Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Today I went to Rascals practice. Jayce picked me up and their practice was at John D's house! HELLA NICE HOUSEEEE ! He has a hot mama too btw :] hahaha. Umm. I think Rascals are amazing ! Wow they steppin UP ! They look so good. I'm so proud! Around 7ish I went to GJ's with Karen & EJ. Jay came through too. They going to work on Falsetto. Umm It's freaking HOT ! Not even cool ! UGH ! Haha. But today was fun and random. I love Karen. HAAHHHA. GEEZEz ! GET EM BITZ ! Ok time to finish this English PROJECTTTTT ! FUCK ! Goodnights!

Monday, April 28, 2008


So practice today was pretty frustrating for me I guess. The things that frustrate me is when we spend like an hour on a lil 2 8 count part. hahaha. Geez Lexi needs to freakin calm down. But I'm glad Battlefest is next weekend! Omgah fuckin next week ! HOLY CAcA ! Hell week starts on Thursday! GAHHH ! Time to sneak out for practices lmao. Everyday 7-WHO KNOWS?! haha! WEEEEEAK !!!

So Mico is helping me come up with my beautiful sleeve on my fore arm! Omgaaah I can't wait to be tatted up! SON! Haha what a gay I am. I know i want some flowers, maybe a pin up model, an elephant for my lovely gramz, and IDK ! Something that shows WOMEN ARE THE FUCKIN SHIT! Not cute, but feminine and HARD. Man, I'm excited cuz I'm really thinking hard about this one. YEE!

Um let's see. Nothing else to really type. Nothing new. UMM. I'm trying to schedule my hair appt sometime this week. Cuz I really needz it! AHH ! Ok I'm about to sleep and call my Bernadeth for our late night talks about shit and of course our favorite our COUNT DOWN TO BATTLEFEST hahahaha. We are so gay. But meccamee.. I LOVE YOU GUYS ! I started filming practice and I made us a YOUTUBE ! Yay ! So look out for that ! LETS SURPRISE EvERYONE ! But let's just dance as a team with love ! Goodnight bitchesss YOY YOYOYOYO ! ahhahaa

Sunday, April 27, 2008


So my weekend was whatevs! Haha. Friday night slept at Reggie's place. Jonathan took me to practice. He picked me up, and we were almost home when he goes "WTF!" and i look at him and he's looking on his pants and there's a fuckin bee chillen there. AHAHAHAHAHA. holycaca ! I was dying of laughter! Hahahaha. He's like " STFU Lex! It's not funny ! " but his ass is laughing ahhaahhaha. Anyways, we get home and me and him are BORED out of our minds. Hahah we just laying there like WTF to do. So i call up Jay and see if he can give me a ride, then he said to call Christian. So christian picked me up to go to *Groove. Christian, Ej, and JR were there and we all went to Jays house. THen on our way to *groove. After *groove we went to Sushi Factory. Then I went home to get the car so i can drive to GJ's. Ej came with me and we got there around 12 3o ish? Hella ppl there. Drank up of course. I made out with Bri wth ahahahahaha. Reggie was hella close watcihng kept forcing us to make out. Nasty. Then Bri was like just do it ! make Reggie jealous ! And I could feel Reggie tryna come in and I kept pushing his face away. He goes " yall wanna threesome?!" Hell fuckin no nasty ass. Hahaha. I made out with Reggie too cuz I was buzzin. His ass was drunk. Hahahaha. Right in front of everyone pretty funny. But yeah taht night was random. So much random shit hahahahaa. Oh my geee. Lo and his weird ass. Jackie dancing on everyone. Hahahah ! Geezez ! What a night ! So fun though I had much fun.

Today was just chillen with Reggie and the kids teaching Reggie how to dance and eating. Niggah is stiff. Jonathan came over. And me and Jonathan went to church ahahhahahaahaha. I owe that niggah biggggggggggggggggggggggggggg time! HAHHAHAAHHA. so funny ! Love that niggah. Ok im on the phone. Ill type latuhh !

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Late weekend

So my weeekend. I just had driver's ed as yallknow. And Saturday night Me and Jonathan went to GJ's. I picked him up around 12 ish after I was done with Groove. Just drank a lil. Weird shit going on that night haha. I drove him and I have no idea how I did. I just Thank God we m ade it alive geeez. But that night was pretty fun. I had to wake up at 9 in the morning for freakin driver's ed Sunday. Jonathan came with me so he could drive my car back. THank goodness for him. Appreciate you man ! Umm..went to GJ's after for a bit. Hung out with Karen. Reggie and Jonathan were passed out on the couches. Haha. But I left around 8. Came home and knocked OUT ! geeeeez. That was my weekend. I missed practice. But I learned everything. Ok hw time. Goody! Bye bye :]

SO my knee is healing. I don't know if I typed this before but doing the Clumsy Piece I tore the skin off my knee and I couldn't bend it ! But now the scab is off and it's really sensitive. But I can go on it if I have a kneepad now. Haha. But it still hurt ! OKIEE !! yessss !

update @ 10:38 pm.

So I just got home from buying Reggie food. Cuz I'm nice just a treat to Roberto's and that's about it. Anyways, I'm about to sleep. And I was going through some funny pictures. So i decide to put em up ! Haha.

hahahaha that's my sophomore year with my best friend Jonathan. Fuckin fatty as always geezez ahahaha.

Last years prom at SVHS. haha.Freakin gloomy in black and shit wthail is wrong with me haha.

awww cali. :( my dancers for lifeee. back in the day where I could barelly go out haha. Speechless forever. Guppy's in cerritos yummmm! Was it in cerritos? I don't even remember :[


sexy JT concert which we watched for FREE ! Cuz of one of the dancers :] Damn I love our hook ups on stuff !

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ra Sushi Tonight.

I Can't go I got work ! But that's tonight ! Hopefully we raise some money for Battlefest !

Monday, April 21, 2008


Hello. Haha. So I completed my driver's fuckin ed ! Now I can get my license YIPEEE ! Bern baby got her license today and it's her birfday today ! I love you Bernadeth Verzosa! We sang Happy Birthday to her at practice haha. Crazy girl. But meccamee progress is going great. Just Smile like Jay says haha :] Umm. Battlefest like 3 mutha futchin weeks ! GET EM !!!!

So got into argument today with family. So much shit going down. Feelings hurt, crying, blah blah. Long story short, might get kicked out. Not KICKED OUT but like they gotta let me go so they don't have to stress and worry about me. They have their son to take care of. But Reggie said he was there to help after crying to his ass hhaah fuckin lexi you're an idiot. He said maybe they'd find a bigger place 3 rooms so I can stay with them. In my own damn room damnit. But i'm not really agreeing 100% cuz um it's Reggie. Even though i'd hella want to. But Jay was like we have an extra room...and he's willing to take me in. I have people wanting to take me in and willing to help me. Thank goodness for those great friends. But I need to GET A BIG STRAW AND SUCK UP THE DRAMA AND THE BULLSHIT IN LIFE. It happens lexi shit girl suck it up and be a woMAN! Haha. I can do it. I just need some motivation and encouragement honestly. Then i'll be good. :]

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Drivin in my Honda

So I took the Honda out today to see Reg, cuz I wanted to talk to him about shit. So first he all like um I might go somewhere. I'm like oh ok I guess. Then he goes wanna come?? I'm like um you want me to meet you? He's like No it's Ok. Like wtf? You just asked if I wanted to come?? Then he goes ok. I'm like wtf?! Then he's like go to your gangster friends house .I'm like wtf you talkin about?? He's like go. Then I'm like I just told you i was gonna visit you the hell? Then awhile later he goes ok then come ! Then he asks for me to buy him food. Fuckin stupid bitch. Anyways I go to Taco Bell for his ass, then I buy his food, then I was gonna stop somewhere right quick and he was like " Never mind I don't want it anymore" I'm like WTF?!?!?? THen I'm like so you have me drive here for fuckin nothing?! Buying your ass food. Then he like come then. So i get there. I'm like "come outside and get yo food..." So he comes. I give it to him. He bought to give me a kiss on the cheek or something but I backed away and he just walked off all mad. Idiot. Never fuckin again. Serious. :]

ok i'm on the phone with my bern baby. GOOD NIGHT ! Fuck yo bullshit Reg. Go find yourself a girl you can treat like shit with your rudeness !! Yeah? OK KOO ! haha. I'm so gay. Goodnight.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I'm sitting here crying my eyes out trying to type. So if there are some typos just ignore it. As everyone knows Reggie has just been making me sad. Honestly I can't really concentrate right now in anything. Leading me on type of shit isn't making me feel better. I got in the biggest fight with my Uncle right now because my grades aren't good enough for him. He saw 2 missing assignments and was being a smart ass like saying " i don't understand?! you don't do anything! " I'm like wtf?! So he starts yelling...he says " You best damn well get 100% or something on this upcoming assignment. As a matter of fact go get the fuckin assignment and show me that shit " In this rude ass fuckin way ! Reminded me when I used to live back home with my Grandma and we would get into arguments that were horrible. So it brought back so many haunting memories. I just lost it. I was like alright ! I'll bring you the friggen assignment shit ! So I walked to out to get it and he's like " get back in here ! blah blah blah" I didn't hear cuz I was walking away. So I come back in with the damn assignment and put it on his desk. He's like get over here ! And he's like you have no right to talk to me like that. So I said why do you talk to me like that??? Then he raises his voice so damnnnn fuckin loud it scared me and he got up and looked like he was going to hit me. And I look at Chanelle crying my eyes out saying why is he yelling at me like this?! He there cussing at me yelling so fuckin loud! Omg it was so horrible never in my life have I seen him like this ! He never talked to me like that. So I finally go to my room crying needing Reggie to talk to.. It was like 3 and I text him and he's like why what happened? So I tell him a lil, then no response...and i'm sitting there crying wanting to talk to him cuz no one else will understand my situation the way he would. I'm sitting there crying for hours trying to do my homework. Waiting for his call. Still waiting. And still waiting. I finally cry myself to sleep. I wake up around 8 and at the same time he finally calls. 5 hours at the DMV really? =\ I am so upset I really am.

When i'm with your fuckin ass you want to hold me and not let me go. When I'm not you ignore the fuck outta me. Wtf is my problem?! Am I blind?! I must be. It's like you do the things you do with me just because I am there and have no one else to hold and shit. You're fuckin complicated! So much hatred toward you right now. You have no idea how bad I want to slap some senses into your fuckin head. Why do I put up with this? He says there's no one else. He says not to worry. Then one day he's hella rude to me ! Why last night did you pull me to kiss me? Just cuz I was sad so you can make me feel better? And leave me wondering and hoping?! Leave me with so much fuckin pain. And you said you did that because I was sad. Why would you do that kind of shit!? Fuckin UGH !

Now it's awkward in the house. I don't know how to act tomorrow. I'm terrified. I'm sad. I'm depressed. I'm angry. There's only one thing I can do...<3>

Monday, April 14, 2008

No School for Lex

So last night I got home from church and was going to go to Zoey's 23rd but Reg and Jonathan didn't want to go. We were iffy about it and we wanted to, then we didn't want to...then we wanted to...then we didn't haha. So Reg just picked me up and I stayed the night there. I woke up cuz Reg was leaving for work so I moved to the couch outside. It was around 11 I woke up again cuz jonathan was hovering over me cuz he wanted to watch tv. So we was watching TV hungry waiting for Joseph to get home. Joseph got home so mean and Jonathan went to go to IHOP. Reg met us there cuz it's right there near his work. Then we all left Reg went back to work Jonathan and I went home. I went back to sleep to wait for Reg to get home. I woke up cuz Reg woke up me and we just chilled until around 6 to start getting ready.

This whole damn weekend, Reggie would piss me off, then be nice, then piss me off, then be nice. ya know? Geezez. I fuckin hated it. He would belike OH WHY DOn'T YOU TALK TO THIS GUY HE CUTE BLAH BLAH like tryna push my ass away from him. So I would tell him how I felt and he's like no i'm just saying. When he would see me get mad then he would hold me hand, or hug me or pull me closer. Like wtf?! And when I give him that wth you think i'm gonna hold your hand just like that attitude he gets pissed off at me. WTF do you want from me? Don't get me wrong he convinces me that he still likes me yada yada. And of course my dumb ass gets happy again gettin hopes up -_-. Piece of Ass.

On the ride home right now I was upset about shit and he grabbed my hand. Tried making me look at him. He asked what's wrong. I said I don't know what to do. He started rubbing my leg and shit but I would push it away cuz I'm so confused. Then he started massaging my neck and playing with my hair. Then we get to my house and I say thank you and bye then he pulls me to kiss me. I had so many mixed emotions in that kiss. I grabbed my stuff in the back then I went to his side to kiss him again. But now I know, everything is going to go back to the way they were. Ignored calls, don't text back in the longest, saying he busy, blah blah. So I guess I'm used to it.

On the bright side. Meccamee practice was great today. Blocked all of AM Kidd, cleaned a lil bit of clumsy, ran Mix's dance, and yee ! We looking good. Our mix is sick! Geezez. Super excited. My golly. My knee started to bleed again. But I didn't care and kept dancing. So tiring this shit is. But i'm super excited ! May10th is wussup ! Get em MCME ! I love you guys hella !

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Oh Geez

So my lil cousin came out this whole week. I barely saw her cuz I had work and school and practice and all that good shit. But it was a good week with her there trying to keep me up so damn late haha. But let's see this week..Me and Aubrie took the car out and we went over to Reg's place cuz that niggah fell asleep lmao. So he opened the door and chill in the main room. I guess all three of them were awake. Aubrie thinks jonathan is cute by the way haha. So cute haha. So they all hungry so I went to get em food with Jonathan and Aubz. Aubrie payed what a nice girl. Geez. We let Aubrie drive from IHOP but fuckin omgah that bitch is crazy ahahha. Jonathan was like HELL NO GET OUT ! ahahah So he drove back. But we let her drive from the gate to the apartment. Ha. They were all eating blah blah. I told Reg I had practice at 10 so I had to leave but they were like nO! I'm like dude I'm gona have no sleep. So Reg just came home with me and Aubz so I could take the car out tomorrow. It was like 5 something when we got home and we all just knocked out. I didn't even hear my alarm but Chanelle woke me up by knockin on my door hella loud haha.

Meccamee is going well. Saturday, I went to practice at UNLV with Aubrie and Reg. I got to take the car out cuz Reg was there. We learned our Clumsy Piece...which is freakin ridiculous! Damn Ellis is a freakin beast. And we blocked Am Kidd...THat's going well. Practice tomorrow night at UNLV again. Yee. Less than a month till Battlefest get em! So Reg told me he'll go if I get him in for FREE. Lmao. So I said yee and he said ok I need 3 tickets. Two guys and one girl. I wasl ike ok ! And I'm like is one of them your date? He's like yessssss! So I was like hell I'm only gettin for yo bros and you. Lmao. Then he calls me and was like why!?? I'm like cause wth? lol. THen he's like I'm jk I wanna take the kids to watch you dance ! I'm like oh shit i'm fuckin moded hahaha. He said he wanted to take them to watch me dance on stage. What a nice boy. So I'm excited for that.

Yesterday night we went to Gj's kickback. Aubrie came along too. We all started drankin a bit and I just had a number of shots and a beer. I was koo. Ppl kept telling Aubrie to stop cuz you can tell she was like WHOOOOOO! But she insisted she was ok. So I'm like aight you're gonna learn from this then. So everyone had their eye on her. Jonathan pulled me outside to talk to me about something and then Bern comes outside and was like Lex some dude was all huggin Aubrie and shit..I was like wth? So I see Aubrie coming outside lookin for me and she told me what happened. So I told Jonathan to watch her and Bern showed me the dude who tried taking her upstairs. So time passes by and we all go inside and Bri was like look over there, he kissed her dude. I was like what? And I see that damn guy again trying to like kiss her and was hovering over her. I walk over there and I'm like wtf are you doing? He was all look she's passed out I just wanted to see if she was ok. I'm like don't fuckin lie. He's like I swear see now you're here you can help her blah blah. I'm like get the fuck outta here. So he leaves. And that Mexican lookin ass boy got me mad everytime I looked at him. So him and his friend went out to the back so I went too. I confronted him. I said to him did you try to kiss her? He's like no. I'm like bullshit don't fuckin lie to me, my friend saw and told me and she herself told me. So don't fuckin lie to me. He was like I'm not. I was lke do you know how old she is?? He's like yeah 15 i'm like no she's still 14 and how old are you? Fuckin 18 years old. You're fuckin sick in the head. And his boy was like ok he learned his lesson. Tha hail? I was like get outta here da fuck. So I just walked away and ppl asked me what happened and shit. And like everyone got involved yada yada. THat niggah finally left but he was like yelling in the house like I'm OUT ! I'm OUT ! FUck this ! blah blah. And like everyone tryna hold him back and shit. I saw Reggie tryna get involved and I didn't want him too cuz there was already enough fuckin people. Jonathan was at the door and once the door opened everyone ran outside. So I'm walking outside watching what is happening and I see Reggie Jonathan and Joseph and other ppl running after him or something. I was like wth?! So I see Reggie walking back and I'm like wtf are you doing? He's like he had a knife. I was like oh wth. So Aubrie is in the car crying and all of us were trying to comfort her. She kept trying to get out the car and I told Reg to help her get back in. Bri told me Karen thought I was mad at her for all this shit that went down and she was crying I was like OMG NOOO ! So I see Karen coming and she's crying. I'm like omg Karen don't even trip nothing is your fault. She's like lex I'm so sorry I know fam is important and you are like my fam too. She just kept apologizing. I was like i love you girl don't trip. No one is mad at you. Jonathan came and was telling her too nothing is her fault. Then Reg came over too and started talkin to her too. So finally Aubrie is calming down and Reg and I get in the car then she starts gettin mad. But she just talks so much she falls asleep and knocked out finally. We get home and Reg tells me to open the door. Then Chanelle is awake and she's like where's Aubrie? So I start tellin her the story and I hear them at the door. I open the door and Joseph, Jonathan, and Reg are carrying her in cuz she couldn't even walk. Chanelle helped her on the couch and she went back to sleep. I said Thank you to all three of them for helping her. Love those three.
Now I'm freakin sleepy and might go out for Zoey's 22nd tonight. Not sure. But yes yes yes. Gotta teach tomorrow and Tuesday. Good day everyone.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


I had work 10-2. Mother fucks. Fitting room the whole damn time. With everyone throwing all they clothes to me and having to sort them as fast as I can and more and more people just keep on coming! ahahahaha. That's why I hate workin fitting room. It's chill though. But I'm usually all by myself hahaha. So Reggie and Athan picked me up today. Fuckin Reggie's ass I wanna slap him. He was gonna get his hurr did @ that one spot. Sick as fuuuck. They do some crazy ass shit ha. But he didn't. Athan and I ate paninis and all of us had strawberry banana SHMOOTHIES ahaha. Then they both went to Wally World to get they hurr cut. After to the apartment so they can get ready. Reggie made my eyebrow hella bleed cuz we was slapping each other. Fuck cuz I wanted to hit him so damn hard. So I said come here and i'll fuckin slap yo ass. So he did and I slapped him shit. Then Athan was outside watching The Jacksons and I have nver seen that movie ! Now I want to watch it cuz it seemed so damn good. Aftuh I went home to say hi to my Uncle before I went out again. Then I left around 9ish with Reggie and Athan. We went to PH. Went to Urban. Justin met up. Reggie and Justin looked like a couple of gays walkin together haha. It was pretty funny. Then we left went to TS to meet up with Lo and them but they movie didn't start till like 10 & it was only 11. So we just went home. Then sleep. Good day yesterday. I feel great and less stressed. <3>

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Meccamee <3

Wow, Battlefest Vegas is coming in a freakin month! So stoked ! Ew stoked who the hail says that. Anywhooo! I just came home from fracticeeee and we did formations for Mix & Ester's dance. Good stuffz! That dance alone is freakin tiring. So I gotta finish my Ne-Yo piece to teach next week. My dance is so far so good I guess. Nothing like WOW AMAZING but I'm satisfied with it. Reggie always talks shit about my dances but I don't care! Let's see yo stiff ass dance boy! Mhm! Lmao. Anyways. May 10th is BfLv. YEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Um. Jeka girl is arriving that Thursday and is staying at my house for the weekend or whatever days she's staying. My Grandma on the other hand, eh I don't really want to talk about it. =\ Love you Gramz. I drove again today. Good stuff. I'm comfortable now thank goodness. Nothing really happened today. Except me getting mad at Reggie because he text me and he knows I be in practice so I check my phone aroudn 8 3oish and it says can you get a ride home I gotta do something at 9. Doesn't tell me wth he gotta do. So like I'm thinking he fuckin flaked on my ass ! Shit. Then I was like wth you gotta do?! He said sorry I gotta do something important. Like damn can he just tell me? And then I'm like stressin cuz I have no ride cuz I gotta leave earlier than everyone else. Then I'm dancing getting fuckin heated and I called him a jerk. lmao. And he calls and I tell Bern to call him back. And he says for me to stop being rude. He goes.." I'm a jerk? Ha! Fuck you then " yes lovely ha. But I come to find out his car ain't registered. SO WHY CAN'T YOU TELL ME THAT?! Lack of freakin communication. I would of understood? Tha haaaail? I always tell him, tell me wussup ! So I know what's going on and don't let the bitch outta lex ha. Enough of that though. I LOVE MECCAMEE ! I'm excited for this competition. Mac and Pretz showed up today. um next week I finish Ne-Yo. Ok so I'm sleepy. I will type latuhh ! Goodnight and God Bless!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Random Thoughts

So this is random. I just read my um I guess friends? blog haha, and saw one of her Uncle's passed away. I honestly cannot imagine a loss in my family. The way I was before, I wouldn't really talk to my family when I had time ya know? I had so much freetime years ago to make my relationships grow with them but I never took the chance. What was I thinking back then? I honestly have no idea. One of my wake up calls was when my grandma went to the hospital when I was with Reggie and Athan that one night. 2 weeks ago? I think. I started crying because I know I havn't talked to her as much as I can. I even know she is going through so much pain and she is very sick. And what do I do about it? Nothing...I should make an effort to call her, because you never know when someone's time is up =( I don't want to think like that but it's life. I'm terribly scared to lose someone. I want to live like there is no tomorrow. But it is so hard to do that. I guess I will make an effort and live that way. I live for HIM. No, not Reggie tha fack? Haha I live for Jesus Christ. Now, I need to start hanging out even more with my family than my friends on my free time because family will ALWAYS be there for you no matter what. They will never turn their back on you, or lie. Well the family i'm talking about wont.
Ok good day. God Bless you. God Bless the people with their losses. My sorrow and prayers go towards them.