Monday, April 28, 2008


So practice today was pretty frustrating for me I guess. The things that frustrate me is when we spend like an hour on a lil 2 8 count part. hahaha. Geez Lexi needs to freakin calm down. But I'm glad Battlefest is next weekend! Omgah fuckin next week ! HOLY CAcA ! Hell week starts on Thursday! GAHHH ! Time to sneak out for practices lmao. Everyday 7-WHO KNOWS?! haha! WEEEEEAK !!!

So Mico is helping me come up with my beautiful sleeve on my fore arm! Omgaaah I can't wait to be tatted up! SON! Haha what a gay I am. I know i want some flowers, maybe a pin up model, an elephant for my lovely gramz, and IDK ! Something that shows WOMEN ARE THE FUCKIN SHIT! Not cute, but feminine and HARD. Man, I'm excited cuz I'm really thinking hard about this one. YEE!

Um let's see. Nothing else to really type. Nothing new. UMM. I'm trying to schedule my hair appt sometime this week. Cuz I really needz it! AHH ! Ok I'm about to sleep and call my Bernadeth for our late night talks about shit and of course our favorite our COUNT DOWN TO BATTLEFEST hahahaha. We are so gay. But meccamee.. I LOVE YOU GUYS ! I started filming practice and I made us a YOUTUBE ! Yay ! So look out for that ! LETS SURPRISE EvERYONE ! But let's just dance as a team with love ! Goodnight bitchesss YOY YOYOYOYO ! ahhahaa

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