Tuesday, February 5, 2008

this is the life

alright. so recently i wrote an essay about my mom and how i feel towards her. that let out so much from me. i feel better that i wrote all of that. but yeah i think i'm just fed up with her and gave up on trying to build a relationsihip with her. i know that's not the right attitude but what can i do ya know?? she don't have time for me. about a couple of weeks ago...she tried to take her life...she drank a lil and decided to take pills with that. i was just in shock like wtf...cuz i was already having a bad night as it was ya know? but i just had a reality checkk that night. fuck...you never know when your gonna lose the ones you LOVE. my attitude towards my mom has to change...i could of lost her that night...it's scary to think about that...but anyways..

SOOO !!! school is going good so far. 4 months until i'm out. umm meccamee is going great also...fusion is our first competition up in SD. excited about that. umm battlefest is coming up march 8th i believe yee.

so love life. me and reggie yes are still together if you wanna know. shockingly. through all our shit. but fuck he gets mad way too damn easily. i'm not talking to him right now. i don't know what's going on with us right now actually. this isn't worth my typing right now fuck i can't let shit like this bring me down ya know? i got 4 months till i'm out and doing my thang. working hella hard..dancing...school. it's gonna be a struggle for me...but i know i can get through all of it. well i don'tfeel like typing so yeah !

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