Sunday, April 6, 2008


I had work 10-2. Mother fucks. Fitting room the whole damn time. With everyone throwing all they clothes to me and having to sort them as fast as I can and more and more people just keep on coming! ahahahaha. That's why I hate workin fitting room. It's chill though. But I'm usually all by myself hahaha. So Reggie and Athan picked me up today. Fuckin Reggie's ass I wanna slap him. He was gonna get his hurr did @ that one spot. Sick as fuuuck. They do some crazy ass shit ha. But he didn't. Athan and I ate paninis and all of us had strawberry banana SHMOOTHIES ahaha. Then they both went to Wally World to get they hurr cut. After to the apartment so they can get ready. Reggie made my eyebrow hella bleed cuz we was slapping each other. Fuck cuz I wanted to hit him so damn hard. So I said come here and i'll fuckin slap yo ass. So he did and I slapped him shit. Then Athan was outside watching The Jacksons and I have nver seen that movie ! Now I want to watch it cuz it seemed so damn good. Aftuh I went home to say hi to my Uncle before I went out again. Then I left around 9ish with Reggie and Athan. We went to PH. Went to Urban. Justin met up. Reggie and Justin looked like a couple of gays walkin together haha. It was pretty funny. Then we left went to TS to meet up with Lo and them but they movie didn't start till like 10 & it was only 11. So we just went home. Then sleep. Good day yesterday. I feel great and less stressed. <3>

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