Thursday, January 3, 2008

on my mind <3

so ummm....haha. i can't get my babe off my damn mind. i miss him as my neighbor. i miss seeing him all the damn time. but yea...just for the memory... we were at my grandma's house and he said he couldn't stop listening to with you by chris brown...and now i'm here listening to the song. i never really listened to that song until he told me that was his song to me. babe you gay ass..ahha but here are the lyrics

Hey littl mama
ooh, you're a stunner
hot little figure
yes, you're a winner
and i'm so glad to be yours,
you're a class all your own
oh, little cutie
when you talk to me
i swear the whole world stops
you're my sweetheart
and i'm so glad you are mine
you are one of a kind and...

you mean to me
what i mean to you and
together baby,
there is nothing we won't do
cause if i got you

i don't need money
i don't need cars
girl, you're my all

oh i'm into you
and girl,
no one else would do,
cause with every kiss and every hug,
you make me fall in love,
and now i know i can't be the only one,
i bet there heart's all over the world tonight,
with the love of they life who feel 
what i feel when i'm
with you girl

oh girl
i don't want nobody else
without you, there's no one left then,
you're like jordans on saturday,
i gotta have you and i cannot wit now,
hey little shawty
say you care for me
you know i care for you,
you know that i'll be true,
you know that i won't lie, 
you know that i would try,
to be your everything yeah...

and i
will never try to deny,
that you're my whole life,
cause if you ever let me go,
i would die
so i won't front,
i don't need another woman,
i just need your all and nothing,
cause if i got that,
then i'll be straight
baby, you're the best part of my day

fuck i typed that stupid shit myself cuz i can't figure out how to cut and paste on a mac book lmao ! stupid me... but my song to him... say you will-brandy... fuck i gotta type again?!

i never met a guy so sweet
someone who knocks me of my feet
i never knew that it could be, not until i met you baby
you never met a girl like me, i only wanna make you happy
i never knew that i could be free, not until i met you baby

(all i wanna do)
lately all that i wanna do is
(is spend all my time with you)
every second, every minute, every hour
i can't let you get away, ain't goin nowhere,
i need your loving every day
oh yes i do

say you could feel the way i feel for you
say you will do the things you promised to
say you love me the way that i love you
say you will, say you will

never knew a love like you 
to do the things that you do
you never seem to lose your touch,
that's why i love you baby
i travel around the whole wide world,
and i say hat i'm your girl
never had these feelings,
not until i met you baby

baby all i wanna do
is spend all my life with you
have three four kids like you
and have some more if you want me to (ok maybe not that shi ahha)
i don gave up everything
so now it's time to give me hat ring
so baby say what you feel about me, say

tadaaa my super duper typing. i know i probably typed some wrong shit lmao. but whatever. it's something i can read when i'm bored :]

ok goodnight.

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