Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oakland this weekend !

AHH ! OAKLAND ! Fuck I'm super excited ! YEE ! Haha. I already know majority of us are going to get fucked up like no other. Haha. Well yeah! practice tonight at SMASH and shit. Then tomorrow we leave ! is almost over. Yipee! June 12th is the big day ! Class of 08 son ! Finally !

Yeah you. AGAIN YOU. He kisses me and hugs me sometimes like the way he used to. I always tell myself " he thinks he can get some anytime he wants." he's the type where he KNOWS he's cute. So gross. Always tells me to come over when he's at his moms. Blah blah. You know the deal already yall. I'm glad you could move on but call me if you need something or want some "attention." My fault on that part. Lexi when the hell are you gonna learn. But yeah it's fuckin hard when you are so in love. When he says he loves me back it just makes my day. Oh well.

This trip is trip worth going to get my mind off EVERYTHING that exists in vegas hahaha. Well except my Meccamee haha. But I love them dearly ! AHH ! BAY HERE WE COME ! I'm so stoked ! So fuckin happy!!! I'm just not excited for that drive damnit haha.

My Family...

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