Sunday, March 9, 2008

Battlefest Weekend!

Why hello. I just got home from the bay area. I miss it already ! Haha. So I will type my whole trip! HERE I GO !

So Day 1. I meet AR a the airport I get there around 2 3o ish. Haha his ass looked like "a big gay" as he called it standing there alone. " LEXI hurry up I don't know what to do !" haahha. So I get there but we have to wait for Bern. So Bern arrives we go to virgin get our boarding passes and walk to the security check shit thing. I don't know what it's called ahha. So I put my stuff in the plastic box and i'm about to go through. I forgot to take my sweater off so I had to go back again and get a new tub thing and put it in. Piece of caca lady haha. Waste of my time ! So we all go walk to find our flight and we could not find it. Turns out we walked the opposite way. What idiots huh?! lmao. Yee. We ate at burger king and waited for our flight. We finally got on the plane and it was cute haha. Purple lights and red lights inside. A touch screen thing in front of you where you can play games, listen to music, watch tv. It was entertaining ! So we fly, i'm terrified of flying I don't know why. AR is all amazed by everything in the plane. Bern is just chill cuz she was like our mom haha. So we finally arrive. Jeka picked us up. Can you say awkward?! LMAO the first day with her ass she was all hella rude to me ! GEEZ ! Haha. We go to starbucks and she gets a drink. Walks out the door waving. like um do we follow you?! IDONTKNOW ! I was so irritated ! Then Drew walks in the door I say hi. We leave to meet Rictor and Kat. We park and they start dancing. Then Bern's ass was in the backseat, rolled down the window all the way and the thing to roll the indow down gets stuck. HAAHH ! my goodness that was the mosthilarious thing ever. So more awkwardness with Jeka so we go with Kat to pick up her friend to go to SINO. SO we go to Sino and it's a nice place. Food was bomb. We were there till about 12. About 15 heads were with us. Amazing group of ppl I can say. So we were all outside just joking around taking pictures talking. So much fun !!! Then Bern and I catch a ride with Jeka to go to Mappy's. So it was Jackie, Daffi, Bern, Jeka, Mappy, Julia, Jaymazing, Jed, & Jun. I remember Mikey and someone else coming. But we drank smirnoffvodka.... disgusting shit. Jeka called it. Eyeballs Eyeballs Eyeballs ! haha ! Then another shot right away ahahha. Eyeballs once again ! That shit is so gross. Haha. So we went to smoke outside. Then I went back inside and Bern, Daff, and I took another shot. haha. Man. After awhile of drankin and smoking...I finally got buzzed of course ahaha. Someone's feet stank like UGHH ! and I swore it wasn't mine... Ppl said that's all I talked about HAAH. So Jed thought I was crazy and shit and Jun clownin as always. haha. I fell asleep for a bit then woke up but I don't kno what woke me up. It was around 43o 5ish that everyone settled down. All of us on the damn floor together. On the fuckin sand blanket. HAHAH. I kept getting sand in my mouth?! I don't know I kept hearing crunching shit haha. So everyone was snoring and shit. Jackie kept the tv on. Bright as hell ! So yee !!!! got fucked up yooo. Such a good time that night. Haha many laughs and inside jokes and pictures and yeah ! ahha

Day 2

awww last day in the bay :[ woke up around 10ish cuz aaron was picking us up at "12" hahaha. So me and the sexy ladies get ready. He comes at 12 3o. We go to subway eat. Then head to cow palace and chill there till BFST. We were on the guest list. So no pay yay ! Umm...It was freezing. So we go inside get our seats cuz we was there early. I met Miss Erika. Cutest thing ever ! geez. haha. Sorry we didn't get to hang out mahtz :[ !!! Umm...Watched the show. Laughed at all the random shit that was going on. Haha. Oh geezez. Watched our favorites perform. Good job PDC btw. Mad love for you guys <3freakin>

So I gotta say I had a good time meeting new people and all that ish ! The people out there were so friendly and amazing. I wish I can go back :] Maybe again one day ! Right Bern?! Haha. I can't wait to see them again at battlefest vegas ! YAY ! This time all us Vegas heads get to perform too yay ! Haha. Good Vegas get away ! Thank goodness I needed that. <33

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