Friday, May 30, 2008

One Last Cry..

Before I let you go fully. Just want to say, I can't wait till you get caught up. What girl do you want? huh? Don't go hurting her like you hurt me. Don't say I'm making shit up cuz I KNOW what I'm talkin about. All your games need to stop with these girls seriously. And you know what i'm talking about homeboy. Don't act like you committed to one girl cuz you AINT. Have a nice life. I wish I never met you or fell in love with you. Call me fucked up? I don't care. Bye.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

You Know What

You know what. If you two work it out good for you. When I get over this shit I will be so proud of myself. I can't wait for that day. No hatred against her. Just against him. Tellin me not to worry and that he doesn't like her. Tellin me there's no other girls blah blah. Yet you still do things with me. Mhm. Don't deny that shit boy. Tellin me I had my chance. Fine ok I had my chance. And I feel like i'm your fuckin rebound chick. Crying to me that you didn't want karma to get you. Bullshit niggah. Broke up with me cuz I fell asleep next to a niggah. Yeah I understand I would get upset but I didn't do anything but fall asleep cuz I was drunk. Didn't touch him. Didn't kiss him. Just fell asleep. I didn't know his arm was around me cuz I was SLEEPING. You said I cheated. Go ahead and call that cheating. Saying I check out guys too much. When I have people telling me you are a fuckin girl fanatic. Wont shut up about them. There are other fishes in the sea. I wont notice it now but they will come. You ain't even worth my time anymore. You will never change hun. You may have changed for a BIT, but your true colors will come back out. You told me you don't wanna talk to me anymore cuz you like her. Ok good for you, so if you like her you gotta do shit with me? MHM. I ain't bullshittin bout that one. What about that one time last week when your friends came over and you cornered me in the bathroom huh? YUP ! mk I'm done. Be mad at me. Go ahead. I don't give a fuck. Bye.

jonnys rod (5:31:04 PM): Dear lexi,
jonnys rod (5:31:10 PM): I'm sorry I couldn't help you.
jonnys rod (5:31:16 PM): I love you very much.
jonnys rod (5:31:26 PM): Know that you're a wonderful girl.
jonnys rod (5:31:37 PM): And the guy that ends up with you is going to be one lucky guy
jonnys rod (5:31:56 PM): I'm sure it hurts
jonnys rod (5:32:10 PM): So itd be silly of me to tell you not to let him get to you.
jonnys rod (5:33:05 PM): I love you tons and tons and tons
jonnys rod (5:33:10 PM): Like you don't even know

Oakland this weekend !

AHH ! OAKLAND ! Fuck I'm super excited ! YEE ! Haha. I already know majority of us are going to get fucked up like no other. Haha. Well yeah! practice tonight at SMASH and shit. Then tomorrow we leave ! is almost over. Yipee! June 12th is the big day ! Class of 08 son ! Finally !

Yeah you. AGAIN YOU. He kisses me and hugs me sometimes like the way he used to. I always tell myself " he thinks he can get some anytime he wants." he's the type where he KNOWS he's cute. So gross. Always tells me to come over when he's at his moms. Blah blah. You know the deal already yall. I'm glad you could move on but call me if you need something or want some "attention." My fault on that part. Lexi when the hell are you gonna learn. But yeah it's fuckin hard when you are so in love. When he says he loves me back it just makes my day. Oh well.

This trip is trip worth going to get my mind off EVERYTHING that exists in vegas hahaha. Well except my Meccamee haha. But I love them dearly ! AHH ! BAY HERE WE COME ! I'm so stoked ! So fuckin happy!!! I'm just not excited for that drive damnit haha.

My Family...

Monday, May 19, 2008

so hello !

Ah doing my research paper and I'm getting sleepy ! But Oakland this weekend with Meccamee! Get Em ! HAHAH! But Ok just wanted to update a lil on NOTHING haha. BUt this Yours Truly 07 08 line is cuteeee :]

haha yeah.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Everytime I See You

AH ! It's super hot in vegas. But yeah this past weekend I met Chris and Mike, Jonathan and Reggies friends. Hella nice and welcoming. So funny too I loved it. Need more people like that around here. But yeah we all crashed at the mommas house after GJ's. Woke up went to buy oysters and ribs. We BBQued and little ones swam. I wanted to swim but I had my show damnit. But yeah. OAKLAND THIS SAT ! oh yay. Get outta this Vegas bullshit. But overall weekend was random and chill. I love my new friends. Geezez. Haha. Ok I'm going next door now. Bye Bye

Monday, May 12, 2008

Battlefest Vegas Weekend.

Where to start?! WOW! First place? Is this real? Vegas be coming up for reals ! No joke! Also congratz to FormLV for taking 3rd and 220 for taking 2nd!

Ok Meccamee here I go. When I first started dancing with you guys, I felt left out because all of you guys were already a "family." To me it felt kind of hard to bond with you guys last year. It was like I just came to practice, danced, and left. Then performed a couple of times and yeah I had much fun and enjoyed what we all accomplished but I just didn't feel right. Then I left you guys. To join Hi-Fi. Yeah those are my ladies but I know it was messed up to just up and leave you guys like that. I deeply apologize AGAIN. But you guys know the Hi-Fi situation blah blah. Love those girls to death though nothing against ANYONE from EKETC. But then I asked to join the team again this year a couple months ago, and you guys took me right in. WIth open arms. I felt like I started dancing with a whole NEW team. IN A GOOD WAY haha. Like i knew who all of you were already, and I felt more comfortable with you guys. I love you guys so much. You guys are different than the other teams out here in vegas from what I see. But yes, this is my opinion Vegas please don't take it the wrong way. But Meccamee, when I dance with you guys at practice, we a family with nothing but LOVE. When I hang out with you guys out of practice, STILL nothing but love. When we dance on stage together, we have the strongest muhhhfuckin vibe EVER! There's no one who hates anyone on the team. Everyone gets along. Everyone is supportive and hella loving. No drama! MAN ! How I'm glad I could see that. I respect you guys for that. Always a good vibe in the rooms we are in together. But damn, us together as a team, we fuckin KILL ! We're fuckin hard! Damn vegas wussup?! We bringing vegas somewhere for reals. I'm glad to say that i'm apart of this with you guys. I thank you guys for letting me back in. For letting me have this opportunity to take this competition with yall ! haha whoo hoo first ! But honestly, it isn't just about winning. It's about US and the love we have for each other. I'm just glad we shared those 6 minutes on stage enjoying what we love. Enough before I start typing a whole novel. I love you guys for reals.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

3 days

omg the countdown continues ! SO OK ! I hurt my knee again tonight at practice sucks. But PDC coming tomorrow to our practice ! YEE ! Excited! We got our shirts and I bought my jeans !

So I had lunch before practice with Mics! My fav person to have conversations about random shit! We can always be talking ! But we went to Bells to buy my black jeans for MCME. Then to CHIPOTLE! YUM! My first time there ! And we got Trop Smoothies! YUMMIERR! hahahha. I really enjoy hanging out with him. Makes my days brighter! He also took me to practice. What a good friend! Haha. But yeah. Tomorrow I heard they planning on staying till 3 in the morning. Oh hell. Sneaking out time =\. JK ! hahaha. Or am I? Well I am going to fiddle with my outfit for saturday to make it look cool.

anjo1ee : hola...just wana say hi haven't seen u in forever
anjo1ee : hope errthang's good out in sin city
anjo1ee : being a good girl!
anjo1ee : haha
anjo1ee : k love u lex
anjo1ee : byeee

Aw I miss her. :]

Saturday, May 3, 2008

one mother futchin week!

title is self-explainatory!!!!

We had practice yesterday and most of the time Jaymazing and fabELLIS weren't there! SOOOOOOOO we just learned shit we didn't know blah blah. I sat like more than half of the practice. We practiced in the parking structure. So yeah. But today is fractice 4-10 and Ellis' house! WTFUTCH! okieee that's it. BYEEEEE

Thursday, May 1, 2008

9 days

9 futchin days till Battlefest!!! OMG ! So today Reggie called and asked if I wanted to go with him to the outlets to buy his damn errrangs! To stretch that out to a 0 i think? haha So he buys it we get in the car and he stretches it. Oh my geeez th emost hilarious thing. Reggie in pain. Made joy in my day ahahahhah ! He was like screaming and his face was freakin hilarious. I was just staring in amazement haha. He was hella shaking. What an idiot. It's all ugly now lol. His ear looks disgusting. Anyways went to practice. We learned transition and learned our opener! It's pretty sick ! I loves it. That's like the piece I for sure wanted to be in. Well duh it's our opener ahahah. But I love it. Chill, groovy, sick, ELLIS! haha. So Hell week is this whole week started tonight. WOW amazing one week?! WTFUTCH ! I already know it's gonna be hard work and stressing ! Of course. I'm super excited. I'm ready to kill kill kill! Work em facials! HAHAAH ew I look so ugly when I dance for reals ahahaha. But ok I'm going to get some sleep ! GOODNIGHT ! OMGAH ONE WEEK ! I GET TO SEE THEM CALI HEADS TOO ! yeeeee !!!!