Monday, May 12, 2008

Battlefest Vegas Weekend.

Where to start?! WOW! First place? Is this real? Vegas be coming up for reals ! No joke! Also congratz to FormLV for taking 3rd and 220 for taking 2nd!

Ok Meccamee here I go. When I first started dancing with you guys, I felt left out because all of you guys were already a "family." To me it felt kind of hard to bond with you guys last year. It was like I just came to practice, danced, and left. Then performed a couple of times and yeah I had much fun and enjoyed what we all accomplished but I just didn't feel right. Then I left you guys. To join Hi-Fi. Yeah those are my ladies but I know it was messed up to just up and leave you guys like that. I deeply apologize AGAIN. But you guys know the Hi-Fi situation blah blah. Love those girls to death though nothing against ANYONE from EKETC. But then I asked to join the team again this year a couple months ago, and you guys took me right in. WIth open arms. I felt like I started dancing with a whole NEW team. IN A GOOD WAY haha. Like i knew who all of you were already, and I felt more comfortable with you guys. I love you guys so much. You guys are different than the other teams out here in vegas from what I see. But yes, this is my opinion Vegas please don't take it the wrong way. But Meccamee, when I dance with you guys at practice, we a family with nothing but LOVE. When I hang out with you guys out of practice, STILL nothing but love. When we dance on stage together, we have the strongest muhhhfuckin vibe EVER! There's no one who hates anyone on the team. Everyone gets along. Everyone is supportive and hella loving. No drama! MAN ! How I'm glad I could see that. I respect you guys for that. Always a good vibe in the rooms we are in together. But damn, us together as a team, we fuckin KILL ! We're fuckin hard! Damn vegas wussup?! We bringing vegas somewhere for reals. I'm glad to say that i'm apart of this with you guys. I thank you guys for letting me back in. For letting me have this opportunity to take this competition with yall ! haha whoo hoo first ! But honestly, it isn't just about winning. It's about US and the love we have for each other. I'm just glad we shared those 6 minutes on stage enjoying what we love. Enough before I start typing a whole novel. I love you guys for reals.

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