Friday, June 13, 2008

Class of 2008

Ah I did it! I graduated. June 12th! My 12 years of bullshit are done hahaah. Thank you to Mico, Jackie, Josh, and Justin for coming =) Ha. And everyone who texted me all damn day ahha. It's so unreal. It hasn't hit me. But party tomorrow for Bern and I @ HOM. Invite only hoes. I don't want all these random ass beezys there. Haha.

So life is great right now. Accomplished a huge goal to finish HS. Friends old and new are coming together. No drama as of right now haha. Everyone is just in happy mode right now haha. But cali at the end of this month ! June 26th-30th !!! UGH son. San Diego baby, Six Flags, Melrose, Beach, SOCAL ! Facks. It's going to be fun. I have hella money! But I ain't gonna spend it all hahaha. Crazy.

OH UM ! like 3 days ago, I chopped all my hair off !!!! NO HAIR ATA ALL ! like a boy status. Short on the right side, long on the left side. It's aight, I'm still waiting for it to grow out so the right side looks better ahaha. Then I'm having Enjoly, (my hair stylist) to color that shit green. She is sooo hard son ! Does hella good job. Color specialist too and makes her own colors and shit. So green for me =) She knows wtf is up. But yeaaah ! Good stuff =)

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