Sunday, April 13, 2008

Oh Geez

So my lil cousin came out this whole week. I barely saw her cuz I had work and school and practice and all that good shit. But it was a good week with her there trying to keep me up so damn late haha. But let's see this week..Me and Aubrie took the car out and we went over to Reg's place cuz that niggah fell asleep lmao. So he opened the door and chill in the main room. I guess all three of them were awake. Aubrie thinks jonathan is cute by the way haha. So cute haha. So they all hungry so I went to get em food with Jonathan and Aubz. Aubrie payed what a nice girl. Geez. We let Aubrie drive from IHOP but fuckin omgah that bitch is crazy ahahha. Jonathan was like HELL NO GET OUT ! ahahah So he drove back. But we let her drive from the gate to the apartment. Ha. They were all eating blah blah. I told Reg I had practice at 10 so I had to leave but they were like nO! I'm like dude I'm gona have no sleep. So Reg just came home with me and Aubz so I could take the car out tomorrow. It was like 5 something when we got home and we all just knocked out. I didn't even hear my alarm but Chanelle woke me up by knockin on my door hella loud haha.

Meccamee is going well. Saturday, I went to practice at UNLV with Aubrie and Reg. I got to take the car out cuz Reg was there. We learned our Clumsy Piece...which is freakin ridiculous! Damn Ellis is a freakin beast. And we blocked Am Kidd...THat's going well. Practice tomorrow night at UNLV again. Yee. Less than a month till Battlefest get em! So Reg told me he'll go if I get him in for FREE. Lmao. So I said yee and he said ok I need 3 tickets. Two guys and one girl. I wasl ike ok ! And I'm like is one of them your date? He's like yessssss! So I was like hell I'm only gettin for yo bros and you. Lmao. Then he calls me and was like why!?? I'm like cause wth? lol. THen he's like I'm jk I wanna take the kids to watch you dance ! I'm like oh shit i'm fuckin moded hahaha. He said he wanted to take them to watch me dance on stage. What a nice boy. So I'm excited for that.

Yesterday night we went to Gj's kickback. Aubrie came along too. We all started drankin a bit and I just had a number of shots and a beer. I was koo. Ppl kept telling Aubrie to stop cuz you can tell she was like WHOOOOOO! But she insisted she was ok. So I'm like aight you're gonna learn from this then. So everyone had their eye on her. Jonathan pulled me outside to talk to me about something and then Bern comes outside and was like Lex some dude was all huggin Aubrie and shit..I was like wth? So I see Aubrie coming outside lookin for me and she told me what happened. So I told Jonathan to watch her and Bern showed me the dude who tried taking her upstairs. So time passes by and we all go inside and Bri was like look over there, he kissed her dude. I was like what? And I see that damn guy again trying to like kiss her and was hovering over her. I walk over there and I'm like wtf are you doing? He was all look she's passed out I just wanted to see if she was ok. I'm like don't fuckin lie. He's like I swear see now you're here you can help her blah blah. I'm like get the fuck outta here. So he leaves. And that Mexican lookin ass boy got me mad everytime I looked at him. So him and his friend went out to the back so I went too. I confronted him. I said to him did you try to kiss her? He's like no. I'm like bullshit don't fuckin lie to me, my friend saw and told me and she herself told me. So don't fuckin lie to me. He was like I'm not. I was lke do you know how old she is?? He's like yeah 15 i'm like no she's still 14 and how old are you? Fuckin 18 years old. You're fuckin sick in the head. And his boy was like ok he learned his lesson. Tha hail? I was like get outta here da fuck. So I just walked away and ppl asked me what happened and shit. And like everyone got involved yada yada. THat niggah finally left but he was like yelling in the house like I'm OUT ! I'm OUT ! FUck this ! blah blah. And like everyone tryna hold him back and shit. I saw Reggie tryna get involved and I didn't want him too cuz there was already enough fuckin people. Jonathan was at the door and once the door opened everyone ran outside. So I'm walking outside watching what is happening and I see Reggie Jonathan and Joseph and other ppl running after him or something. I was like wth?! So I see Reggie walking back and I'm like wtf are you doing? He's like he had a knife. I was like oh wth. So Aubrie is in the car crying and all of us were trying to comfort her. She kept trying to get out the car and I told Reg to help her get back in. Bri told me Karen thought I was mad at her for all this shit that went down and she was crying I was like OMG NOOO ! So I see Karen coming and she's crying. I'm like omg Karen don't even trip nothing is your fault. She's like lex I'm so sorry I know fam is important and you are like my fam too. She just kept apologizing. I was like i love you girl don't trip. No one is mad at you. Jonathan came and was telling her too nothing is her fault. Then Reg came over too and started talkin to her too. So finally Aubrie is calming down and Reg and I get in the car then she starts gettin mad. But she just talks so much she falls asleep and knocked out finally. We get home and Reg tells me to open the door. Then Chanelle is awake and she's like where's Aubrie? So I start tellin her the story and I hear them at the door. I open the door and Joseph, Jonathan, and Reg are carrying her in cuz she couldn't even walk. Chanelle helped her on the couch and she went back to sleep. I said Thank you to all three of them for helping her. Love those three.
Now I'm freakin sleepy and might go out for Zoey's 22nd tonight. Not sure. But yes yes yes. Gotta teach tomorrow and Tuesday. Good day everyone.

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