Friday, June 20, 2008

Love Guru

Omgah. The Love Guru was freakin hilarious !!! Haha ! Mics, Thug, Athan, Emma, Bueno, Kalila, Sto, and some other random ppl went to watch the midnight show. I was dying the whole time. I have no idea why, I had the giggles the whole night, but FUCK i thought it was funny haha. Oh boy got mad at me today -_-. Man, it wasn't my fault niggah. And i'm not saying it's yours ! But yeeeeah you already know the deal. ANYWAYS, I drove home with Jonathan and we stopped by to get SMOOTHIES. YUMMM. 24 hours that shit is open so lovely. Love my bro. So yeah just got in my room. Suggesting you watch love guru, because that shit is too damn funny. INTAMACY. INTO ME I SEE ! or something like that?! Haha ! Nowhere = Now Here ! HAha oh shit clever ass shit. My geez. Ok I am going to finish my nice Sunny Day smoothie and go to sleeeeeeps ! Goodnighttt!

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