Tuesday, January 1, 2008

happy new years !!!! it's finnah 2008 !

so wtf 2008 already?! oh my geeeeez. what a crazy ass year. somahtz happened ! but anywhooo my night last night. or my WHOLE DAY YESTERDAY ! was shit ! ughhh. sjdkfsjldfdsklfjds. i'm so sorry baby. fuuuuck. i know i fucked up hella. he didn't talk to me the whole day until AR's. but anywhoo. i want to thank the people who talked to me yesterday. erikaaaas haha...girl thank you so much for being there when i vented to yo ass hahaha. it really helped me out <33>

last night i had dinner with my family. we had filet mignon. is that how you spell it ?! haha but anyways...it was kinnah gross haha. then i got ready after that and then joseph picked me up with jessee. ha. went to AR's cousin's house. drank a beer or two. then babe and lolo came in. my golly hahah i was like fuuuuuuck. then we talked and he said he forgave me. ehhh kinnah weird still. haha. but whatevvv im sorry baby ! so it was like 1030...everyone took they first shot....then we just kept taking shots after that. baby was done. hahahaha. he had to throw up but it wouldn't come out. yeeeeeup. so midnight came..got my kiss from my baby :] muhahaha good stuff. i remember this girl called and hes like happy new years ! blah blah... i'm kissing my gf...ahha whack ass. shooooz. i love him...but after midnight we all went to some party near red rock or something?? but babe was too fucked up...hahaha. oh god. tried throwing up again but he didn't haha. anyways...yeah that was my night i guess haha. knocked the fuck out right when i got home. hahahahah yee yeeeeeeeeee! happy new years though guys...

so... this year i got to make it the best. it's my year. graduating this year. getting my life together. i have a wonderful boyfriend by my side to support me and take care of me. i have wonderful friends who are always there for me. i love my family. without them i wouldn't be the person i am today. but i shall cont. this later im too lazy to ty pe yee happy new years !!!

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