Thursday, March 13, 2008


Hello everyone again. Haha. I'm here because I have a lot on my mind. First off, I miss him. It's so hard. And I feel like i'll be around just chillen and nothing is going to happen. It sucks ya know? I love him so damn much. I love him willing to do anything to get him back. Seriously, well not jump off a cliff kind of shit haha. Anywhoo..
I just wanted to apologize to her. She don't respond to me but I just want to say I'm really sorry. For me, I would love to still be your "friend" if you want to call it? You are such a good person to talk to. If you can forgive my ouburst and shit but I just want to tell you there's so much shit going on in my life that that kind of hurt and I took it really personal. If only you knew what was going on, you'd understand my side too. Yeah...had to let that out...
ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, I taught hip-hop today in intermediate jazz! It was fun ! I had much fun teaching those girls. :] Yeah I feel such a good vibe everytime I'm around all the girls I dance with. I walk into a room and they yell LEXI !!!! Like whoa ! CALM YOSELF ! haha but it's so cute. Today, Layla told me, I'm such a likeable person, that I'm a person you can't hate. She said she can't point out someone who doesn't like me. I really truly love all those girls. With them I forget about a lot of my drama because they are the most amazing group of girls. Always making me laugh and what not. I thank them for always putting a smile on my face even when I'm down. I love you LVA crazy girls haha.

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