Thursday, January 3, 2008

cannot sleep!

so um i cannot i might as well write in this stupid thaaaang. geeezez. so today was an interesting day you can say...again reggie arguments. geeezez. he got mad cuz i was talking to my ex george. dang babe you trip way too damn much ! i don't mind at all if you talk to erikaaaas. she's an amazing girl and i have no problem with you talking to her. just tell me why you get mad when i talk to him..randomly like ONCE and plus i havnt talked to him for awhile but when you talk to her it's fine. make shit even...keep your word on things. i'd prefer us talkin to whoever...cuz i trust read that babe..i fuckin TRUST yo ass...geeeez. we starting off the new year in bad terms. tell me why...he assuming i always talk to george...and he was all saying i be callin him babe and! haaail fuckin nah. honestly, i cannot handle all this arguing..i don't need any of that nonsense right now. your stressing also...why would you wanna put up with that? i want to be here just to make you happy. enough of that ill type forever about that hahaha. shoooooz ! anywhoo...i just want to say...miss erika haha..i want to thank you for being there for me to vent to...i'm sorry if it's weird for you when i talk to my must be a strong girl. shit if i were you i would be dying being like why this bitch talkin to me...hahaha jk. but fuck...i look up to how strong you are girl. so much respect for you. i'm glad we are cool with each other too.. makes things easier for me. thank yooooou !

he tells me he's scared and worried about us...worried that i'll be like his ex. falling for my ex boyfriend the way she did. hunny i'm not her. honestly if i wanted to be with my ex i would go and try to be with i said we are OVER...yeah i miss him..i still got that mad love for him..but then again i always will have that for him. like you and erika. you should be lucky your ex will still talk to yo ass after what you did. your lucky she still there for you...especially buyin yo damn huf hats for you hahaha. jk jk but seriously....cherish that. you have someone who knows you best...a friend that you will have forever... unlike george..he stubborn and don't want anything to do with me. i mean yeah random hellos and shit with him...but i can't have those talks i used to have with him. oh yeeeeeeeeah ha. but yeah babe you are one stubborn mofuckaaah. i know i'm stubborn too but you act like you aren't stubborn yourselfff. but seriously one thing that makes me upset is that he gets mad at every little thing. gosh i know you care but can you quit that nonsense stuff? geeeez...

once again...happy new years everyone ! 2008 holy shit...holy shit holy shit. hahahahaa. let this year bring more memories in my life. memories are something to cherish forever...and hold them in your heart. 2007 was i'm already on my second year living here in vegas. seems like only yesterday when i moved here..haha i remember i moved on george's birthday..june 24th 2006. sadest fuckin day of my life. i remember calling him from my aunt's phone...he sounded happy like a normal day..didn't know i moved...cuz it was unexpected...and then i told him... i remember we was just sooo upset. i remember he called my aunt's phone the next day...crying. my heart exploded. i could tell how much he loved me...and how much i loved him. i was so hurt for reals...he meant so much to me honestly. but long story short...we didn't work out...we tried for another year when i was here in vegas...he came down numerous times and everytime i saw him we were both so happy....everytime he left it was like when i moved all over again. it's crazy cuz i thought i would never get over him. had my ups and downs in my other relationships or the ppl i was talkin to...yet george would never seem to get out. it took about a year and a half to get over him fully. i don't regret anything about him. i'm glad he was apart of my life. i learned so much from our relationship. i'm sorry for hurting you mr. rivera...hahaha seriously. george cortez rivera jr. your fuckin crazy boy ! ahahh god bless you and your family. always got you no matter what.

wtf am i typing...a damn novel fuck this.

trust in me...cuz i know what i can give.

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  1. Aww, girl, spanks. You's so sweeet. But it's not even awkward at all, I don't even know why! Hahah! 'Cause it's like, no one knows his stubborn ass better than I do, since I've been through all this shit before. I just wanna make your life heck of a lot easier to deal with, na'mean? Because, hey, you're gonna teach me how to dance & do my hurrrr when I move to SoCal, mmhmm! Hahaha kiddding. Anyways, you're always welcome, and girl, you got my number. But I know you're strong too, 'cause you're still putting up with his shit. It's alright, 'cause he's worth the fight... I think! Kidding again! :)