Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy belated Valentine's Day

so Happy Valentine's Day to all the lovely couples out there. Hope you guys had a good one. For me Reggie brang me flowers and i baked him cookies and we watched No Reservations. Didn't finish it but it was a really cute movie.

Anyways. Me Reggie broke up I guess. Everyone knows why already. I want to hang with my friends. Yada yada. Yall know the deal. I told him he has no damn friends out here and he walked off. Yeah pretty messed but da hell your friends dem beezys who try to jock you or you used to talk to em? YEAH OK. Who cares anyways...

Jackie i love you so much. I don't know what I would do without you. You been there since 15 bitch ass ! hahaha. Man you have always been there for me no matter what dang. It's crazy. We practically are sisters. I consider you as my sister. I tell you things I can't tell other people. I thank God you are in my life. When you say I LOVE makes me feel so warm inside..It makes me happy. Family...comes first. (or second since your REAL REAL family goes first ya know hahaha you know what i mean..)Geez.... I LOVE YOU SIS. for real.

Miss Erikaas. Haha. Thank yooooou so much too.fREshREmix (10:20:53 PM): i just wanted to make sure you're okay.... WTF what kind of ex gf of your recent bf says that?! Real talk i'm glad I have you to talk to. If me and him don't work out...I look up to you on how independent you are and how you view life. I Can't wait to meet yo hoodrat ass :] You have a good head on your shoulders girl. Heart chu for realz... <33

Jeka Kalotkin. Man girl..haha I don't know where to start HA. I really enjoy talking to you. It makes my day better. SERIOUSLY. You put a damn smile on my face all the time. I know I can count on you if I ever need someone to talk to. And you know the sameee....I heart chu Jeka. I'm so glad I bumped into you in Anaheim. I would of never had a friend like you in my life.

I don't know.. this is like HS drama bullshit type of shit. haha that sounded phannnay. Anyways i baked myself cookies and I am going to enjoy them. I am just in a really thankful mood right now that I have people there for me. People who I thought would never be there for me.

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  1. Giiiiirl! I gotchu, okay? 'Cause I been through it before... but daamn, not as much as you tho! Just keep your head up & enjoy your fucking weeekend, giirl! 'Cause shit it's almost a quarter before 4, and I'm feeeeling good.