Tuesday, February 12, 2008

in my room all effing day

so hmph...today i went home early from school cuz i don't feel too good. but got a nice long day to do all of my hw. i just finished my persuasive essay. i feel accomplished i must say. but yeah going back to ash wednesday last week...i gave up soda. but going to church on sunday...made me realize i had to give up something to make me a better person...so i decided to give up arguing with my reggie. boy people told me..dang girl knowing you two that's impossible. hey i'm gonna try my hardest? as long as i try is all that matters to me. but today...i'm kind of down cuz of him. i told him i'm stayin at daff's this weekend and he started actin weird after that. i text him that i miss him...no text back. i call him..don't answer..i don't know what's going on...but i'm upset...it's hurting me inside though...on the bright side...i been talkin to a friend. she's a person i can turn to if i'm feelin down. she makes me feel better. and puts a smile on my face...thank you. um battlefest in one month kids. yee. so i can say my grades are good. nothing near failing thank goodness. graduating in 4 months is exciting yet scary. but i think that's all i have to say today.

johnta austin-the one that got away

"life's too hard, can't even breathe, wherever you are, reach out to me..."

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