Monday, June 30, 2008

Open House

Can you say interesting weeken?! HAHHA. Oh geeeezez. Friday, gallavanted around with Reggie to PH. Left him accidently cuz of miscommunication, then picked him back up at in-n-out where we ate. Haha my bad Reg. THEN had to go home to get his shit from mom's. Then I dropped him off at the apartment. Then he calls me asking how far I was if I can pick up bro from work. Then I told him I'll call Thug, then she said she would, then Reg asks if I can pick me up, but I said Thug was on the way. Then Bro calls me and asks where Reg was and if he's gonna pick me up, then I said i would, but he wanted Reg to. AND it was a whole bunch of confusing shit ! GEEZEZ. Haha so I ended up following Reg to give bro the car, then took Reg home again. Then I went home cuz I had open house and ppl were coming over. Thug was already at my house with Daffi and Aldrin. So it was Thug, Daff, Aldrin, Johne, Lo, Jayce, Bro, Jackie ,and Justin just dranking at my house. We were supposed to go ghost hunting again, but no one was sober enough to driveeeee. Haha so yeah. INTERESTING NIGHT. That's all I'm going to say hahahahahah !

Woke up to Bro waking me up at like 10 in the morning ! OMGAH stop doing that please, he always wakes me up. walking into my room and shit. Reg left to the bay that morning. So justin thug and him crashed at my house that night...Thug felt like shit in the morning, so me bro and justin went to go eat at IHOP. Then went home, I got ready, Justin left, then the three of us amigos went to the mall to buy my vans and I bought jeans. Then we went to eat at chili's. Lo met us up then all four of us went to watch Wanted. Sick ass fuckin movie. That joint was hard. Then after, back to my house for another random night. Just drank a lil and ya same ol shit.

Sunday, wth did I do... UMM.. ate pho with Thug and bro. After went to the apartment and I knocked out sick there. hung out with bro after Thug left, I was walking down the street to the car and I saw Mom outside the house, she asked where me and Jonathan were going, so I went up to say hi to her and I told her we were going out to eat. Then she asked why don't we just eat here. So I told Jonathan why don't we eat here? So we ate at his mom'shouse.GOOOOD FOOOD geeeesh. =) Hung out for a bit then left. Went to forum shops. He wanted to be a burBERRY (haha) belt but he didn't even buy. Yup, after Emma hit me up for a party for this girls going away party. Haha old ppl there and shit ! HAHA. But hung out with Pope, Emma, Kristian, Mac and Bro. Met new people. We all went to South Point for breakfast =) It was like 2ish. Bro was pretty much drunk so I was driving. Mico wrote all over my arm and shieeet. Food was good =) 3 bux. YUMMM. Haha. Then went home!

ahhh Today, just watched EJ while Chanelle had her meeting. FUSSY ASS BABY TODAY. Haha. It's ok he still cute. So yeah, I have to watch him again tomorrow from like 1-6ish. Hey at least ill get paid for it?! Hmph. OK good weekend though. YEE !!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Cali tomorrow ! Just for a day =) Haha. Me & Mics roadtrip ! Then open house babies. So hm! My past days were random. Stayed home two nights ago and had war with Mico. Justin and I were crackin up at Mic's vid haha. " ON THE EVENING ! AHH ! " hahahahaha. I was dying. Then yesterday went out with the gay and bought him din din. Outback YUMMMM =) Then watched 10,000 B.C. with Jonathan. AHH ! =) Muahaha. I love this shit HAHAH. Ok i'll stop umm. Reggie is going to cali this weekend too ! HAVE FUN FAG ! =) All we do is argue and that is our relationship haha. What a dumbz. I'm glad we still have a friendship going on. Anywas enough about that ! Vegas weather is freakin HOT ! Geebus! But it's nice in the house. Athan's place is hella freezing. Air on blast like at 65 hahaa. But feels good. Mine's is like a lil cool. Hm. I'm going to see ex-boyfriend Thursday hahah. How weird?! But it's koo haha. Beach for Ej's 1st bday !! Awwww =) Already !? I have to buy his present today for sure. Cute boy he is ! Ok nothing really going on or updated. Just YEAH ! Ok take cares niglets !

Monday, June 23, 2008


So chyeah ! This weekend hmm what happened. Friday night what the hell did I do, OH YEAH I went to Mico's with Thug and we just chilled nothing special. THen Saturday !!!! Mom invited me to eat some MESSICAN FOOD. Saw Hazel and Johnny. Bro got hella lit. Thug came over and we all watched Funny Games. NICE CHOICE REGGIE. Fuckin gay movie ahaha. Thug was like wtf ! Haha. After I went home to get ready while Thug chilled on me laptop. Love that girl. Umms. Lo, Daffi, AR, and Justin came over. We had no idea what to do, so we decided to look up haunted places on google. So Mico text me and told me to go to "haven road." So I told them and about Midnight we all drove to that road. Jagger packed in Thug's car and me in the damn trunk ha. So we found Haven and it was blocked? Construction and shit. So I guess we drove around and we went to the other side of the construction. Dark ass neighborhood. Some abandoned houses. Mics said there were suicides and murders there. We drove all around the neighborhood for a good 20 minutes tryna figure out where we should park and which abandonded house we should go to. So our windows were down and Thug screams and we look and some black shit is running along side of us and we start screaming for our lives. Daffi's driving ass is just taking her sweet ass time and didn't even speed up cuz she didn't know what was going on. But come to find out it's a damn rottie. HAHA. Shit I ducked for cover and shit. We finally found a house. OMG can you say scary!? We get out and we all staring at it. It's like 2 in the morn. THen we see cops way way way way way down the street. Like nowhere near us. And everyone books it to the car haha. We drive away because we didn't want to get caught up. So we plan to go another night. We gethome, and Thug, Lo, Daffi, Justin, and I decide to climb the mountain near our house. So we had to jump the wall so we didn't have to walk all the way down haha. I look down and the ground looked closer than I thought, so I turn around and jump, and ate shit haha. Fell right on my ass lmao. So we walkin and go up the trail get half way up and sit and look at the beautiful view. Oh man it was so nice. Then security kicked us out. So went back to myhouse. Played card games. Laughed. Had a good time. Then just chilled till everyone got sleepy. Thug & Daff slept over and Justin and Lo left around 3 or 4 something. Good times.

Um today I woke up cuz Jonathan was waking me up and telling me to get up. He wanted to go buy his pipe so I go with him. Then it ends up being Johnny, Hazel, Reg, Bro, and me. We go food shoppin cuz they were bbqin at the house. (which i couldn't go to cuz I had church. Food looked so yummy :[ ) But anyways, yeah hot day, driving around. Yada Yada, go home and I go to church. Then go with Rich to get his tat. Took a good hour and a half ish. YEEUP ! Weekend is over. I'm babysittin my cuzzo tomorrow. The cueeez baby =) Love him. Ok i'm offffff!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Love Guru

Omgah. The Love Guru was freakin hilarious !!! Haha ! Mics, Thug, Athan, Emma, Bueno, Kalila, Sto, and some other random ppl went to watch the midnight show. I was dying the whole time. I have no idea why, I had the giggles the whole night, but FUCK i thought it was funny haha. Oh boy got mad at me today -_-. Man, it wasn't my fault niggah. And i'm not saying it's yours ! But yeeeeah you already know the deal. ANYWAYS, I drove home with Jonathan and we stopped by to get SMOOTHIES. YUMMM. 24 hours that shit is open so lovely. Love my bro. So yeah just got in my room. Suggesting you watch love guru, because that shit is too damn funny. INTAMACY. INTO ME I SEE ! or something like that?! Haha ! Nowhere = Now Here ! HAha oh shit clever ass shit. My geez. Ok I am going to finish my nice Sunny Day smoothie and go to sleeeeeeps ! Goodnighttt!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So !!!! Nothing new, just no more curfew. Haha funny stuff. Just chilled the whole day and my loves came over =) so cueeeez. We all still here. Ummm, game tomorrow at my house! Laker fan forFUCKINever sons! Haha. So yesterday went to the park to watch the boys ball. Daff and I played with Faith and them niggahs. Hella funny shit. After that, movie night at my house with Mics and the lovies. Son, life is great. Muhahhaa =) I can pretty much say EVERYTHING is just lovely <3 see =")

Friday, June 13, 2008

Class of 2008

Ah I did it! I graduated. June 12th! My 12 years of bullshit are done hahaah. Thank you to Mico, Jackie, Josh, and Justin for coming =) Ha. And everyone who texted me all damn day ahha. It's so unreal. It hasn't hit me. But party tomorrow for Bern and I @ HOM. Invite only hoes. I don't want all these random ass beezys there. Haha.

So life is great right now. Accomplished a huge goal to finish HS. Friends old and new are coming together. No drama as of right now haha. Everyone is just in happy mode right now haha. But cali at the end of this month ! June 26th-30th !!! UGH son. San Diego baby, Six Flags, Melrose, Beach, SOCAL ! Facks. It's going to be fun. I have hella money! But I ain't gonna spend it all hahaha. Crazy.

OH UM ! like 3 days ago, I chopped all my hair off !!!! NO HAIR ATA ALL ! like a boy status. Short on the right side, long on the left side. It's aight, I'm still waiting for it to grow out so the right side looks better ahaha. Then I'm having Enjoly, (my hair stylist) to color that shit green. She is sooo hard son ! Does hella good job. Color specialist too and makes her own colors and shit. So green for me =) She knows wtf is up. But yeaaah ! Good stuff =)

Friday, June 6, 2008


What a random Friday morning. I woke up and opened my door and I heard Chanlle and my Uncle arguing about something. Chanelle was hella crying so I went back in my room so they wouldn't see me or hear me. I felt bad because this is the most I have heard them argue. But Uncle left to LA today for some rehearsals. Took EJ with him so Chanelle can do her work. Hope they settled everything.

Um I'm half way done with cleaning my room. Yay hahaha. No more clothes on the floor it looks so nice haha. But yes, I just wanted to say, I'm so in love with you. No matter what happens. I know you love me too, not as your girlfriend, not as your partner, but as a friend. Because yeah I've heard it. And it makes me feel great inside. I'm glad we are becoming ok again. No more hella yelling at each other haha. He's in love with another girl, and all I have to do is support that. Good for him if he makes that decision. But I still have shit on my mind =\

Now it's like the other way around. Him with her, and i'm the ex girlfriend. Can't see her blah blah blah can't talk to her. That's exactly how I was with him. He never respected that and still went and did the things I didn't want him to do. So I did the same thing. Don't call me saying this and that please, because you know damn well how I felt. Don't get mad reading this, I aint gonna be a homewrecker or anything. Chill. Just good luck with your relationship since you two are meant to be? haha Ok i'm done. Love you Reggie. You know I'm always here if you need anything :] Don't forget my present :] The fuckin golden gate bridge hahaha.

It's too damn hot out here in Vegas. FUCK ! But I need to go running tonight since I didn't go yesterday dangit !!! Gonna get fit yall ! Watch out ! hahaha. Ew. Um Wednesday night/Thursday morn, Mico, Kalila,Emma, Ej, Johne, Eman, Lo, Jonathan, & I went to the caves haha. So LAME ! Lmao. Yeah it was scary but boring. When we finally got to the top and shit, we were all out of breath ha. We wwere making our way to the opening of one of the caves, and we heard a noise and we all screamed and ran away HAHA ! Like a fuckin horror movie and shit. So funny. But the cave was blocked off. So They went around and found another entrance. But Kalila, Emma, Lo, Jonathan, and I were already making our way down. So we were all posted down at the mountain and some guy is walking from the caves or somewhere to IDK?! It was scary, we had no idea who he was. Some guy that just like walked from the desert to the street and disappeared. We were like wtf? Haha anyways, yeah. It was just a random night. Fun but boring. My car smells like weed cuz of Jonathan. And yes ! Well I'm going out with Lo today just cuz we both bored. Nothing more. I gotta get ready and all that good ish ! Okiee ! :] much love to everyone. Have a good month of JUNE !

OH !!! Cali trip the end of this month ! 26th-30th!!!! SoCal trip ! W/ mico, emma, kalila, and christian. So excited ! Six flags, gettin drunk, SD, BEACH ! WTFAk?! What more can you ask for?! Especially with some great ass friends. Oh yee. Graduating in a week snictches !!! GET EM LEX !

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Out of school ! Graduating june 12th ! High school life is finally coming to an end. My cap and gown is sitting right next to me. Yay ! Haha. Soooooooo party it up next week and shit. Thank goodness. So I have some friends coming to my grad ! And my fam. He said he couldn't get it off but he'll still see me and get me a nice gift hopefully :] What a nice friend. But fucking debating on the LA thing. I'll be sad to leave vegas. My friends, family, the drama that happened here, the dance scene, my loves. AH ! You name it. But IDK !

So i had an interesting day today. Let's just say some things are left better unsaid. Right? HA ! I took random pictures today to send out to my fam. Slept until 5ish or 6ish. Did random shit. Have hella hard boiled eggs at my house hahaha. And YUP :]

I have something to hold against you. Remember that.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


So my weekend was interesting ! lmao. Met Arnelle's bitz ass ! HA. But friday I went to Arnelle's for a bit. Fuckin she is so funny. Omg met this guy...He so damn niceeee, so sweet, funny, and hella cuteeee! WTFAK. I don't wanna mention names. But he lives in Long Beach :[ ughh. Iuno....we'll keep in touch for sure butttt iuno. It's ok. Hella crushing though I guess...But it was really nice meeting him for sure. Friends no matter whaaat :]Then Mics picked me up from home and ish then went to Emma's to finish getting ready for OUR GIRLS NIGHT OUT ! Can I say fun?! We had like 20 bitches in the damn movie theater in one section haahahah. So cuteee. We ate at Claim Jumper and then watched Sex and the City. CUTE MOVIEEEE ! Awwww. Hahahaa. THen after Bern and I went to pick up AR's lil sis from MGM. LMAO. Good times Bern if you know what I mean. Anyways. Went to HOM after.Ej waited for me. Cuz he wanted to leave. Hahaha. So I stayed for about 15 minutes then Ej and I dipppped. Ew who says dipped lmao. Anyways. Yup went home and knocked the hell out.

SO WOKE UP around 1. Ha. Tried to make up my dance but got nowhere. So just chilled at the Barba's house until Mico picked me up. Ummms. Went to his house cuz he had to change. Played with his cute doggies. Then we went to meet up with his bro. OH GOSH the most hilarious thing happened with his brother. HAHAAHHAA. So his brother was driving and we were meeting him up, so he is backing up, and he was hella fuckin high too, so he back ups in to a damn car, and me and Mico were like wth?! But when he backed up into the car, he acted like it was nothing HAAHAHAHAH. He didn't turn around or act shocked, he just looked chill and acted casual AHAH. Omgsh Mics and I were DYING. HAAHAH ! So funnnnnny. But after that we went to Groove to teach my damn class lol. It was whatevvvv. THena fter that. Went to eat at Amigos Tacos with Mics and Johne. GOOD FUTCHIN TIMES. Hahahaha. Mexican channel, talks, FOOD. geeeeezez. But yeee I went home. Got ready. Back out. Stopped at Arnelle's first. Said Hi to some ppl. Chilled for a bit. Said hi and bye to him. Cuz I don't think I'll see him for awhile. But it's all good. So after went to HOM. Some girls birthday. Was aight. Did something I will prolli never do again hahahahaha. I was dyiing HA. Anyways. Saw ex boy. Brought my futchin mood down ! But it went back up cuz my friends hahahaha. But yeah we was outside he came out. Said a lil hi to me. But I didn't say hi back . lol What a bitch I am. Anywaysssss ! I chilled there until 5 then left. Chewy ran away :[ They can't find him. Poor doggy. But yeah Mac and Aaron stopped by for a bit. and yeeeeee. But yeah night was random and fun at the same time. Went home and knocked the hell out.

So i'm getting confirmed today. Got last minute school stuff! And umm...tryna make up dance in two weeks for Ellis. My song is Janet Jackson-That's theWay Love Goes. UGHHHHH. So hard cuz that so not my style but the song is sick no doubt. Haha. BuT. Yaya. Last 3 days of school this weeeeeek. Loves it. Ok I'm going to get ready now. ;] God Bless everyone !