Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Random Thoughts

So this is random. I just read my um I guess friends? blog haha, and saw one of her Uncle's passed away. I honestly cannot imagine a loss in my family. The way I was before, I wouldn't really talk to my family when I had time ya know? I had so much freetime years ago to make my relationships grow with them but I never took the chance. What was I thinking back then? I honestly have no idea. One of my wake up calls was when my grandma went to the hospital when I was with Reggie and Athan that one night. 2 weeks ago? I think. I started crying because I know I havn't talked to her as much as I can. I even know she is going through so much pain and she is very sick. And what do I do about it? Nothing...I should make an effort to call her, because you never know when someone's time is up =( I don't want to think like that but it's life. I'm terribly scared to lose someone. I want to live like there is no tomorrow. But it is so hard to do that. I guess I will make an effort and live that way. I live for HIM. No, not Reggie tha fack? Haha I live for Jesus Christ. Now, I need to start hanging out even more with my family than my friends on my free time because family will ALWAYS be there for you no matter what. They will never turn their back on you, or lie. Well the family i'm talking about wont.
Ok good day. God Bless you. God Bless the people with their losses. My sorrow and prayers go towards them.

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  1. Thank you girl. It means a lot to me, my mom, and the rest of the family.

    And I know everything has been so.. weirded out/whack lately... Sort of sorry about that. But honestly, it isn't by choice. Things just happen, whether we like it to or not. Let it be lessons learned, time to heal, time to grow.

    I'm glad you enjoyed your retreat. I remember going to mine... wow, 4 years ago around this time of year, a few months after I met Reggie also. What a coincidence. But the retreat... definitely life changing and one of the most amazing things I've been to in my life. It sort of helped become who I am today 'cause it helped me put things into perspective. Whatever life throws at you, take it head on and deal with it. And I assure you, He will give you strength you need. You're strong enough anyways.

    Well anyways.. thanks again. You take care, okay?

    - Erika