Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Cali tomorrow ! Just for a day =) Haha. Me & Mics roadtrip ! Then open house babies. So hm! My past days were random. Stayed home two nights ago and had war with Mico. Justin and I were crackin up at Mic's vid haha. " ON THE EVENING ! AHH ! " hahahahaha. I was dying. Then yesterday went out with the gay and bought him din din. Outback YUMMMM =) Then watched 10,000 B.C. with Jonathan. AHH ! =) Muahaha. I love this shit HAHAH. Ok i'll stop umm. Reggie is going to cali this weekend too ! HAVE FUN FAG ! =) All we do is argue and that is our relationship haha. What a dumbz. I'm glad we still have a friendship going on. Anywas enough about that ! Vegas weather is freakin HOT ! Geebus! But it's nice in the house. Athan's place is hella freezing. Air on blast like at 65 hahaa. But feels good. Mine's is like a lil cool. Hm. I'm going to see ex-boyfriend Thursday hahah. How weird?! But it's koo haha. Beach for Ej's 1st bday !! Awwww =) Already !? I have to buy his present today for sure. Cute boy he is ! Ok nothing really going on or updated. Just YEAH ! Ok take cares niglets !

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