Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Drivin in my Honda

So I took the Honda out today to see Reg, cuz I wanted to talk to him about shit. So first he all like um I might go somewhere. I'm like oh ok I guess. Then he goes wanna come?? I'm like um you want me to meet you? He's like No it's Ok. Like wtf? You just asked if I wanted to come?? Then he goes ok. I'm like wtf?! Then he's like go to your gangster friends house .I'm like wtf you talkin about?? He's like go. Then I'm like I just told you i was gonna visit you the hell? Then awhile later he goes ok then come ! Then he asks for me to buy him food. Fuckin stupid bitch. Anyways I go to Taco Bell for his ass, then I buy his food, then I was gonna stop somewhere right quick and he was like " Never mind I don't want it anymore" I'm like WTF?!?!?? THen I'm like so you have me drive here for fuckin nothing?! Buying your ass food. Then he like come then. So i get there. I'm like "come outside and get yo food..." So he comes. I give it to him. He bought to give me a kiss on the cheek or something but I backed away and he just walked off all mad. Idiot. Never fuckin again. Serious. :]

ok i'm on the phone with my bern baby. GOOD NIGHT ! Fuck yo bullshit Reg. Go find yourself a girl you can treat like shit with your rudeness !! Yeah? OK KOO ! haha. I'm so gay. Goodnight.

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