say my friend JENNY SHe's MY FRIEND. and he's all "Who's Johnny?!" I'm like yelling and talking so damn clear so he can hear me. I said Jenny my roommate. He's like "Who's Johnny?! A Dog??" AHHAHAh. I just gave up and hung up -_- Called him back to try to start a new conversation. I thought it was the funniest thing.

I feel so relaxed right now, I don't know why. Just a day to myself, on my bed in my hoodie and bball shorts. Mike just came in to check on me. Haha. Blahhhh. I'm just in a blogging mood since I didn't have time to blog about my week. So let's clear my mind.

Hmm the same. Ha. But when I go visit my Uncle and Chanelle, it's not the same. Obviously. But when I walk in, I get a different vibe, it's not ALL THE TIME. But numerous times already. I just feel awkward sometimes when I'm there. It sucks but hey, just gotta get through it and get over it. Love them no matter what.

Geezez I'm watching Grey's Anatomy and I'm crying hahahaha.

Mcdreamy for sureeeee. Ohhhhh my lantaaaaaaa

"Maybe we like the pain, maybe we're wired that way, because without it, I don't know...Maybe we just wouldn't feel real."

Oh wow. I like that. Ok anyways UMM what else what else what else.

siick. hahahah

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

Wow another year has gone by so quickly. It's so damn crazy! Tonight I'm having dinner with my Aunties, Grandma, & my mom. Baby is coming to dinner to meet them for the first time. He hasn't even met my mom yet. 2 months seems fine to meet my family =) Last night was the Meccamee Christmas party and it was pretty fun. I gave boyfriend his present and he likes it I hope. He likes his hype beast presents. Haha =) But yeah, it feels so good to give. Finally have money for myself, and to take care of my loved ones. I'm just taking advantage of the hours I'm getting since Tia & Jen are gone. Cuz I know when they get back, not as many hours for meeee. So 2nd job is going to come to the rescue. Ahhh anyways!

Christmas isn't as exciting this year. Midnight mass tonight @ my church with Mike & Jenise. Then Merry Christmas with my roommate and best friend from Cali. I'm thankful I'm not completely alone, but yeah. I just want to do the whole family tradition thang with the nice dinner, Christmas Vacation movie we always watch, open up presents at MIDNIGHT, ya know?!I'm going to miss that this year. Usually i'd be in Cali with the Flemmings. Ahhh it's ok there's always next year. Well I'm going to get back to Grey's Anatomy. Yassss!

Merry Christmas everyone =)

UPDATE! Christmas DAY!

Baby bought me an iPod touch! yay =) my dancer lookin ass finally has one. But umm, I'm at boyfriends, in his room, fiddling with my iPod. Hmph. Ok I don't know what I'm doing tonight but it's either I go to movies with baby or movies with my mom and family. I don't knowwwww!! Yadada! I love you Emmanuel Mones Barba Jr! Haha. You're gross =) Umm that is all.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Pea In The Poooo

So many times I heard people say our store name when they passed by. Haha I love my manager, she's so crazy. Well, work was pretty slow, had like a 2 hour rush, need to get my UPT goal up -_-. I learned a lot this past week too. Well today was just blah, closed with Mary and we were just chatting about random things. I was helping this lady out, when I see three guys walk in, and I didn't pay any attention first, then I see one peeping at me through the clothes, and it's fuckin AR hahaha. Ar, Johne, && Aldrin haha. Crazies. Then Jayce & Jenise came in. Then Reggie stopped by. Oh I feel the loveee hahaha. I work tomorrow 12-8 so I can't go to dinner with my familia tomorrow =( My grandma is in town too. Blahh.


Baby is back in town. I'm still upset I can't go to Meccamee XMAS party. Like I really am upset. Damnit. Ok well I'm going to get some sleep. I'm a boring person now, work, home duties, then sleeep. What a fun life hahahaa. I don't feel like going out anymore. Ok back to Grey's Anatomy.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

I want a straw hat dot come!


Go check the vid Ched made =)


I love this black guy =) && come home safetly pleaseeee!

Work is a drag, but making that money finally. I wore heels today and my damn peets hurt. Nicole, Jayce, Gigz, & Jenise are over right now and there are like two different conversations happening and what not here haha. It's jayce & nicole, then gigz & jenise, then just ME. Haha what a loser I am. Listening to ska music by myself singing by myself -_-. Haha umm. Christmas this year is going to be gay =(. My first christmas "alone." Well going to get some sleep soon cuz I got work tomorrow. Then I'm off Monday YAY! Finally. OH I can't get to Meccamee Christmas party! I'm so sad! I work till 10:30! && It starts at 5! Damnit. I'm upsettttt. Ok bye blog!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gronlandic Edit

I love my boyfriend. I wouldn't trade the love that we got.

Babe... True Love-Faith Evans.
haha not our song, but this song makes me think of you =)
So you can listen to it if you wanting to!

Well I just woke up cuz Jenise woke me up cuz she was too scared to sleep alone, and I just had to say, babycakes was making me hella laugh tonight idk why. Jerk, haha. I love juhhh! Well today was my first day of work, training training training. Hmph it's not THAT bad. Well I got work tomorrow at 9am, so I'm going to try to get some shut eye.

Goodnight world!

I love my boyfriend.

Monday, December 15, 2008


My baby on the right =)Cutesy ass. Work bitzzz! haha

Me & Erika


OH BTW! It's snowing outside right now and it's really pretty =)


So I'm sitting here, wondering what to do before I go to my Uncle's house, and I just wanted to show Jenise this video of Lil Wayne. HAHAHAH I remember when Justin showed me this awhile back, I thought it was the most hilarious shit ever. I still laugh so hard when I see it. Hahaha. The parts I can't stop laughing at watch it! 10 seconds-1:00. && 1:12-1:30. && 2:25-2:33. HAHAh watch it!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

*Groove w/ Lexx & Erika

Class was fun, not many people but still fun. Haha seeing all the boys worzeee it out =) Yay boys! My baby ripped. So proud of him. My gay boy. I can't wait to get the vids up so you can see my boyfriend dance my style =) Haha but we taught to Goapele-Love Me Right. We made it up in less than an hour, and taught that in less than an hour. HAHA we had so much time left. Geezez.

Ummm let's see what is there to blog about. Oh my lanta, CRANIUM last night! Hahaha was toooo mahtz! First we made up drinking rules.

Rule #1: Whenever Jayce says "Straight from the Bay" we had to all yell bay and whoever said bay last takes a shot.

Rule #2: No cussing! 1 shot.

Rule #3: Whenever Erika put her finger on her nose, last person has to take a shot.

So we had these rules while playing Cranium. We had 3 teams, Erika & Jayce, Justine & Jenise, && Mike & I. Haha. Mike and I were on a damn roll HAHA. When we did Enegizer Bunny, I didn't know we can futchin talk! HAHA. We just had so many moments that were hella funny. Like all of us would have our finger on our nose, and we would be lookin at Jayce and he still wouldn't notice hahaha. THen I couldn't draw a watermelon with my eyes closed. haha Jenise has a video of that one. But ahhh it was a nice night. My ideal night of not going anywhere and just chillen playing games and what not haha. =) Good good good good good night!

I guess we are going to church today yadada!

Update latuhhh!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ya betch!

So Nicole down there, HAHA. What a big gay! LMAO. I love you ya betch! Long ass blog entry about our nothing to do night at yo house! I had so much fun with you btw! I almost cried from your CUTE ass stories! Wahh many more nights like that to come =)

SO ANYWAYS! Today, picked up Jenise from the airport!!! Ahhh so fun and nice to have her here again! So we go to Jen's appt, && Jen & I take the car to get us all food. I'm driving on Spring Mountain, terrified of all the damn cars AHAHA. Made like 500 U Turns! LMAO. It was so funny. Then we eat, then to PRACTALS! Hahah short for Rascals Practice as I would say. Iggz. Baby was there already =) Then we stay there for a bit, then take Jen's car to Town Square. I tried finding JR a damn present. NOTHING THERE. Damnit. Ugly sweaters I didn't like. Or I didn't think he would like it! I'll find him something cutesy. Then back to Rascals. Then HOMEEE. Jenise and I chill for a bit then Johne picks us up around 9. Damnit took forever hahaha.THen to Kae's Rascamee get together thang. It was fun. I rolled up in sweats. YASSS. Stayed there tilla bout 1ish?! Then baby took us home.

We got home, and there were people at the house, little kickback thangy going on. I forgot everyone's name. Haha but like Justine, Erika, & Kimi were there. With a bunch of dudes upstairs too. So Ej, Jenise, & I are just in my room watching how good Ej dances. Aww my baby is soooo goods! Wahaha. But anyways, he just left, Jenise is knocked out on my bed, and I'm up blogging! Oh wthaaaail! I'm waiting for baby's call so I know he's home safe. I got him mad today =( I'm sowwwwie!!! I got ihm made futchin TWICE. Once for...yeah....HAHA. Then another time cuz I was scaring him. About someone being in his rear view mirror. HAHAHHA. So cutessss but sorry for scaring you ahhaa. He was all "I gotta drive home alone!" Haha. Oh geeezez. SOrry baby! It's YOU AND ME. OK?! You know that. I'm with YOU and you only =) My ferrrFECT boyfriend you. Okaaaay. I'm going to lay here until he calls.

Oh bitzness went out on a date today! OH MY LANTAAA! WORK BITZ! HAHAAH. I wanna know details girl shiiitz. Ok I'm done ahahhaha.

Goodnight!!! <33


Tomorrow is me & Erika's *groove class.
Studio 702
7 dollaaaaaa for more details

& I love my boyfriend.

Friday, December 12, 2008


after jens birthday dinner (12/10/01)everyone went out to tryst nightclub while nicole and lexx were too young to attend the after funtion so lexx asked nicole "hey what are you gonna do" nicole replied"i dont know i guess just go home" then lexx said" i want to come but im scared of your parents" then nicole said "dont be....were going to my house done!!!! " so the whole time nicole was wondering ride situations because she went with ej, jane, and ellis and knows lexx doesnt haave a car...and come to find out lexx had jens car because jen was gonna crash at lexx's after so they jumped around like retards all the way to the futchin they leave and drive to nicole's house listening to neyo..lexx wasnt used to the sensative brakes so the whole way home they were frailing!!!(jerk..jerk....slam your head into the dashboard lol)..(IM OVER THE 3rd PERSON..[nicole p.o.v]) then we were dancing hardcore in the care LIKE ITS OUR we arrive at my house and we go in my room....then she was looking at my pictures and decides to ask about past relationships then we were just reminicing and being totally emo..i was telling her stories of my AMAZING ex and how cute he WAS and how sweet and thoughtful he WAS!!then she was talking about her boo thing and how sweet and amazing he IS!! we were just in aww at the stories and stuff....totally emo right...lexx kept saying "aww you guys were cute im gonna cry" BAHAHAHAHA shes so she calls her love and talks to him and misses him after just seeing him( then suzie (my best friend) rolls up and tells me that shes already officially married....WHAT THE then i was so emo wen i got back in the room to lexx being a retard we were like futch it lets watch funny stuff on you we watched charity fall off the NEXT bus...then we watch scarlet take a tumble (remix style) then we were watching how much lexx matured from her dancing and is amazing..even though shes always been we were basically emo then after we couldnt stop laughing ALL NIGHT...and when i say we couldnt stop laughing i mean we couldnt breathe status(NEVER A DULL MOMENT WHEN WE'RE TOGETHER)...then at 2:37am lexx gets a call to get jen&leaves to get jen from tryst :(



Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Jennifer Vicente!!!!

Oh ya betch! Getting ready at my house right now! Haha she's turning 21 at midnight! The old ones are going clubbing at Tryst tonight. But first dinner @ Bahama Breeze @ 8:30 =) I have to teach at 7:30 cuz I'm subbing for Mike. Teaching to Metro Station-Shake It. Haha don't ask! It's just a fun song and I'm not tired of that song yet as long as it's been out ahhaha. It's going to be a fun class =)

Tomorrow Jenise is coming! Yayyy!!!! =) && me & Erika's *Groove class is on Saturday! Yadada! hahaha. What a fun weekend this will be. Ok update when I get home <33

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So this Friday, one of my closest friends EVER IN THIS WORLD, Jenise, is coming to visit me. She comes like every year or when she can come out here to visit me =) Mainly always in December for sureee. But yeah! I'm excited! We grew up together, danced together w/ my uncle, went to the same elementary school, our families are so close, we always slept at each others houses like we were sisters. Got into fights like we were sisters and what not haha. I have to pick her up at the airport on Friday @ 10am. Damnit making me wake up extra early HAHA. Jk. But yeah, we've been friends since we were in elementary school. I was in 4th grade? && she was in 5th?! We've been close ever since. Now that's true friendship people geezez. Hahah jk jk. But ja monnn! Friday come to meeeee!

Today I am having family time. Taking freaking pictures though -_- Then dinner for Chanelle's birthday =) Yayyy! I think she's turning 30? Or 29...Idk which one. Haha I forgot =\ But I know it will be fun, it's going to be my Uncle, Chanelle, Momma, && little Ej. I gotta say, us 4 always have fun with each other. All of them are so outgoing and hilarious when we always go out together. It feels like I'm out with a bunch of friends. Weird, but it's koo. So I'm looking forward too tonight. I'll update about it tonight when I get home.

Update @ 2:45pm.

I was browsing around on everyone's blog, and I came across Erika's.
Read her blog entry from today, December 10th.
It made me cry.

&& visit this page after and just pray for him and his family.

Thank yooou

Update @ 1:00am.

So TODAY! My family picked me up, && we went to that Magical Forest thing on the Charleston CSN campus. Omgsh lil Ej was so cuuuutesy! He was all wondering around all amazed by all the xmas lights. Little guy is so big now! But awww I was so happy to be with my family =) We rode on the train and the carousel! I felt like a little kid. We were all taking pictures too together it was so fun. But oh my, it's FREEZING COLD.

So after, we go home to sing Happy Birthday to Chanelle. Turns 29 tomorrow the 12th. So check this, I made this "memory jar" in 1st grade for my uncle cuz it was like a little Father's Day project...&& I says something on the front like "Whenever you're feeling down, reach into the jar and pull out a favorite memory of you and me.." Some little cheesy cute thing like that..& inside are folded papers with memories of my uncle and I like "I remember when you taught me how to ride a bike.." Stuff like that. SO! My uncle made one pretending it's from little EJ, looked like the jar, and said the exact same thing in the front. I was eating at this time, but Chanelle started reading it and I looked up right away, and started tearing up haha. Then inside were little folded notes from EJ's perspective like " I remember when I first started walking.." Little cute things like that. Chanelle was all crying, and I was crying, ahhh it was so nice =) It's so funny cuz I made that for MY uncle =) Which he STILL has today on his work desk. I love it!

OK TOMORROW! I have to go to Pea in the Pod for more paperwork @ 12. Then I'm meeting Jen up to help her find a fit for tomorrow. She turning 21!!! Watch out! Then back to my house, then drop her off at fashion, then I have to go sub for Mike's class @ 7:30, then to Bahama Breeze for Jen's dinner! But I'm not eating. I'm broke for that! HAHAHA. Then I have to pick up Jen at Tryst, drunk ass most likely, then she sreeeping over!

Ok night!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So tonight, I was just yapping away on the phone with my boyfriend. I felt like I was talking way too much, but yay for us. Finally getting somewhere =) Aww my boyfriend?! Say whaaat?! Haha. I was asleep earlier, and I woke up cuz it was way too hot. So I felt like blogging...Oh lord. Hmm!

Mico says: "It's nice to see you smiling again.."

Ahh, people notice it. I am so happy where I'm at right now. Yeah there are other things that are still buggin, but I just pretend it's not there. Everything will come together. *holy cow it is so hot right now in my room.* I'm like sweating. It's pretty disgusting.

Today, Mics, Mike, & I went to Premium. Geezez we walked like the whole damn outlet. It was all freezing cold out and what not. Then we met up jayce at Mcdonalds. THey were just talking about the fight while we ate. THen to mico's house. HAHA. Oh his dad. "Dad, Lexi's here..." His Dad: "Oh Ok...Wait what's your name Kriselle?!" HAHAHAH! I was dying so hard. Omgsh Mico and I kept laughing for a minute in the car hahahahaha. I was all saying what if I named my daughter that...HAHA! "So your name came from Uncle Mico's pops.." Omgsh we are so dumb. I love my Michaelangelo! Anyways...

Ahhh I <3 my boyfriend =) Can I say you are so amazing?! Oh geeezez. Ew I don't wanna get all lovey dovey...But DAMMMMMN. Babycakes, you make me feel on top of the world. I love what people say about us =) Nothing but GOOD things. No doubts from anyone either haha. Aww we going to do so much together, cuz I know you wont break my heart. I can't wait till we collab! You going to smash me at gay hop...oh gosh, baby you are becoming such a great dancer. I love it...=) Only time can tell how we will end up, but regardless of what happens, I know we will always be close. Laaahhh juhh niggah! =)

Lexi, is Lexi again =) Haha ewwww!

Ok cute ass! hahahaha. Aww this picture is so damn cute =) My lovely boyfriend everyone. Haha geezez why don't I just tell the whole world. I feel so gay right now. Haha

Monday, December 8, 2008

Once Upon A Time

There was a girl who was very very very very H-A-P-P-Y.

So, Ej and I were having a couple of problems the past days about where we were at. I mean everything was great, but we had a few bumps in the road. I'll leave the rest between him and me. Anyways, Nicole and Emma came over so Nicole can cut my hair, and Nicole goes, so you're coming over when we're done. I was like what I am?! She's all yeah! You didn't know?! I was like wth haha. She told me I was going to come over so Ej and I could talk about our situation and take care of it. Then Ej would take me home after we talked. I didn't REALLY want to go cuz I didn't know what to say to him about everything =(

So we pick up Ej from Nicole's then go to his house. First us girls were looking at Emma's old pics with Nam, cracking up cuz Emma was so embarassed HAHA. Shit was so funny, just thinking about it is making me laugh. ANYWAYS, so I go into Ej's room, he asks how I'm doing. Good blah blah, then he takes me home. We get in the car, and he stops on this street where there's like some bridge connecting one side to the other, wtf DUH lexx that's what bridges do! or I don't know what it was haha it like connected one street to like this other place idk. Then he goes, "Ready to do something random?" Haha I was like wthaaail are we gonna do. So he takes my hand and we walk to the bridge. Plugs his speakers into an outlet and plugs his phone into it. I thought he was going to like show me a piece he finished or something haha. Then he says he wants to slow dance cuz he never slow danced before. Corny! But so cutesy! It was like a damn movie. So perfect, and cute. He puts on Musiq Soulchild-Don't Change. His favorite Musiq song I believe? And yeah, we just dancing, talking, and he looks at me and says "I love you..." I almost cried, HAHAH! I was like a fuckin bitch, all gay and shit. HAHA. Don't hate! When it happens to you, you'll feel the same way! Haha =) Then he asks me "When was you and your ex-boyfriend's anniversary?" I said sometime in November. Then he says "Do you wanna make today our anniversary?" THere I go again, all ready to cry. HAHA! He asked me to be his girlfriend =) Oh how cutesy. December 7th, 2008. His favorite month, my favorite number =) Haha i'm so gay. geezez mutha futchin caca.

Crazy how 2 years ago, we used to talk. && 2 years later, we are together. It feels almost complete. Unfinished business for sure. He takes care of me like I'm his princess =) He calls me his angel. He always wants to make me happy. He always makes sure I'm ok. He still loves me even though I smash on him at dancing. Hahaha! Jk. But I'm not ;) He always tells me I'm beautiful. He supports me 100%. He's my confidence booster. Man IDK. Haha. I thank God he brought us back together. <33>

Oh you so cueeeez. Only the beginning my love =)

Friday, December 5, 2008


So today, was a lovely yet sick day. I had my interview at Pea in the Pod with Nikki, the lady I met yesterday with Jen. I believe I got the job =) It sounds gooood! I'm so excited. Finally! Ughhh success. Thanx to Jayce though, with his guidance in my life! I wouldn't be getting things together if it weren't for him. Um, I had my interview, and she wasn't even writing any of my answers down, haha she was just all "These questions are so stupid.." haha and we were just talking about how she used to teach back in the day. But she asked about my availability and all that yada yada and asked how many hours I prefer. I don't care! Anything would satisfy me!

Um I did that dance promo with my Uncle today. Learned his choreography and he had to record it for his video. =) It was fun. Got paid. Yadada.

Today at practice, we worked on facials. I suck, but when I get on stage, HUGE DIFFERENCE. Thank yoou. Haha. We had to have partners, and show emotion to our partners, mine was of course Ej, and I couldn't look at him. Haha I just couldn't. Shiiit. But heeey I LOVE MECCAMEE. We doing Battlefest 360 in February in San Jose. I'm super excited, but we have nothing yet and it's like months away! Haha! FACCCK Mk.

Tomorrow or today I should say, is our tech at Del Sol HS @ 2:00. Do work FAM!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Form LV

So tonight is Form LV's debut performance @ Studio 702. I can't wait to see what the boys came up with for Prelude which is this weekend in SoCal. I'm proud of them and I heard nothing but good things about this set. Way to rep Vegas boys.

Practice is from 10-12pm tonight. So I will update when I get home =) Have a nice day everyone!

UPDATE @ 3:11am!

So, I'm just sitting here, can't sleeep, watching Grey's Anatomy. We did our set 2 at a time, and Ej and I went first. Haha =) Smashed him. Haha jk! I thought we looked good dancing together =) It's like a friendly competition. There wasn't much to be critiqued about though with us! Like little things like too early on this lift your arm higher on that, and that was it. Hmph. Yay teammm!

Grey's anatomy is so damn emotional. Holy shizaaaaa. I'm sitting here crying a storm. HAHA!

Interview tomorrow @ Pea in the Pod, and helping Jen tomorrow morning with her dance for Rascals cuz she has to submit it Friday =) I also gotta call Pac Sun, cuz they called me back too. Yay for interviews! =)

I LOVE MY BEST FRIEND. Not enough words. Wthh. Daffi! I don't know what to say, but fuckkk! Even though we don't spend a lot of time together, I think about you all the time! And hope everything is ok! You're my futchin momma/sister! Momma Daff! HAHA. I love yooou and I'm so thankful for you to be in my life. As my ride to die sister. SideKickInCrime. BFFFFFF. Beautiful lady. AHH. Ok enough, I love you ya bettchhhh!

Goodnight World! GOTTA WAKE UP EARLYYY facks

Knee Pads

So I was on the phone with my one and only Emmanuel Mones Barba Junior, and he was just telling me how difficult it is to find me a Christmas present. Haha, then he says "What do I get you?! Knee pads?!" Haha and I thought it was sooo damn funny haha. AHH! How much I heart you EJ! You make me so happy in ways other people can't. Haha " You should blog about this" Lol niggah I am! Ahhhhh.. <33

There's nothing to really talk about today, Meccamee practice was the same as always, we just blocked today, since Jayce isn't doing the show. He couldn't get Saturday off. But our tech is Friday at 2 o'clockkk. Half an hour tech. GOSH DANG that is so long for a tech. Then IDK. Show on Sat =) YAYYYYY! We are accenting red this peformance, and I don't wear red dangit. Hmph, Mk! Oh no more photoshoot as EJ tells me. Thank goodness. Haha.

I had my job interview at A&F today, went well. Then I have another interview on Thursday at PEA IN THE POD. Cuz of Jen =) $10.00 an hour! Wthaaaail! I'm taking it! Hopefully it works out! Yay =)

You know what's crazy?! I've had this blog for A YEAR! I can reflect on 2008 by reading my blog entries. Drama, blogging drama, slutsos drama, REGGIE DRAMA, haha! It's crazy cuz I don't worry about all that unnecessary shit now. Yeah I'm stressing about other shit, but it's not stupid shit like before. I'm so proud I surround myself with the right people. I'm so proud I took Reggie out of my life. That was the biggest pain of my life for the longesst. SHIT. I look back and laugh at how stupid I was. One of the most horrible, fucked up, guy I have ever met in my life. No joke. I'm not being rude, it's the truth people haha. I never thought I would be over him, geezez how good this feeling feels. Ughhh no more school right now too. That was a big stress too. But I should be going to schoool. =\ It's ok I'm still young. I have time, but not that much. Yay =) Ok I'm just in shock how fast this year went by! 2009 already?! YASSS!!! Haha.

2009 is my fuckin year =) Yall watch out.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Cha Chinnnng

So I spent practically the whole day at my family's house today, talking about everything and what not. Hmph, I don't know, let's just say I'm so Lost. I should just be apart of THE LOST KIDS. Sike, yeah right you sick individuals you. Haha but umm

Hopefully this will be a fun show, and then the next day we have our photoshoot. Ughhh I absolutely suuckkkk at photoshoooots. I really don't want to go, but faccck, i don't know. Haha. I want a straw hat. Haha Dom and Chedda made a blog the other day. Omar calls me and like asks what the link is or something. Yeah, check their blog out!!! yadada! And Dom had an open mic thang Saturday night! You guys should check him out too@ He's ridiculous. He killed Saturday night I heard.

Oh one place I would love to go...

Oh geeebuz. I was just checking out the What The Hellz?! Blog and looking at Lanie Alabanza's trip to Tokyo, wow amazing?! Geeeebuz caca. Oh and this is pretty cool/cutesy too..
That's from the Bape Cafe. Their ice cubes are stars! Hahaha. Cute huh?! Anyways, that's enough for the night, nothing much to type about. Goodnight
OH CHECK THIS OUT! It's really cool!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hello there.

I'm hooked on Grey's Anatomy. Ahh, and Jayce here is telling me to "NEVER EVER GO CLUBBING" hahaha. This showww is amazing! "REALLY BAD!" That's what Jayce keeps yelling. Hahahahah! He's just here screaming. I finally get a phone tomorrow, I'm using my mom's old phone, which is (ONCE AGAIN) a razor. But this show, is like touching me in some odd reason. It's making me realize a lot of random things. Haha.

Umm anyways, I really want to go to church today, but by myself, yet again I don't have a car. It's really frustrating...But I just want to sit down by myself, purify my soul, and pray. I know I said before in my past posts that I think it's sad when most people come to God only when they are in desperate need of help. I find it sad that I do it, but at least I do come to him once in awhile. Better than nothing. But it would be nice if I can get in touch with him like I used to months ago. Going to church with my family every Sunday at 5pm =) I kind of miss that. Last time I went to church was what 2 weeks ago? With Ej, but that was like a first in awhile.

asoulchild (10:56:03 AM): Hello I prayed for u..

What else can I update on, ummm! Last night when Ej, Nicole, Erika, Ochedda, & Dom left, I was just chillen in my room watching some of Grey's Anatomy while online, and it's like past 3am, and I hear rocks gettin thrown at my window. Haha then I freakin hear the two laughs that just brighten my day. Freakin Jem and Daff. Buzzed asses coming back from Tao. I guess they door belled many times but my tv was just too freakin loud. So I go outside and they are still throwin rocks at my window HAHA. I'm like uhhh HELLO! AHHAAH. It was sooo funny.

Ok everybody have a lovely day =)

Saturday, November 29, 2008


So today is *Groove with Slim of Supreme Soul & FunkSF. I will update you about my Thanksgiving weekend either tonight or tomorrow. Yadada? Things are so crazy right now, that's all I can say. And luckily I have my best friend Jayce by myside. So thankful for him right now. No one else would be doing all these favors for me, brotherly love.

Well I'm getting ready right now, going with Daff around before *Groove. Thank goodness for dancing once again.

BUT UGHH right now, there's some guy standing outside the house, and I'm scared shitless. He rang the doorbell but I didn't open it. I asked "Who is it?" And he goes "I need to talk to you.." Who the hell?!? So I go "I'm sorry I'm busy at the moment.." and he goes "Please?" ughhh I'm going crazy right nowwwwwww. I have no phone -_- fuck shit fuckkkkkkkk asdfhgjk;! I'm hearing things, like something walking up my stairs I'm just freaking out ughh! lfjslkfjdsl


I'm trying to blog to get my mind off of it. It's really weird. KLFJDS

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

So I havn't really updated, but last night Ellis said two ppl from "Project D" were coming to give us a piece, and he went to go pick them up fromt he airport, and it was futchin JAY!!!!!!! Hahaha too bad Daffi ruined the surprise for my ass though, ahahh! I watched Wall-E with Daff before that too. BUT! Practice was good last night, we are performing for Faith's party tomorrow night, and WORKSHOP SAT! THen performing at the LVMA's on Sunday w/ Erika. Hmm...

Everything is great now, stressing about a couple of things, like losing my phone in cali! OH BTW CALI ! HOly SHIZAAA. Inspire, did INSPIRE ME. Confidence booooost I gots! JIA from futchin KABA MODERN, (ABDC KM that is) said I was fantastic =) And the founder of KM Legacy, said I was phenomenal and he couldn't take his eyes off me. OH WOW. Did that really happen to me? That made my night, I appreciate the talent God has given me.

But Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Be thankful for everything you have! I sure am, I am thankful for this wonderful life I am living in. It may not be perfect, well everyone's is NOT perfect, but you know, love what you have. <3

Have a wonderful day and God bless each and everyone of you.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


So Jenny, Jayce, & I went to Denny's after our practice right, and we were just eating minding our own business, when I notice a man who fell asleep in his chair. He already ate and everything! So I was like that'd be funny if one of us took a picture with him like we were talking to him. Then Jayce gets up and told me to take a pic of him and the man. AHAHAHAHAH! It was so funny! I have to upload the pic. The dude was just KNOCKED OUT! And here you have Jayce next to him LMAO! So funny! Now we are just here at home watching Wall-E! Yay. It's like 3 in the morning. OK! I am going to enjoy myself. =)



YES another Meccamee Cali Trip =) Best times ever i'm telling you. Can't wait!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Random Images

So Mics and I were talking about his random dope pictures, and I got to say, those pics are bizarre but siick!!! So I remembered this picture. I saw it in my Government class in a magazine and it had me dying. Laughing so hard. I don't know why, but I thought I'd share it with you guys.

HAHAHAH! I just think it's too funny. NEXXXXT!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Congrats Ileri!!!!

Miss Teen Nevada! AGAIN! 2008! Haha work bitz! You are so beautiful!! Sweet! Kind hearted! Geez girl see you the total package! =) Talented ass. So jealous of how you carry yourself! Good job! Worzeeee it out love <33 I voted for her and everything! You know all of us are so proudddd! Meccamee supports you 100%! Especially me! Thank you for everything. You deserved this...AGAIN! Haha.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tell Me Why?

THank goodnes for dancing is all I have to say. Oh girl IMed me, and told me everything about him. And that's all I needed to hear. YADADA!! THank goodness for that. And thank GOD for my talent for dancing. I just let out my emotions just now. Crying as I dance. It felt so good though. At least I ain't taking out my anger on anyone or something haha.

I'll update later on tonight. <33

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday afternooooooons

Woke up so tired. Played catch phrase last night with the friends. Daff, Jayce, Bri, & Erika are still here. WOrkshop was INSANE!!!! Holy shit havn't had a challenge like that in awhile. We all woke up fuckin SORE. Vinh is amazingly cutesy. UGHH ahahaha. I love my best friend. YADADA DLOG BRAMA! HAHAHA. I'm so dumb. Haha. Okaaaaay. I might got to mass today at 5pm. We shall see!

I'm so tiredddddd. I think I'm subbing for my Uncle's class THursday. $140.00 for 4 hours =) Yadada! OH and we have practice on Tuesday only this week. Then on Thursday, us Meccamee-ers are going to watch some hypnotist show! For 5 bux! Hella hooked up! I'm excited! Then the 23rd is Inspire in Torrance, California. Oh and my Driver's test is on Wednesday Bitz! =) Hahah shit. Ok I'm going to finish cleaning. This vacuum like don't even work. WTF! Haha. Good day I shall update later!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Ok SO! Let's just say, I really need to think through everything, live life like a happy person, and continue my everyday shit. Don't think about what's going to happen tomorrow, just go with the flow. =) I'm about to go dance my life away in a bit, SGBM workshop today @ 5.

Follow what my heart says. Ok Lex? Please follow your heart. Someone who loves you but hurt you, who said he'll prove to me that he'll be faithful to me, and take care of me like before, and be there for me,who says he wants me back, or someone who is starting to like you, who doesn't treat you like shit, who takes care of me and loves me the way i am, and supports me 100%. You know what to do Lex.

Do work baby

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama Obama Obama!

So what's new?! Nothing much, just went with Reggie to go vote =) But Reg isn't registered haha. Stoops. My uncle and Chanelle were volunteering at the school. It was good to see them =) Chanelle made Reggie register. Good! Dumbs haha. Then my momma made Reggie and I dinner. Then off to practice I went! It was good seeing everyone again! =)

OK SO! I went to Mico's last night, played King's Cup with beer. Just took one shot, then I didn't want to drink anymore! So I went to lay down, and then all of a sudden, Lo and Mico are carrying me outside to the fuckin pool. I'm squirming cuz it's fuckin cold outside and what not and I did NOT want to get thrown in! Of course them two are MUCH stronger than me, and I give up. So they start swaying me right at the edge of the pool and I scream so loud, I did NOT want to go in! I really thought they were playing, then they fuckin threw me in the pool! Omg I was buzzed, so I didn't even catch my breath, and it felt like it took 5 minutes to get to the top of the stupid pool. I was freezing, and I felt like crying HAAHHA. Oh wow. What a gay, then i went to Reggie's place and knocked out on the couch in the movie room. Jonathan gave me blankets and a pillow, and I knocked out like a baby =)

Ah today, we had practice and it was nice. I'm trying to choreograph a new piece, BUT i don't know what to . HMPH! caca =( Ok i'm going to sleep now.


Saturday, November 1, 2008


I just typed a whole freakin blog, and I pressed the back button, and it's GONE! HAHAAHH FUTCH! It was a good one too!!!! Wth happened to the auto saver shit!? SHIT! Hahahah I'll type it later on tonight! Cuz damn that's too mahtz to type!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloweenies weenies weenies!!

SO last night was still whack. NO one knows about VHP and it's too damn expensive. It's every Friday night though so anyone come through yeah? So gogo-in last night was pretty boring to me. FUCKKK. Hahaha it was AIGHT. Bri, Jayce, ANthony, Abby, Ryan, and AR came over last night after. THey were so DRUNNNNK hahaha it was so funny. I drove Jayce and them to Sonic cuz none of them could drive. Shit was the funniest shit. Abby was freestyling about random shit. I couldn't stop laughing holy caca. Went to Sonic and ordered HELLA shit. So funny. THe drunks could barely talk and I was all FUCK just tell me ! Haha the guy was laughing at us cuz he knew we were drunk. It was too mahtz. *note AR just went outside, and he came back in and said he fell on the rocks HAHHAHAHAHHAHAH omgah hella laughing* Ok back to story. We got our food, yadadadada got home and ate. I love my friends they too crazy. I knocked the fuck out on the couch. With Calii sleeping next to me =) Stinky doggy.

So tonight we going to some Halloween party on the East Side. I hope to see my 9 1/2. But he did say he was gonna hang out with me. Hmmmmm! We just lounging around the house right now, wanting to go eat some filipino food. But I think I just might wear my tutu tonight and dress 80's. We don't even know where it's at thought. So we gotta wait yadada! Ok...time to get ready!

OK so I just got home and it's 5 in the morn! GOod thing I didn't go to the party cuz Reggie was there WHEW! Jayce told me he was asking hella questions about me and yada yada! Lmao. Niggah said " how she gonna do me dirty like that.." Niggah now you know how i feel. Does it hurt? Get used to it. Cuz I'm happy.

Well anyways! I went to HOM @ 10ish. Chilled there till around fuckin 11:30 and my love came around 11. I was happy =) He was Jay for Halloween. Cutesy. But anyways I ended up going to his house with Ochedda, Dom, and Nicole. Ended up falling asleep and what not. But Yeah, left his house around 12:30 ish then we got to my house. We talked in his car for futchin 3 1/2 hours ! Him leaning on me, holding my hand. Asking me questions. Having a good conversation. I told him how I felt. He told me how he felt. I think we kind of on the same page. Taking things SLOWWWW. Not rushing anything. SO I'm so fuckin happy. Thank you 9 1/2. <33 Happy Halloween.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


So Ileri sent me this wonderful comment some days ago. And I just want to share it with you, not cuz I'm a cocky person, just because I appreciate that people see what I've done in my lifetime...

"So.. I was sitting here

watching videos and reading your blog and I just have to say how proud and truly inspired I am of you. You are one of the most talented and humbled person that I have ever met. You are so grateful of all of your God-given talents and I know that you gain satisfaction in knowing that if at least one person is touched or inspired you've gained the world. You inspire me to learn this craft of dance to the fullest.. taking in every aspect and form in order to gain well roundedness.. I want you to realize that you have accomplished so much in your eighteen years that many people will never accomplish in a lifetime.. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will be great.. and you will and have already inspired so many more and know that your mission is never ending you will always touch the hearts of many and you don't understand the joy that consumes me to know that you are not only my sister, but one of my best friends. Thank you, Thank you for continuing your craft even when it was too hard or you wanted to give up. Thanks for your perserverance and strength to know your talent and push through no matter the circumstance. i thank God for you everyday.
I love you!! :) "

-Ileri <3

I told you guys awhile back I want people to look up to me, so I can be an icon to people. Ileri, you never fail to make me feel better about myself. I have really low self-esteem for thsoe of you who don't know. When people say things to me like this, it really touches me and I don't know how to react because it's like, WOW?! Are you serious? Me? Lexi Bautista... *sigh* it just makes me want to keep going and accomplish so much more. It pushes me.

Ileri you are so beautiful. Inside and out. Miss TEEN NEVADA BITCHES! She is becoming such an amazing dancer. You guys watch out for her. So much passion and potential in this lady. I love you so much.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

9 1/2 <3

So everyone sees and knows what's been going on with me and 9 1/2. It all started after Disneyland. I thought I was feeling Reggie again, but he was all a lie to me again. Reg was calling me today but I never answered. Texted me " Are you mad at me? Cuz I didn't do anything. Well call me back." Or something like that. I still didn't respond, Then he goes, "Alright Peace." You wanna know why? =) Cuz I think I finally found my sweetheart. No boyfriend/girlfriend yet, but I see much happening.

For the past weeks, we been talking A LOT. More than we ever would. In the morning he would call me, wake me up so I can go jogging. I'm one of the first thoughts of his mind. I told him awhile back that I was feeling him, but he didn't know what to say. All he said was " I'm flattered.." But now, I think it's something. We went to Disneyland, and talked a lot. Had so much fun together. I had my doubts about him, cuz at my b-day picnic, he went off with her somewhere and didn't come back for a long ass time. So that's where I gave up. Lost hope. So I dropped it, and was just chillen. Then I showed up at Jay's surprise party with Reg, and I know he saw me show up with him. Then again at Jay's picnic the next day, he went off with her again. THERE'S MORE. Haha. I'm at Disneyland, and I see like a jazillion hickeys on his neck. HAHA. Silly boy. So I was like ok it's nothing, we both in different worlds. But when we get back from Disneyland, we talk a lot again.

THEN AT JAY'S GOODBYE BANQUET FOR MECCAMEE. Can I just say sad moments? I was crying so hard. Giving my speech was the hardest. I could see the looks on peopls faces. Hard to say goodbye. Wait not goodbye though, just a "I'll see you soon" But while we were on the couch he wanted me to lean on him, and he grabbed my hand. Was hooked to me by the hip. People were like whaaaa? We not rushing SHIT. We happy where we are. Cuz we used to talk 2 years ago. We've known each other for almost 3. And now here's OUR TIME. I'm not going to stress wth is going to happen in the future, but I'm going to just live life and enjoy what it's bringing me. =) Fuck the bullshit. Cuz that's the past. I don't need that unecessary shit in my life.

Thank you 9 1/2 for showing me something different. Something real. Nothing fake about him. You know when girls say " I want a guy who's funny, who's sweet, who won't hurt me, who yada yada." The ideal guy they name? Well that's him. He's all of that. And I found him. I know for a fact he wont hurt me. Age is nothing but a number. It's something different for me, but I enjoy it. I'm happy. And that's all that matters. I'm glad we were friends before, cuz it's easier, and I already know how are you, yada yada. THat's it.

I'm here at home, Jay's last time here. I'm sad. I'm going to miss him. Very much. So I'm going to spend time with the people I love most. Goodnight

Update: 11:07am

Jay left. I almost lost it last night when he said bye, tears started rushing down my eyes. He said he's so proud of me. And to NEVER EVER give up. Keep on going. My time will come and not to rush things. He is such an inspiration to so many people. A whole damn weekend for him, that's LOVE. He's the older brother I never had too. Did so much for me. And i've only known him for about a year. I love him so much. He will be safe, and he will come back soon. God bless you Jay =\

So yeah I'm so lovestruck right now. HAHAH. I'm such a girl right now. Like I can't believe how happy I am? Can I just write about him for a bit. He has a freakin unique sense of humor that no one has. Makes me laugh like no other. He has no drama. Family oriented. Is a REAL mutha futchaaaa. He loves to dance. Dances with me on Meccamee. Amazing dancer he is by the way. Can talk to him about almost anything. We agree on a lot of things. Is kind hearted to everyone. Knows how to socialize with other people. Always calls me when he says he will. Makes fun of me all the time! Catholic. Always goes to church on Sunday. Ah he's overall, GREAT. I just want to get to know him even deeper you know? I know him as a friend, but now we shall see!

Oh btw, last night he said he couldn't come cuz of hw, then someone knocks and it's him =) Awww yay. hahahah Cutesy!

Gogo gig tonight. Yay

Bri & I


This is us if we were gay guys...

hahahahahaah!!! We're so fuckin BEAT!

FUCK. I <3 9 1/2! Wahahaaha. Life is great. Jaymazing I will miss you. Don't leave pweeeeeeeeez!!!! ... Bri and I are fuckin bored. Just laying here in my room. Talking about things. HMPH. Laughing at things. HA. HmmHmmmmHmhm! Bri has the sickest english accent evaaaah. it's so fuckin beat! hahahaaha. Today, I realized, that I cry a lot. Haha. BEAT BEAT. Girls are whack =) Goodnight!

Monday, October 27, 2008


So Saturday was Jaymazing's picnic! It was fun. It got cold at night though ! They were like playing every song he choreographed to and he was doing the choreography haha. So funny. He be all sweatin like a fountain. But it was good to hang out with everyone AGAIN. Overall fun times indeed.

I got home and Erika and Jenny were getting all cutesy up. Erika was a gladiator and Jenny was a ladybug. So cuteee! Their friends started coming over around 11ish. Lo, AR & his friends, Anton, and Reg came over too. Reg knocked out in my room while we were all downstairs debating whether or not to go to GJ's. I guess half of them left cuz it was just Lo, VR, Mike, Adonis, & I downstairs after that. I had to wake up at 3:30 to get ready to leave for Disneyland. OH HOW EXCITED I WAS =)

Stace and Cjay picked me up around 4:30ish. We headed over to the Barba's house and everyone looked beat. Ileri was so drunk. I rode with Stace, Cjay, Ileri, & Bri. LMAO Bri and I were cracking up at the most random shit ever. So tired. Ileri kept wanting to throw up poor thing =( But she did and she was all better! SO I finally knocked out and woke up and BOOM we in Cali in fuckin 3 hours and what not. Going no less than 100 mph the whole way haha. So we get our tickets, and head over to the park!Aww I was like the happiest girl ! Disney trivia when we got there. We went to California Adventures first. Rode TOWER OF TERROR. Haha one of the workers came up to me and EJ and was all " I like yalls style, very old school hip hop-ish." Haha we were all Thanx? Lol we were like wthaaaaail. But anywhooo, I sat next to EJ & Christian. DID NOT KNOW when that shit was gonna drop. I was all talking and it was pitch black in the room, them ZOOOOOM it fuckin drops! Christian grabbed my leg and I grabbed EJ's hand HAHHAHAH. I was so fuckin terrified HAHA. Laughing so hard cuz Christian kept stomping on the floor. Then it kept fuckin dropping hahaah. I couldn't breathe cuz I was laughing soooooo damn hard. Our picture was pretty funny, Cjay holding the camera, Jen clinging on the Jay's arm, Ryan with his mouth wide open...Haha couldn't get any better. THEN water ride, got soaked. Stacey won. Then that California Screamin. Rode with EJ laughing so damn hard. Then that Midway Toy Story thingy. OMGAH that thing was so fun ! Had to like shoot all this ish. Bri and I were laughing and screaming so damn much. When things would fly at you and how the thing was like jacking someone off. Haha what?! It was! It got tiring cuz you had to pull it so fast! But I beat bri =) 215,500-97,00! Yes I won! YEEE! Then Soaring Over California, beautiful, could smell everything too. Then DISNEYLAND TIME! =)I was so excited! We rode Indiana Jones first, EJ, Christian, and I were trying to find all the hidden Mickey's but failed. Then we headed over to Space Mountain. Once again, rode with EJ. Found the hidden Mickey =) That thing was so fast. I was screaming so loud. Then Pirates, found the Hidden Mickey! Then to Haunted Mansion, again rode with EJ. Then Matterhorn, rode with EJ again. Then we rode it again, this time EJ was in front of me. Hahah niggah is too mahtz! THen autopia! Rode with NAM! Haha he was like steering randomly. Felt like we were gonna break it. Then we went to Big Thunder, rode with EJ first time. He was screaming in my ear, then I would scream back hahaha. Second time rode with JAY. All of us had to keep our hands up the whole ride. But Anthony and Ellis kept tickling us hahaha. So funny. We stayed to watch the fire works at 9. BEAUTIFUL. Had like all the music to the classic rides. Best firework show ever. EJ gave me his jacket. Sweet boy. But yeah after all that we were alllll so tired! I knocked out sick in the car. Woke up and we were at Nam's. We all went there to sleep for an hour or two. I fell asleep on EJ with my elbow all digging into him haahahha. Sorry bud. Then we left around 2am.

Thanx NAM for everything ! Hooked us up with the tickets, we waited in NO LINES. Always fast pass and we don't know how. WTHAIL! hahaha. Like one ticket would let 6 people in at the same time. It was crazy, I never been to Disneyland like that before! Haha Nam is the best. Thank you once again Mr. Photographer!

This weekend did not fail. Jaymazing weekend for sure =) All of us had so much fun and we just laughed and joked the whole time. Being with the people you love most. I'm so glad I went =) Especially with hickey neck. We had much random talk too. It was nice. hhaaha. So I thank all of you guys for making my Sunday/Weekend the best =)

I'm Happy =) That's all I can say.

I <3 Meccamee.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Jaymazing Weekend

So I'm still drunk. && I will update you later about this weekend! Too much fun already with everyone! Guess with who?! Listen to this group: Lo, Daff, JEM, Reg, Lexx, Jonathan. SAY WHAAAA?! When do you hear those names together? Hahahahah! Jay was drunk when we got there of course. I miss him already. Many pics from Daff's CAM!

So last night I got cutesssss ups for Jay's surprise party. Reggie and Bro picked me up and I couldn't lock the fuckindoor. HAHA Omgaaaah dumb key. Then we stopped by the gas station and bought beers for us =) We get to HOM and Method is DJin. Good to see you all again =) Saw everyone and it was nice =) I got so drunk though. Cass came up to me hella drunk, couldn't even take a picture cuz she was gone. HAHA. Jeka said hi to me. Caca. Bri, Miki, & I danced on the island. Took so many pictures. Daff was so drunk. Jay said we need to have lunch =) Danced with Reg a lil. "Aye girl what's yo name?!" "Oh HI I'm Sandra" HAHAHA. Too mahtz. We all had a good time. Then went homeeeee!

So today is Jay's picnic. Then Jeka's class. Then our Halloween party here at the house. Invite only though. So I invited someof my friends since idk the ladies of Select that well. I will feel out of place a bit. Haha. So yeahhh ! I need to get ready for the picnic and I will update this entry tonight! Or tomorrow morning I should say hahaha

Friday, October 24, 2008


So! Today I hung out with Mike cuz he came over to visit. Talking bout dancing and what not yada da. Erika came home and we were waiting for Jenny to go home so we can all eat. Reg called me and told me about all the fine girls he saw hahaha. Then I went out to Dennys w/ my roomies. Came home and Reg visited and said our painting was ugly ahahaha. Fucker. Then bye bye Reg, then choreograph!!!

Erika and I have to choreograph for DOHS tmrw.

Update in the morning at 12:20pm!

SO this weekend will be filled with so much!!!! =) Hanging out tonight <3 Then Jay's picnic tomorrow @ 3, Jeka's class @ 7 if I go, then Erika & Jenny are having a Halloween party here @ 10. Then Sunday, DISNEYLAND?! Awww how cueeeez! Man I've been living up life lately =) I've been so happy. Friends are amazing, dancing is lagging but i'm still stoked about everything, my roomies are lovely ladies who I love =), Reggie and I are chill FINALLY, Family is supporting me 100%, idk. I'm so lucky right now is all I can say. "Bare with me..." Okay. I can't stop smiling, I've taken such a big risk and I'm ready for this challenge. With the people I love most right by myside. Well I'm going to get ready,Jenny and I are going to paint our loft. I gotta go HOME<3 first to get my contacts cuz I can't see shit. Mkaaay =) Love you.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

@ new place

So I'm here just chillen trying to get situated with my room. I cleaned the bathroom up. I'm about to head downstairs to clean in a bit after this blog. So I live on Fort Apache and Sunset (Post). So Reggie picked me up when he went to his moms since I'm on the way to get more of my shit to move to my new house. Jessee was there with the kids so we hung out, caught up with shit. Hella laughing about shit hahaha. Talkin about wth is new. Good shit is all I can say haha. Miss that bitz! Auntie bought pizza for everyone. I ended up watching that Ghost Hunters show with his family all scared and ish. Then I went to wake Reggie up cuz I wanted to go home. So I got some of my shit to move and went home.

Yay Reggie got a job ! He works with Darlene yo! WTF! Small world?! She used to be my best friend, havn't really talked to her in awhile. Wow.

So anyways, some cating director called me and says I qualify for this role. She workd with paramount pictures, warner bros, disney channel, shat IDK! She wants me to be a print model cuz she saw my pictures and what not. I'm kind of scared? Like she said shit about movies and I just got scared. I'm not ready for that. Idk what to do, people say go for it, but all I really want to do is dance. We will see though. IDK! AH Ok i'll update later. Many festivities this weekend =) waHAHAHAHA

DISNEYLAND ON SUNDAY?! =) WAHHHH! I'm excited ! All couples though wtf ! HAHAH We will see though =)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Here's our try out thing. Hella messy cuz we just did it the past two nights before. I mess up so many times but it's all good ! =)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Better View

Here's our set in WAY BETTER view.

And then our battle...I go first against Erika

So I can't sleep. Today Erika text me and asked if I was free cuz there was some ZizZazz gig going on that night. So yeah I'm available and she said I ahve to wear a mini skirt. I'm like whaaa a mini skirt? And dance? So I said I must be go-goIN. SHe picks me up and we go buy our skirts from some stripper store hahahaha. Shit I don't wear shit like that but I gotta do it for the job! We get all ready, get to the place on Jones and Wigwam where the girl who put it together *who's name is also Erika* gives us our ZizZazz shirts. So we put em on and drive to the ware house on Hinson and Russell. It's a cute lil club. That was their first night. We danced away and they filmed us. *It will be on myspace TV on tuesday* Do we gotta promote like crazy this new 18+ Club. They asked us to come everySunday if the turn outs good. They were like blown away by our dancing cuz their other girls, just 2-stepped but we did some extrqa credit and worked. I had so much fun. It's like my cardio! But FUN! HAaha that's my excersise yo! But yeah, we get paid only 15 an hour, but at least I'm gettin started right?! =)

I still cann't stop thinkin about this past weekend. Fulled with dance festivities! ABDC, SIO3, GOGO GIG! Man it's all coming to me. I'm sitting here so proud of myself. Of what kind of dancer I have become. I'm thankful for being blessed with this talent and passion of mine. I thank God for blessing me. Woww. I just keep smiling. I love my passion. i wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING.

Just look at that stage please. Now to me, one of the greatest feelings, is performing and showing off my talent. NOT SHOWING OFF. But showing what I CAN DO. There's a difference. Imagine that stage, standing on it, about to perform, with thousands of people in the crowd cheering for you. Those lights, the sound of that bass filling the arena, getting our name out there, ugh IDK! I can for sure say I'm so lucky. My dreams are coming true. ABDC LIVE TOUR? Opening act? Did you know after that performance when we were heading to our cars, this girl asked me to sign her ticket, and her shirt? They wanted to take a picture with all of Meccamee. They never heard of us. That feeling. People saying that I, LEXI BAUTISTA, is their idol?! Are you serious? I had girls after SIO from Undeclared *which is from cali* come up to me after, saying "Omg you are amazing. I was pointing at you the whole time. Can I take a picture with you?!" Girls wanting to take pictures with me. That's why I LOVE dancing. I want to be a girl someone can look up to. A role model, not some cocky fuck face who shows off too damn much. That's what Reggie said. That I "show off" and when I tell him that some girl said I'm sick, or that their my idol, he thinks I'm cocky. Now niggah, I will never ever forgive you what you've thought of my talent. That's the last thing I want to be, cocky. This is what you call inspiration in people's lives. I will accomplish that. =) I'm already starting.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dance Dance Dance Dance!

Can you say amazing weekend?! Ok here goes my long blog entry!!!! SOOO ! We sign up for ABDC Live to compete for Vegas's top two crews. There were about 6 crews, FormalityLV, JAWKEENS GROUP, us, vegas heat, hypnotix, and I don't remember. But damn, we killed. We performed outside in front of 3 judges in front of the Orleans Arena. Fuckin ripped it. FormLV ripped it. So it's time to announce the winners, and they go " With 127 points....FORMALITY!!!" And they are jumping around =) So proud of them!! Do Work boys. Then they go " Now with 129 poins....MECCAMEE!!!" Wow oh wow I went buck wild hahahahaha. So that meant we got to open up ABDC Live tour in Vegas!

So Friday comes, we practice at Jay's house, I kept doing I Rock wrong ahahah. But yeah we all get ready and look cute, then make our way to the Orleans Arena. We get there and get our tickets, go backstage, and see all the costumes of all the crews back there. Then it's time to go backstage to wait. So BO from Fanny Pack comes and goes, " are yall going up right now?! " and I was all yeah haha. Then he goes "OH OK!!" And runs off somewhere. I was like wth? I just talked to BO! Then it's time for us to go on stage. Mad love from the crowd. Hella screaming from random ppl, most likely didn't know who we were. It was the greatest feeling. Being on that stage in front of thousands of people. Hearing ppl right below you screaming for you. Pointing at you. Me screaming on stage for us to kill it. Wow. 3 minutes of dancing with the people I love =) Then Form went on and ripped. Congrats boys yall deserved it. Crowd picked who the winner was, and FormLV took it. Good job boys! Then after we got to watch the show for FREE!

FANNY PACK; Bri and I were going CRAZY WILD when they were killing it on stage ! Holy caca they were insane, amazing live, cute, AHHHH IDK! And Joey from ASIID! Kills! asdfhgjkl;! He comes up to us and goes " Keep dancing...Keep dancing.." Sweet boy he is =) Aww. Met Matt Cady, brainchild of Fanny Pack. Barracuda! ASIID said we killed. We gave BO a MECCAMEE shirt and he put that shit on right away. Saw Chris Gat again. Rainen. IDK. It was amazing. =) A $60 show for FREE. Welcome to the Dance Life =) After we went to Jay's too drink and play rock band and just hang out =) Ellis was all drunk. " Lexi can you imagine us being together?!" HAHAH Stoops. But yeah I had an amazing night! =) I love you Meccamee.

Wow man Saturday Oct 18th, SIO! We had practice at 11am. Headed over to the venue to tech at 2:45. Then to Pretz's house to get ready. Then to the venue again at 6. I got Reggie and them in for free haha. Gave them my wrist bands. Yee Reggie, Lo, and Jonathan came! =) So we were touching up our make up and what not, then we had a meeting on the stairs near the dressing rooms. So Jay is telling us our normal " kill it out there", "Have fun", yada yada. Then he just had to say it. His last performance. Then he started tearing up. I can see everyone's faces, sad, tears in their eyes. Then Jay starts to cry. Everyone can feel that feeling inside of them like we are going to lose something great for awhile. I see AR crying, EJ tearing up, I'm trying to fight back my tears. He loves us so much. Us all holding hands before the show, praying together was such a powerful feeling. I love my team so much. I'm so thankful and blessed to have them in my life.

SO! We get to the balcony to watch the first half of the show. Undeclared, was SICk. Wth! I was so amazed and entertained watching them. Then our babies Rascals did soooooooo GOOOD! =) So proud of you guys ! Coming up already =) Then yada, yada! Intermission. I went to say hi to ppl downstairs, Jon D's mom =) Jayce's mom. Friends. Went back upstairs, the three amigos were up there. Reggie got a job! YAY! Hahah he goes LEXI! They called me when I was downstairs ahhaha. Stoops. Then 2nd half the show. 3 till us...That feeling wanting to go on stage already. AHH Anticipation! I was so nervous. They call us to go downstairs, we wait in the lobby, then it's our turn. Backstage.. 1..2..3..MECCAMEE! Then they announce us, and we got the most love out of the audience. Do it for us. Do it for Jay. 6 minutes of amazing. I can hear everyone in the audience. I can hear Reggie screaming my name which is a fuckin first. Haha. I'm on stage dying that my legs can't freakin move anymore. Finally it's over. Killed ! Murdered. BYE! HAHAHA. Then yeah...

THE RESULTS! Youth division, I'm not sure who placed I know it was After Math, Undeclared, and someone else. Then our division. NSU Modern got 3rd, then it was between Select, and us. It was a futchin tie. So we had to battle it out WTF ! So they wanted 5 dancers to battle from each crew. I heard so many people screaming my name to go battle. Jay wanted me to. I don't futchin battle ! But whatev. I saw Reggie look at me and scream my name to battle. I was so nervous. Then Jon D is first and Erika. She starts doing her thang starts turning and what not then I go, yall, let me go let me go I got this. And I go behind Jon D and I'm like yo I'm going, push him out the way and start whipping out my jazz hahahahah. All I see was people jumping up and down, hella screaming. Then I go back to rejoin my lovely team. Killed killed killed her. Not being cocky, but I did. Haha sorry Erika. Then another one of Selects girls go, then Jon D goes. KILLS! Busts out the splits, body rolls, toe touch thingy. Murdered her. Then another one of Selects girls, you know the whole booty shaking thing. Then Ej goes, and kills her too. Gets buck, head spin, lil bboy over here. So proud of him =) Then another one of Select's girls. Booty shaking again ahha. Then Jaymazing goes. He futchin kills again and takes the money in his hat ahahhahaa. Then another one of Select's girls. She was hard, ghetto style but it was sick ahd her swag. Then Ileri goes and pushes her (not hard but you know like pretending to hella push her hard) And starts doing her thang. Her Beyonce status, hit harding self kills. Then Mekk announces there's no pushing. Wth is that shit like we hella did it to kill her. So them two had to battle like 3 times and shit. So dummmb! Like damn it's the same person, we killed yall in all the rounds, no lie Select's chick killed her last rounds, but you had like 3 times to go. Rude people in the crowd. "Oh Meccamee yall lost" in the rudest way possible. Like wthail?! Hi hatuhhh! I'm all lookin at the audience and Reggie mouths " they gonna give it to Select" and I was like I have a feeling too. But yeah, they announced Select one. COngratz ladies. Yall were sick. But hey Mcme 2nd place =) Good job Good job Good job! We killed our set, we stomped on Select battling, and we know it ! Oh we also got crowd choice. hahaha.

After that everyone went to In N Out, Reggie and I went through the Drive Thruuuu to get our food before everyone else and not wait in that line, hahaha smart I am. I go inside, everyone keeps tellin me about me killin Erika. Hahaha. Like no one knew I can do that. Ej kept texing me "You're so hard." Like 3 times. Then again " Once again, you're hard." haha And this morning again he text me that. I sat with Jonathan, just chillen, eatings, talking. It was fun. Ej kept tellin me I'm hard hahahha. =) Cute boy. But yeah. Night was fun.

I know I did my best. So much love last night. Wowwww =)

Oh and Happy Belated Birthday Erika! =) Staying 18 for her last year now. Get it bitz. Hope you had a good birthday. You have so much going for you.

Meccamee at Set It Off 3. Yall already know which I am.

ABDC Live. Up close. Once again, you know which one I am.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Do It For the Animals

I just watched this video and it reminded me of how cruel the world can be. I think it persuaded me to become a vegetarian. I got sad watching this, and I hope it gets to you. But idk if you can handle it. It's so fucked up,


So another amazing inspiration to my dance life, is Miss Mariel Martin. Just watch this and fall in love please haha.

So I will update later about my day and I have a couple of things on my mind again =) Practice tonight @ 7 for ABDC crew and then 9:30 for all. Tomorrow is going to be so fun !!!! ABDC Live auditions, *I hope I meet Fanny Pack. Then Jay's party at Jon D's house! Friday, if we make it, we get to perform at ABDC Live!! Then Saturday is SIO 3! $15 bux pre-sale, $20 @ the door. Yeah expensive I know, but it's JAYMAZINGS LAST PERFORMANCE!!!!! =( Come support. Rascals look good too! So proud of em! But yeah, come watch, it'll be good =) Reggie best wear that Meccamee shirt loud and proud. LMAO! So funny, he asked if he could borrow a shirt when he went to his moms cuz he had no bball shorts and shit couple of days ago, so I gave him my I <3 LV shirt with MECCAMEE written across it, ahhaha he was like WTF?! HAHAHAHHA. Funniest shit. Jonathan was all like wth? Haha. Good job lex way to support Meccamee.

I am in love with Pat Cruz. Update about practice later. The end.


Can I just post this for you all to watch? asdfghjkl;!!!!!

Friday, October 10th 2008

So i didn't type about my Friday!!! Friday Daff and I hung out. So much laughter that freakin' day. She picks me up and we go to Fudruckers. Is that how you spell it?! HAAHHA IDK! So we get there and then " I AM PATS!" Hhhahahaha "whaaaaa?!" Freakin some persons license plate says that shit and I just blurted it out randomly haa! Oh goodness Daff. But food was so yummy =) Then we decide to go to Stratosphere then go to "her friends picnic."

We get to the Stratosphere and we see how tall that shit is and start getting scared. We make our way to the tower and get butterflies in our tummys. On the way up my ears were all hurting haha. So we get off the elevator and find our ride "Insanity" the one that spins you. So we get to our ride, and only us two are in line and they go " We have to separate you two so we ccan balance the weight" Say whaaa?!?! Bitch no. But luckily more ppl came! So we get in our seat, shaking and having panic attacks. Daff wouldn't open her eyes. So funny. We start spinning, and I can't stop laughing because I'm so scared! I didn't know where to look while the thing was spinning ahha. Daff's face was too damn priceless! We finally stop and we are wanting to get back on the damn ground! We get down, and Reggie calls. He goes " Have fun today ! " I'm like wtf? Why wouldn't I? I'm already having fun? Then he goes " No you're gonna love it! Trust! " and I'm here so confused telling Daff what he's saying and shit. I'm like tell me pweeeeez!!! He says no. To call him and tell him what I did today. I'm like what?! So I hang up, and I'm like all confused. Wondering and Wondering! Anyways, Daff and I were going back to valet to pick up the car, and this guy walks in the hotel and has a fuckin unibrow! I straight up look at Daff with a WTF kind of face. HAAHAHAHAH. We were dying. It looked fake but it was so UGGZ! So we get the car, and on our way to "her friends picnic."

So someone calls her telling her she needs to get a cake. But I have to pick it out. Then Jen calls me and was like " Sorry i couldn't make it.." Then BEEEEP my phone dies. I'm like what? And Daff's like what?! So we didn't need to pick up a cake anymore. And on our way to t he picnic. We get to Desert Breeze park, and are walking and I see I know everyone. I come to find out it's a surprise picnic for me!!!! x] AWWW Daffs!!! asdfhgjkl; I was sure surprised and I was not expecting any of that ! I love her. Wthaaail. So it was just freezing cold at the park, Daff got drunk, ate food, yada yada. I had a good time =) Even Lo was there ! Wth! Niggah is MIA from us now hahaha. SHIEEETS. Thank you Daff so much !!!

What can I say about my best friend?! We are too much alike. We have the same sense of humor. I swear, like the shit we think is funny, isn't funny to anyone else. It's so crazy ! We think too much alike! It's so hilarious. Man thank you Daff for everything you have done for me. Took care of me when I first moved out here. Always got me. I like lived at your house every chance I got. Always made sure I was fine. Was my shoulder to cry on when Reggie and I broke up. Even the after math of Reg and I, when I still had those tears, we were kind of going through the same situation. Family problems, you would hear me out. I don't know what I'd do without you. Omgah I'm seriously getting teary eyed right now. If you are reading this, know I'm crying cuz I'm so happy you are in my life. I can't even start to list everything we've done, cuz it's WAY too much. 322. Dancing together. Hifi. PB. *Groove. "Boys". Shopping. Our sneaker phase. Sleep overs. Drunk nights. Kickbacks. Helping me with my driving. Driving me to practice. Our year planning. Fright Frome Farm Fest. HOORRRRD NIGGAH. Nails did. Being lazy. Sleeping forever. Choreo. Never fought. UGHHh Daff IDk but I love you so damn much. You are such a beautiful WOMAN inside and out. I'm so luckyyy to have you. I need to stop so I can stop crying and shit ahhaha. Reminds me when we were drunk that night at my house, and we were expressing how thankful we were to be in each others lives. Almost tearing up ahhahaha! So funny ! I love you, my best =)

Monday, October 13, 2008

I Believe in Santogold.

So my weekend was fun! Saturday was GOLDRUSH feat. Santogold's concert! Reggie and I went together how random and awkward huh? But it still showed me I can still have fun with him even though he ain't my boyfriend haha. So he gets to my house and is fuckin rushing me cuz he thinks we gonna be late. Doesn't believe me doors open at 5:30 and that the show started at 6. So I'm rushed out the door and we head over to Mandalay Bay @ the House of Blues. We get there to buy our tickets and this lady asks us if we want to buy one of her tickets for 10 bucks cuz her friend wasn't going to show up. So yay saved me money! Haha. We It's almost 6 when we were there and we get in, and we are one of the first people there. Freakin man. It was FREEZING COLD in there ! But hey we got in the front for sure haha. So we waited, and waited, and freakin waited, getting all bored. Both of us were freakin hungry. Reggie kept complaining and yapping how he was cold and hungry. He wasn't even excited. I told him he was going to have fun once they start freakin baby.

So first up was Low vs Diamond. Siiick band. Guy had an insanly awesome voice. It's so dope to hear a band live. I loves it. Then after then was some chick. Had a nice soul voice, she was black. Kind of like an Amy Winehouse type of voice. But it was waaaay better. Reggie was all gettting bored. What a rude! Different style of music niggah. Then after was MATES OF STATE ! Ahhh they were dope! It consumed of a guy and a girl. Guy played the drums, girl messed with the keyboard and all that funky junk. *FYI they are the ones who sings "California." Haha. Then OMG after hours of waiting. 9pm hits! Waiting for SANTOGOLD! I was so anxious. Then the freakin curtains open...stage is black with a dim of red light and you can see all the dust from the lights and what not. Two girls in gold run out with sunglasses on. I call them the new age oompa loompas of Santogold, because that's what they reminded me of. Standing still. Straight face with their sunglasses on. Then "You'll Find A Way" starts bumpin and out comes Miss Santi White. In her torquoise jumpsuit with gold accents. WOW! I was screaming so loud! She is so amazing live! Her two dancers were kind of weird, like moving to certain parts of the music, choreographed in a simple yet unique way. AHH! I was just singing right along. Reggie wouldn't stop talking about how cute she was. She kept lookin our way and I was just stuck staring at her. Reggie would scream and put his hands up. Hahahah. So much fun we freakin had just staring at her ! She sang, LES Artista, Creator, Say Aha, Lights Out, Starstruck, My Superman, AHHH Idk! She was so cuteeeee. Super nice, entertaining! Ahhh I can't stop. ADFKLSJFLK I freakin saw Santogold ! Damnit! I'm so happy! WTF! She's one of my favorite freakin artists. Ok I need to stop before I keep repeating myself.

After went to visit Reggie's family to say hi then sleep sleeeep I went. Woke up, got ready, went to TS with Jonathan and Reg. FREEZING COLD. I was going to cry damnit. Then Jonathan left cuz he went with Nikkis. So Reg and I went home. We were watching that Making the Band tour shit with Day 26 and Danity Kane. Idk I don't watch it but it's the Season Finale or whatever. It was so funny. When they were in Cabo. Then I just played with the kids. Auntie cooked adobo. YUMMMMMM. Then the brohos left. I stayed and played with the kids. Just got home actually RIGHT NOW from playing with them. Hahaha. So sillys they are. Telling me to sleep there ahhah I was too shy to sleep there thought by myself without one of the bros there hahaa. But eh! I'm so sleeeepy.

I also pray for Reggie tomorrow. God Bless you boy. Heart chu.

SIO THIS WEEKEND! asdfhgjkl; Ok goodnight I'm freakin sleepy!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

By Any Means Neccessary

Random title. Forget what I wrote here ago. Cuz I didn't go to LA !


SO I swear I got that bitz HOOKED on blogs =) Good for me !

-Picnic for Daff's friend
-Stratosphere! o_0 Ride Insanity



Consistent and Trustworthy. Why? Because I know a few situations that are on my mind and what not.

To be a credible person demands that you stay consistent in your words and actions. Your actions speak louder than your words. Furthermore, when your actions do not match your words, people lose their trust in youuuu. And you begin to feel like a hypocrite and lose your self-esteem. When your actions match your words, people will recognize you as a person of integrity and place their trust in you.

Also Friendship.

I have many new friendships with people I never thought would be possible. It feels good to have friends who are loyal. Who stand by you. It just makes you feel good inside. We are to staqnd by the people we are close to, especially when they are experiencing hard times. Even when it's TOUGH to do so, we are to remain FAITHFUL. Loyalty creates trust and deepens relationships.

Not of this world

Yo i'm like jotting down all these thoughts coming to my head one right after the other. Haha. wthail! But, another thing that's caught my eye. About getting caught up in the pressures put on us by our freakin society. It seems that we have to dress a certain way, have certain possessions, and live in a certain kind of house just to be considered average. People who resist those pressures are often labeled as a weirdo. But this came to my mind, cuz of EXCLUSIVE SHIT ONLY! hahaha. Some people know what I'm talkin about.

Love of Enemies

Love your enemies, treat those wonderfully who hate you. haha. Bless those who freakin curse you, and pray for those who mistreat you. When asked for something, give it, and do not demand it your shit back. Do to toher as you would have them do to you! If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them. And if you do good to those who do good to you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners do the same. Love your enemies and do good to them, lend expecting nothing back, then the outcome? It will be great. I gotta say, Luke knows what he talkin about haha. Ahhh

Ok, I just have so many life issues that's all! Haha. Not bad ones I'm just saying. I just been reading the bible a lot in these past days and learned a great amount from it of course. I love it, relating my life to these passages. It's healthy and good for you =) I have to admit though, when I go to church, I don't really understand because it's just so freakin monotone! =\ EH! I will shoooo try! Haha.

This ninja paulo! hahaha :

reckanoize919 (1:50:00 AM): can i b on ur blog sumtime? haha
reckanoize919 (1:50:05 AM): i wanna b fanmous

he meant "i wanna be famous" for you guys who don't understand. hahahaha jk! =)

On my mind

Ok I just blogged, but for some reason, I have an interesting topic that comes to my mind. God's limetless love. What other man will love you for all your sins? It's kind of sad how most people come to God when they are in need of help. I try not to talk to God when I JUST need help, but I gotta admit, that's the only time I mainly talk to him. Well not tonight. I'm in need of no help. I just want to acknowledge him. For what he does for us. ALL that he does for us.

I remember reading the bible one day about the parable of the lost son. It's one of my favorites too. Or just the one I remember most. It's about the older brother's envious reaction to his father's generosity. In the story the father obviously represents God and the sons represent each of us at different points in our life. Go find your bible and read it...I don't want to type the whole story cuz it's pretty long...

Well I guess Luke is trying to show us, in the most visual way possible, that there is simply no limit to God's love for us. It is not a conditional love. It is an EXTRAVAGANT, outrageous love. God doesn't hold back. How can we refuse such boundless love? Geez. I always think about this when I never turn to God to show my love. He will always run to you with open arms. Nothing is greater than God. I love him very much. Now everyone, try to pray every night before you sleep! Even if it's just a small one. Even if you don't, he will still love you in the same way.

I can't even imagine half the shit I did wrong in my life. Despite EVERYTHING, I know in my heart he loves me just like he loves you. It amazes me how someone can be so great. Do you agree?

If You Leave

So today, I just hung out around the house till around 5ish? Reggie was gonna pick me up so I can run some errands. He got to my house to eat, and then I hear something outside. Fuckin water shooting up cuz that pipe thing broke. Dang got all flooded in the backyard. Had to ask Reggie's dad to help cuz I didn't know what to do. Ehhh! After went to Albertsons for my tat supplies. Then to UNLV for my practice. While waiting, it was like silence. Hahahaha. Then he on the phone with ppl or something. So I just left because it was awkward silence in the car. I felt proud of myself. Even though I was kind of a bitch to him the whole day, I felt good in the end and kind of bad. But it showed me that I can control and handle situations now with him. I don't get jealous like before. I don't care who he hangs with. I don't mind. I just feel bad that he's all lies to her sometime. Ah I feel so strong right now. He wanted to lay his head in my lap and have me play with his hair. But I said no, and he kept begging and begging me. Ususally I give in, because I was a dumb weak caca. But I kept saying no. Then, of course, he got all mad. Well niggah learn that not every girl will stay by yourside. Shit. Idiot idiot idiot. Hahaha. (My SJ hoe if this is making you upset I don't mean it to. Once again I still gotchuu!)Yeah I miss him sometimes but it's about forgiveness. He still my niggah when he's not being stupid. Just another person to add to my "friends." Fuck this is wasting my blogging space typing about him anyways.

At practice today, Jay taught If You Leave by Musiq. AWWWWW It's so nice. I was sad cuz I thought of him leaving =( I know that songs not about that but still! If you leave ! Self-explanitory! We gonna miss him! Jay that piece was amazing. I love it. Love it. Love it. LOVE YOU! They will love it up in the bay! =) Get em Jay ! Oh so October 17th, it's tha ABDC performance out here in vegas? Idk what it is ! BUt we doing. Then October 18th, SIO! YEE! Hahahah. I'm excited. But I think this will also be my last performance with Meccamee. Or Taking It To The Streets will be my last to finish up the year. I want to start doing what I LOVE TO DO but making it my career. Not just for fun. I have to end it sometime right? I want to get into the industry out here and in LA. It's not going to be easy. UGHH. I'm so stressed I don't know where to start. But I know I will do it ! I can do it ! Be positive. Positive positive positive! I love my life, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I'm so thankful for my family. How I raised. WOW Idk where this is going. But I'm just so thankful right now ! Ok i'm going to stop before I type a novel. Goodnight !

Ok I have to post this shit that Daff wrote. I think it's the most hilarious thing and fits so many girls hahaa.

Floozie [n.] : a female who fits the typical mold of the senseless girl.

An individual who doesn't know how to say no & falls for all the tricks in the book. She stays around the boys for all the wrong reasons and tries too hard to stay cute. A female who protrays herself to be too damn pretty when all actuality she is just trying to sway her insecurities.She is the homewreker by nature and intent & Snakes her way into everyones business. Shameless in all aspects of her life. Majority of the time you can find her with a posse of other females who are just like her. A type of female who doesn't get a clue. Acceptance and popularity is what this kind of female strives for. She says a lot when it doesn't count, easily taken advantage of and the first to apologize but always sits and takes it. has no taste of self and swag. She is the perfect hype beast in more aspects than just the fashion trends.She will be the first to scrutinize but will fail to check her own. The type of person to think they are mature but in reality is still stuck in the grade school mentality. she is the type of a growing epidemic of female & in the present day makes up the majority.Find a sense of self ladies & don't fall in the floozie epidemic.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy 18th Birthday to me

Thank you everyone who called/commented me! Aw made me smile ! Each text! Shooot ! I got my tat today ! UGH ! It hurt so bad ! My eyes got sooooo damn big right when theneedle hit the skin. Justin was laughing hysterically at me. What a fuck. I was too chicken to outline the inside of my arm. So I was at the tat shop for about a good 4 hours. Mic was trying to crack jokes to make me feel better, but it was not working for me. Haha. Mico stayed with me the whole time. Thanx Mico! Haha. But after that was my potluck!

Aw like all of Meccamee was there ! Plus some Form heads. & My LOLO! Ahh havn't seen that niggah in a quick minute! Thank you everyone who came ! My arm hurts so bad. Ayee eyi yi. Jen took me to Bad Apple =) Love that girl! My lantaaaah. My family was shocked when they saw it! Ahhh whatevvvs. It's my problem now. It's on my arm. It's my fault. Haha. It was my choice though. I loves it though ! Yaya!

Tomorrow I gots practice at UNLV @ 8pm. We are doing SIO on the 18th! Awww Jaymazings LAST performance =( I'm so sad. He has done so much for the team. UGH Jay. Your text to me this morning... "Happy Birthday little sister. I'm so proud of you." Awww made me tear up a little no lie! He is such a great guy. My older older brother. Who took care of me like no other. ALWAYS got me because he knows what I go through. Always down to talk. Especially back in the day with them Reggie problems. =) He knew exactly what to say. *sigh* Jay I pray for you all the time. You will be in my prayers all night too when you leave on the 30th. I will miss you SO much. You know how to make my day great in an instance. AH enough before I start tearing up! HAHA!

OMGAH Santogold this Saturday! I guess with Reggie. Idc who I go with I'm just so excited to see Santogold!!! AHHH ! I'm going to faint. I gotta say she's one of my favorite artists! FACKS. Reggie said he had some girls bbq to go to. So I said go ahead ! I could care less haha. SO we will see if he's down to go. I told him that's his night with me. Since we never hang out. Don't worry Erika shiiiet girl. Nothing to trip about. I promiseeee! =)

THank you everyone once again ! Goodnight!

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