Tuesday, January 15, 2008

tuesday the 15th

so fudge. today i had to do hella shit for dance. two essays, cut music, and my art work. so i finish the essays and start on the music...i finish everything sounds good and smooth..then i click save as..and the program closes ! i'm so upset ! now i have to wait for my uncle to come home so he can help me and see what the problem is. ha wtf...im so upset. anywhoo... shaun's class tomorrow guys...good stuff huh....i hate taking his classes i feel like i can't freakin dance when i do his classes hahaha. shoooz. let's see. i made meccamee that's an update. practices thursdays at SMASH. and BREAKTHROUGH THIS WEEKEND SON !!!!! vegas coming up for real. yee. me and aj collabo together. so yeah we doin a pretty good piece. kinnah fast ish haha. but yeah ! it's at backstage dos. finals are this week at school and dang next semester i gotta keep my head in school ahhaha fuuuck. only 5 months left of school. make the best of it yeah? shit. i don't know...but man i'm so close to pursuing my dance dream. 5 more months...then i'm on my way! haha shit so excited. so babe is scared imma leave him...cuz i want to pursue my dance dream. nahhh i'll be there for you hunny....all the time. i know you don't think so but watch when i show you i will. i love you so much and remember..we be living under the same roof :D ok uncle is home need to get back to that stupid music !!! night night

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