Thursday, April 3, 2008

Meccamee <3

Wow, Battlefest Vegas is coming in a freakin month! So stoked ! Ew stoked who the hail says that. Anywhooo! I just came home from fracticeeee and we did formations for Mix & Ester's dance. Good stuffz! That dance alone is freakin tiring. So I gotta finish my Ne-Yo piece to teach next week. My dance is so far so good I guess. Nothing like WOW AMAZING but I'm satisfied with it. Reggie always talks shit about my dances but I don't care! Let's see yo stiff ass dance boy! Mhm! Lmao. Anyways. May 10th is BfLv. YEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Um. Jeka girl is arriving that Thursday and is staying at my house for the weekend or whatever days she's staying. My Grandma on the other hand, eh I don't really want to talk about it. =\ Love you Gramz. I drove again today. Good stuff. I'm comfortable now thank goodness. Nothing really happened today. Except me getting mad at Reggie because he text me and he knows I be in practice so I check my phone aroudn 8 3oish and it says can you get a ride home I gotta do something at 9. Doesn't tell me wth he gotta do. So like I'm thinking he fuckin flaked on my ass ! Shit. Then I was like wth you gotta do?! He said sorry I gotta do something important. Like damn can he just tell me? And then I'm like stressin cuz I have no ride cuz I gotta leave earlier than everyone else. Then I'm dancing getting fuckin heated and I called him a jerk. lmao. And he calls and I tell Bern to call him back. And he says for me to stop being rude. He goes.." I'm a jerk? Ha! Fuck you then " yes lovely ha. But I come to find out his car ain't registered. SO WHY CAN'T YOU TELL ME THAT?! Lack of freakin communication. I would of understood? Tha haaaail? I always tell him, tell me wussup ! So I know what's going on and don't let the bitch outta lex ha. Enough of that though. I LOVE MECCAMEE ! I'm excited for this competition. Mac and Pretz showed up today. um next week I finish Ne-Yo. Ok so I'm sleepy. I will type latuhh ! Goodnight and God Bless!

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