Monday, March 24, 2008

New post!

I finally got a fuckin job. Banana Republic @ Premium Outlets. HELLA FAR ! But fuck...It's worth the money. $9.50 an hour. My co-workers are all nice and chill. They make my job easy haha. I started Saturday 9-5 and just got off work right now. 3-10. It's fun. But my feet hurt at the end of the day !haha.
I finally bought my driver's ed time lmao. Fuckin lexi you lagger. So I finally am getting that over and DONE with ! Then June oh snap Lexi be on the road ! Haha.
Reggie and I are koo. Made him hella mad this weekend hahaha yall know why. Shit. Anyways! He picked me up from work tonight <3>
What else bruhh?! Notingz ! Haha. Ok I'm hunger. I am going to eat ! SWEEET!

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