Wednesday, May 7, 2008

3 days

omg the countdown continues ! SO OK ! I hurt my knee again tonight at practice sucks. But PDC coming tomorrow to our practice ! YEE ! Excited! We got our shirts and I bought my jeans !

So I had lunch before practice with Mics! My fav person to have conversations about random shit! We can always be talking ! But we went to Bells to buy my black jeans for MCME. Then to CHIPOTLE! YUM! My first time there ! And we got Trop Smoothies! YUMMIERR! hahahha. I really enjoy hanging out with him. Makes my days brighter! He also took me to practice. What a good friend! Haha. But yeah. Tomorrow I heard they planning on staying till 3 in the morning. Oh hell. Sneaking out time =\. JK ! hahaha. Or am I? Well I am going to fiddle with my outfit for saturday to make it look cool.

anjo1ee : hola...just wana say hi haven't seen u in forever
anjo1ee : hope errthang's good out in sin city
anjo1ee : being a good girl!
anjo1ee : haha
anjo1ee : k love u lex
anjo1ee : byeee

Aw I miss her. :]

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