Thursday, May 1, 2008

9 days

9 futchin days till Battlefest!!! OMG ! So today Reggie called and asked if I wanted to go with him to the outlets to buy his damn errrangs! To stretch that out to a 0 i think? haha So he buys it we get in the car and he stretches it. Oh my geeez th emost hilarious thing. Reggie in pain. Made joy in my day ahahahhah ! He was like screaming and his face was freakin hilarious. I was just staring in amazement haha. He was hella shaking. What an idiot. It's all ugly now lol. His ear looks disgusting. Anyways went to practice. We learned transition and learned our opener! It's pretty sick ! I loves it. That's like the piece I for sure wanted to be in. Well duh it's our opener ahahah. But I love it. Chill, groovy, sick, ELLIS! haha. So Hell week is this whole week started tonight. WOW amazing one week?! WTFUTCH ! I already know it's gonna be hard work and stressing ! Of course. I'm super excited. I'm ready to kill kill kill! Work em facials! HAHAAH ew I look so ugly when I dance for reals ahahaha. But ok I'm going to get some sleep ! GOODNIGHT ! OMGAH ONE WEEK ! I GET TO SEE THEM CALI HEADS TOO ! yeeeee !!!!

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