Monday, April 21, 2008


Hello. Haha. So I completed my driver's fuckin ed ! Now I can get my license YIPEEE ! Bern baby got her license today and it's her birfday today ! I love you Bernadeth Verzosa! We sang Happy Birthday to her at practice haha. Crazy girl. But meccamee progress is going great. Just Smile like Jay says haha :] Umm. Battlefest like 3 mutha futchin weeks ! GET EM !!!!

So got into argument today with family. So much shit going down. Feelings hurt, crying, blah blah. Long story short, might get kicked out. Not KICKED OUT but like they gotta let me go so they don't have to stress and worry about me. They have their son to take care of. But Reggie said he was there to help after crying to his ass hhaah fuckin lexi you're an idiot. He said maybe they'd find a bigger place 3 rooms so I can stay with them. In my own damn room damnit. But i'm not really agreeing 100% cuz um it's Reggie. Even though i'd hella want to. But Jay was like we have an extra room...and he's willing to take me in. I have people wanting to take me in and willing to help me. Thank goodness for those great friends. But I need to GET A BIG STRAW AND SUCK UP THE DRAMA AND THE BULLSHIT IN LIFE. It happens lexi shit girl suck it up and be a woMAN! Haha. I can do it. I just need some motivation and encouragement honestly. Then i'll be good. :]

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