Monday, February 25, 2008

Our Spring Break Plan

So Reg and I planned our spring break trip. We going to SoCal the 20th-23rd. I'm pretty excited I must say. We doing BIG THANNNNGS. ahhaha JK ! But, so far Thursday we leave at 5 am and drive to Gmas. At noon go to my old HS and visit my friends. Friday we go to Universal or Disneyland. Saturday go to Hollywood and chillax, walk around, all that good stuff. Come back Sunday morning. I'm excited! Yay ! My Springbreak is March 17-21. Oh and NorCal March 7th son ! YAY ! Battlefest ! We staying at Mappy's. Bern, AR, and I are flying as virgins on Virgin America haha. our flight is 4 15 son. SUPER excited. We gon ge faded yo haha. It's over fa shoooooos ! Ok. I'm done ! Night Loves.

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