Monday, April 14, 2008

No School for Lex

So last night I got home from church and was going to go to Zoey's 23rd but Reg and Jonathan didn't want to go. We were iffy about it and we wanted to, then we didn't want to...then we wanted to...then we didn't haha. So Reg just picked me up and I stayed the night there. I woke up cuz Reg was leaving for work so I moved to the couch outside. It was around 11 I woke up again cuz jonathan was hovering over me cuz he wanted to watch tv. So we was watching TV hungry waiting for Joseph to get home. Joseph got home so mean and Jonathan went to go to IHOP. Reg met us there cuz it's right there near his work. Then we all left Reg went back to work Jonathan and I went home. I went back to sleep to wait for Reg to get home. I woke up cuz Reg woke up me and we just chilled until around 6 to start getting ready.

This whole damn weekend, Reggie would piss me off, then be nice, then piss me off, then be nice. ya know? Geezez. I fuckin hated it. He would belike OH WHY DOn'T YOU TALK TO THIS GUY HE CUTE BLAH BLAH like tryna push my ass away from him. So I would tell him how I felt and he's like no i'm just saying. When he would see me get mad then he would hold me hand, or hug me or pull me closer. Like wtf?! And when I give him that wth you think i'm gonna hold your hand just like that attitude he gets pissed off at me. WTF do you want from me? Don't get me wrong he convinces me that he still likes me yada yada. And of course my dumb ass gets happy again gettin hopes up -_-. Piece of Ass.

On the ride home right now I was upset about shit and he grabbed my hand. Tried making me look at him. He asked what's wrong. I said I don't know what to do. He started rubbing my leg and shit but I would push it away cuz I'm so confused. Then he started massaging my neck and playing with my hair. Then we get to my house and I say thank you and bye then he pulls me to kiss me. I had so many mixed emotions in that kiss. I grabbed my stuff in the back then I went to his side to kiss him again. But now I know, everything is going to go back to the way they were. Ignored calls, don't text back in the longest, saying he busy, blah blah. So I guess I'm used to it.

On the bright side. Meccamee practice was great today. Blocked all of AM Kidd, cleaned a lil bit of clumsy, ran Mix's dance, and yee ! We looking good. Our mix is sick! Geezez. Super excited. My golly. My knee started to bleed again. But I didn't care and kept dancing. So tiring this shit is. But i'm super excited ! May10th is wussup ! Get em MCME ! I love you guys hella !

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