Thursday, June 5, 2008


Out of school ! Graduating june 12th ! High school life is finally coming to an end. My cap and gown is sitting right next to me. Yay ! Haha. Soooooooo party it up next week and shit. Thank goodness. So I have some friends coming to my grad ! And my fam. He said he couldn't get it off but he'll still see me and get me a nice gift hopefully :] What a nice friend. But fucking debating on the LA thing. I'll be sad to leave vegas. My friends, family, the drama that happened here, the dance scene, my loves. AH ! You name it. But IDK !

So i had an interesting day today. Let's just say some things are left better unsaid. Right? HA ! I took random pictures today to send out to my fam. Slept until 5ish or 6ish. Did random shit. Have hella hard boiled eggs at my house hahaha. And YUP :]

I have something to hold against you. Remember that.

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