Sunday, March 2, 2008

11:19 pm

Hello. Well today Reggie and I just hung out in my room all day today. Cutesy Cutesy. He's here laying down singing next to me. "i got this chick that chick but it don't matter.." hahahaha dumbz. I love him thoooo. Anyways.. @ 5 went to church as always. Had confirmation. Yee cuz I wanna be a faithful catholic and i'm ready to be accepted by the church. I'm excited to expand my faith and help out the community. <33

Umm yeah ! Haha so Reggie kept buggin today and tryna play around when I was in sleepy mode. He kept tryna tickle me and shit. Haha I hate when he does that cuz I end up laughing and losing to fight back. Haha. I have so much fun with him. We played with our phones put new music pictures blah blah. Fixed our myspaces. Talked. Laughed. Haha my feet stank today !!! Reggie's face was so funny I couldn't stop laughing. Haha and his ass was laughing all loud dumb shit. Gonna get my ass caught ! Haha. Aww my baby. Finally we on good terms again. Starting over. I'm too damn excited for our SoCal trip. California loveeeeee. Haha. "I'm from L.A. Southern California !" haha Reggie's dumb self making fun of the "West Co" girl ahhaha. I hate you asshole ahah. What a nice day together though. A lot of laughs. My ride to die brooo. lmao that was pretty lame. But he is !!!! My favorite boy in my life !!!! My beautiful boyfriend. Who cares what people think about me, or you, let them talk shit. It's life. People will learn how to deal with it...They know we in love and they don't know half the shit we went through. Forget the past this is the start of a new chapter for ussss. Love yoooooooooou.
Goodnight !

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