Sunday, February 17, 2008

Welcome To The Zoo

So my weekend was pretty good I must say. Friday got home from school slept a lil internet blah blah you know the deal. Was pretty upset from Reggie and what happened. So I told Jackie some shit that went down with me and then she was like " IMMA PICK YO ASS UP ! " haha. So I got ready bummed it and left the house. We picked up Roberto's YUM! Carnitas burrito with GUAC AND CHEESE ONLY! Yes that is my order all the damn time. Soooo ! Bam text me giving me the room # that they was stayin at. PH room 2129. Haha i'm lame. Anywhooo. I went to eat my burrito in they room. It was nice seeing all of them...some new faces too. It was Jay Chris, Jun, Toybox, Feng, Tovu, Bam, Cho (Jason used to kinnah dance with him SI2 shit ha) I think that's everyone?! Hella funny group of ppl! We got up there and just chilled. Drinkin here and there smokin here and there....Bam says I'm whack. Kept clownin on Jun's ass ahaha. SO SYMPHANY YEAH YEAH ! hahaha. So funny. Jun giving me breast cancer. Toybox and I remembering the times back then. Fun times. So Daff and Thug come through also. Love those girls. SO we decided to go to Daff's house..I ride with Jack to get shit for the HOOKAHZZZ. Then Daff calls saying her Aunt is sleeping in the loft and shit so like WTF where do we go? Had drama shit with LOLO and yeah but EH anyways. So we like we just go back to the room. All of us just chillen Jun with his jager hahaha fuckin whack ass. we there till like 3 in the morn. Bam & I walk Jackie to her car to get my shit cuz I didn't want to walk back by myself. So we say bye to her walk back up to the room. Then Daff goes where Jack? I'm like duh we just said bye to her. She's like her two front tires are flat...I'm like wth?! So Jack comes back up and is hella pissed poor girl. We there till about 4 then Thug, Daff, Jack & I decide to leave. So we are all walkin down...this guy goes "don't go out to the garage there's a fight..." and us not paying any attention lmao walk out...and we see hella black they cars are right there and some guy goes.. " WUSSUP THEN NIGGAH?! " or something like that ya know ahha. And Thug is trying to get in the car and Jack is running behind the cars lmao. And Daff & I don't know where the fuck to go. So Jack goes get over here ! Then the black dude reaches in his pants to get something and Jack is like HELL NO so we run behind all the cars and Jack says he had a gun IUNO?! So we run up to the next parking level like losers. & I'm hella buzzin and could barely run with a backpack on my back holding my sweater and a bag. HAAH. My knees kept hitting each other and shit haha idiot. So we had to wait a bit cuz the cops were blocking their cars. So finally they leave. Jackk drives Daffs car cuz Daff hella sleepy and Thug & I in the back. So I knock the fuck out. We get to Jack's. Daff is hella tired so I offered to drive to. Thug thinks we gonna die since I'm driving hahahaa. But yeah we drive to Daff's then Daff & I sleep in her room and Thug is outside in the loft. Daff & I talk for about half an hour then we knock out a lil past 5.

We had to wake up cuz I had a MCME meeting at 10. Our alarm goes off and it's 930 so we had to leave cuz they live southside. Haha. So we leave to go there and both of u were hella sleepy. Meeting started at about 10 3o and we left there around 12ish. Daff let me drive back to the house. Umm Thug is barely getting up haha. So we wanna get ready but we were way too tired to. We had to take Jack to PH to try to fix her tire. We get there and the shit would not put air lmao. Geezez and it was like 420 someSING and we had tobe at the studio at 5. So we give up and we drive to the studio...So we on fuckin Harmon tryna turn left on LVB. Yall know them fuckin pedestrians never move out the way. So Daff and her road rage come out. She starts going FUCK YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU ! hella times screaming out the window and I'm in the back fuckin crackin up so hard. Then she starts hella honkin her horn hahahaha. Like 5 short ass honks and 1 long asssssssssss honk. HAAHAHAH. I was dying. So the light turns green again and no cars are moving cuz of them damn tourists. Takin they sweet time crossing the street thinkin if there is hella people they can just walk too. Then Daff starts screaming even more and is screaming at all the people walking and there's like hella ppl staring at us. Haha. So we finally go past the light and Daffi is still honking while she's driving screaming fuck you. Haha all those ppl walkin the strip were like WTF?! ahahahahaha. Omg! So PHANNAY ! So we on the way to the studio FINALLY and on the way to take class ! Yay ! Bam & Tovu taught first. I loved it. Even though it looked like I didn't enjoy taking that class as Bam said hahaha. But they taught that Alicia Keys intro to her album. The piano thingy thingy. Sick. Then Toybox & Feng taught they house piece. Omgahhhh I loved it hella. I like never learned how to do house. Haha Daff & I had hella fun doing that shit haha. Then it was Jun & Jay Chris. Was sick but I don't even like that song haha.

SOOO I see Lo & Boyong out the window and they said Reg wants to talk tome. I said no. But Lo just kept asking me and said even just for 2 minutes would be ok. I'm like fineee. So I go to Reg's car and talk to him. We still not together and I'm not gonna go into detail with our convo. It was like 5-10 minutes SHORT. Sorry Reg...We still koo though. We figuring stuff out kind of. He's really sad and all that. But what can I do? Anywhoo..more of tha later..

I go back in front of the studio and we all gonna go back to the room. So we all leave and I ride with Daff shotieee and Ramey and Thug in the back. So my window is down and we on Flamingo already on the strip ish and we were telling Ramey Daffi's road rage earlier. Haha so like Daff starts talkin and is like saying hwo she hates when the sign says stop and ppl still wanna walk. So I look to my right and see this old man taxi driver smiling and nodding his add as if he's like yeaaaah hahaha. So I say Hi ! and he's says something but all I hear is like mumbling so I like YEAH ! hahahaha. Then I start hella laughing and I tell Daffi and we all look at him. And the light turns green so we about to go. Then he's says something and we like huh?! And he's like " I AGREEEEE WITH THAT " hahaahahaha saying he agrees about that pedestrian thing. Omg the way he said that was the most hilarious thing ever. Fuck...ahahaha. He like had an indian accent thing going on and he was like missing his front teeth and shit. Haha omgaaaaaah that shit was so funny. !! So like when me and Daff talk and somethiing comes up like we feel the same way about the situation or like we both think something is koo we now go I AGREEEE WITH THAT in that accent and everything hahahaha it's so funny. So anyways we go up to the room and we all hella hungry so Daff, Thug, Ramey, Feng, Jun & I go down to find some food. We end up eating at Sbarro. I had this pasta that was really good but they gave a lot so I let Ramey finish it. Jun bought more alchohol. SOOOOO...we go back to the room. Then I guess everyone decided to go to Daffi's. We go to Daff's...all of us chillen. Drank up a lil smoke up a lil you know the deal there. Had a good time. Good laughs and that's it! Shiiit. Miss them already though ! But fuck I went to sleep at 6 and had to wake up at 7 to assist my Uncle at Hollywood Vibe. Was SOOOOOO damn tired omg. But I had a good time assisting him. My feets hurt though from dancing barefoot ! Haha I had no clean socks geeeez. But yeah that day was alright.

Reg & I went out last night. We watched The Eye cuz I've always wanted to see that. Ending was whacko wthaaaail haha. Then we went to Jack in the Crack cuz I was craving a #20 ! damnit. So good. hahahaa but bad for you geeeez. Then he took me home. We talked a lil about the whole LA long we on break for..yadayada. But he coming over in a bit so we can talk cuz yeah. I don't know. I ain't gonna go back to him just like that ya know? I don't feel like talkin about this so yeeeeeah. Love everyone...

thanx for a good weekend yall.. :]

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