Thursday, May 22, 2008

You Know What

You know what. If you two work it out good for you. When I get over this shit I will be so proud of myself. I can't wait for that day. No hatred against her. Just against him. Tellin me not to worry and that he doesn't like her. Tellin me there's no other girls blah blah. Yet you still do things with me. Mhm. Don't deny that shit boy. Tellin me I had my chance. Fine ok I had my chance. And I feel like i'm your fuckin rebound chick. Crying to me that you didn't want karma to get you. Bullshit niggah. Broke up with me cuz I fell asleep next to a niggah. Yeah I understand I would get upset but I didn't do anything but fall asleep cuz I was drunk. Didn't touch him. Didn't kiss him. Just fell asleep. I didn't know his arm was around me cuz I was SLEEPING. You said I cheated. Go ahead and call that cheating. Saying I check out guys too much. When I have people telling me you are a fuckin girl fanatic. Wont shut up about them. There are other fishes in the sea. I wont notice it now but they will come. You ain't even worth my time anymore. You will never change hun. You may have changed for a BIT, but your true colors will come back out. You told me you don't wanna talk to me anymore cuz you like her. Ok good for you, so if you like her you gotta do shit with me? MHM. I ain't bullshittin bout that one. What about that one time last week when your friends came over and you cornered me in the bathroom huh? YUP ! mk I'm done. Be mad at me. Go ahead. I don't give a fuck. Bye.

jonnys rod (5:31:04 PM): Dear lexi,
jonnys rod (5:31:10 PM): I'm sorry I couldn't help you.
jonnys rod (5:31:16 PM): I love you very much.
jonnys rod (5:31:26 PM): Know that you're a wonderful girl.
jonnys rod (5:31:37 PM): And the guy that ends up with you is going to be one lucky guy
jonnys rod (5:31:56 PM): I'm sure it hurts
jonnys rod (5:32:10 PM): So itd be silly of me to tell you not to let him get to you.
jonnys rod (5:33:05 PM): I love you tons and tons and tons
jonnys rod (5:33:10 PM): Like you don't even know

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