Sunday, April 27, 2008


So my weekend was whatevs! Haha. Friday night slept at Reggie's place. Jonathan took me to practice. He picked me up, and we were almost home when he goes "WTF!" and i look at him and he's looking on his pants and there's a fuckin bee chillen there. AHAHAHAHAHA. holycaca ! I was dying of laughter! Hahahaha. He's like " STFU Lex! It's not funny ! " but his ass is laughing ahhaahhaha. Anyways, we get home and me and him are BORED out of our minds. Hahah we just laying there like WTF to do. So i call up Jay and see if he can give me a ride, then he said to call Christian. So christian picked me up to go to *Groove. Christian, Ej, and JR were there and we all went to Jays house. THen on our way to *groove. After *groove we went to Sushi Factory. Then I went home to get the car so i can drive to GJ's. Ej came with me and we got there around 12 3o ish? Hella ppl there. Drank up of course. I made out with Bri wth ahahahahaha. Reggie was hella close watcihng kept forcing us to make out. Nasty. Then Bri was like just do it ! make Reggie jealous ! And I could feel Reggie tryna come in and I kept pushing his face away. He goes " yall wanna threesome?!" Hell fuckin no nasty ass. Hahaha. I made out with Reggie too cuz I was buzzin. His ass was drunk. Hahahaha. Right in front of everyone pretty funny. But yeah taht night was random. So much random shit hahahahaa. Oh my geee. Lo and his weird ass. Jackie dancing on everyone. Hahahah ! Geezez ! What a night ! So fun though I had much fun.

Today was just chillen with Reggie and the kids teaching Reggie how to dance and eating. Niggah is stiff. Jonathan came over. And me and Jonathan went to church ahahhahahaahaha. I owe that niggah biggggggggggggggggggggggggggg time! HAHHAHAAHHA. so funny ! Love that niggah. Ok im on the phone. Ill type latuhh !

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