Monday, June 23, 2008


So chyeah ! This weekend hmm what happened. Friday night what the hell did I do, OH YEAH I went to Mico's with Thug and we just chilled nothing special. THen Saturday !!!! Mom invited me to eat some MESSICAN FOOD. Saw Hazel and Johnny. Bro got hella lit. Thug came over and we all watched Funny Games. NICE CHOICE REGGIE. Fuckin gay movie ahaha. Thug was like wtf ! Haha. After I went home to get ready while Thug chilled on me laptop. Love that girl. Umms. Lo, Daffi, AR, and Justin came over. We had no idea what to do, so we decided to look up haunted places on google. So Mico text me and told me to go to "haven road." So I told them and about Midnight we all drove to that road. Jagger packed in Thug's car and me in the damn trunk ha. So we found Haven and it was blocked? Construction and shit. So I guess we drove around and we went to the other side of the construction. Dark ass neighborhood. Some abandoned houses. Mics said there were suicides and murders there. We drove all around the neighborhood for a good 20 minutes tryna figure out where we should park and which abandonded house we should go to. So our windows were down and Thug screams and we look and some black shit is running along side of us and we start screaming for our lives. Daffi's driving ass is just taking her sweet ass time and didn't even speed up cuz she didn't know what was going on. But come to find out it's a damn rottie. HAHA. Shit I ducked for cover and shit. We finally found a house. OMG can you say scary!? We get out and we all staring at it. It's like 2 in the morn. THen we see cops way way way way way down the street. Like nowhere near us. And everyone books it to the car haha. We drive away because we didn't want to get caught up. So we plan to go another night. We gethome, and Thug, Lo, Daffi, Justin, and I decide to climb the mountain near our house. So we had to jump the wall so we didn't have to walk all the way down haha. I look down and the ground looked closer than I thought, so I turn around and jump, and ate shit haha. Fell right on my ass lmao. So we walkin and go up the trail get half way up and sit and look at the beautiful view. Oh man it was so nice. Then security kicked us out. So went back to myhouse. Played card games. Laughed. Had a good time. Then just chilled till everyone got sleepy. Thug & Daff slept over and Justin and Lo left around 3 or 4 something. Good times.

Um today I woke up cuz Jonathan was waking me up and telling me to get up. He wanted to go buy his pipe so I go with him. Then it ends up being Johnny, Hazel, Reg, Bro, and me. We go food shoppin cuz they were bbqin at the house. (which i couldn't go to cuz I had church. Food looked so yummy :[ ) But anyways, yeah hot day, driving around. Yada Yada, go home and I go to church. Then go with Rich to get his tat. Took a good hour and a half ish. YEEUP ! Weekend is over. I'm babysittin my cuzzo tomorrow. The cueeez baby =) Love him. Ok i'm offffff!

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