Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Late weekend

So my weeekend. I just had driver's ed as yallknow. And Saturday night Me and Jonathan went to GJ's. I picked him up around 12 ish after I was done with Groove. Just drank a lil. Weird shit going on that night haha. I drove him and I have no idea how I did. I just Thank God we m ade it alive geeez. But that night was pretty fun. I had to wake up at 9 in the morning for freakin driver's ed Sunday. Jonathan came with me so he could drive my car back. THank goodness for him. Appreciate you man ! Umm..went to GJ's after for a bit. Hung out with Karen. Reggie and Jonathan were passed out on the couches. Haha. But I left around 8. Came home and knocked OUT ! geeeeez. That was my weekend. I missed practice. But I learned everything. Ok hw time. Goody! Bye bye :]

SO my knee is healing. I don't know if I typed this before but doing the Clumsy Piece I tore the skin off my knee and I couldn't bend it ! But now the scab is off and it's really sensitive. But I can go on it if I have a kneepad now. Haha. But it still hurt ! OKIEE !! yessss !

update @ 10:38 pm.

So I just got home from buying Reggie food. Cuz I'm nice just a treat to Roberto's and that's about it. Anyways, I'm about to sleep. And I was going through some funny pictures. So i decide to put em up ! Haha.

hahahaha that's my sophomore year with my best friend Jonathan. Fuckin fatty as always geezez ahahaha.

Last years prom at SVHS. haha.Freakin gloomy in black and shit wthail is wrong with me haha.

awww cali. :( my dancers for lifeee. back in the day where I could barelly go out haha. Speechless forever. Guppy's in cerritos yummmm! Was it in cerritos? I don't even remember :[


sexy JT concert which we watched for FREE ! Cuz of one of the dancers :] Damn I love our hook ups on stuff !

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