Wednesday, February 6, 2008

my future

yeah i know i just wrote in here but i have to get more off my like you know..4 months till i graduate. dang finally?! ass can't even believe it. shit. haha. but me and reg have been arguing about something lately. MY FUTURE. so as yall dream is to be a all those lil gigs..go on tour..go out the country...teach...WOW just so much fun ya know? i'm super excited and my uncle says i should start young. so he suggests for me to move to LA this year and start working. headshots, agents, auditions, you name it. but reg thinks imma leave him and find another guy. since there are so many "dancers" out there. he basically says if i move to pursue my dream..he gonna break it off. so now i'm thinkin imma just stay with vegas. drive back and forth to all the time...shit. it's gonna be hard but if that's how he'll see that i'm really going to stay with him then that's what i will do. cuz he won't believe me in any other way. it's so hard...geez. he just keeps telling me all the time imma find someone else and all that. geez. ALL THE TIME i hear that shit. when i talk about LA he gets all butt hurt and starts an argument and shit.... i mean dang can you chill ?! ugh. so much frustration with this kid. i don't know i feel like he setting so much of the rules and i have no say in this relationship. it's like a one way door for him. i'm just behind it...stuck ya know?! just cuz i'm younger don't mean shit. i have a strong head on my shoulders and know what i want. i don't see you as your show immaturity so many times hun. no lie. don't say i am...cuz you are also. i always sit here in my room not knowing what to do. having to call joseph or jessee all the time. no moreeeeee please. fuck. ok i'm done i got a major head ache on the realll !!!

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