Friday, June 6, 2008


What a random Friday morning. I woke up and opened my door and I heard Chanlle and my Uncle arguing about something. Chanelle was hella crying so I went back in my room so they wouldn't see me or hear me. I felt bad because this is the most I have heard them argue. But Uncle left to LA today for some rehearsals. Took EJ with him so Chanelle can do her work. Hope they settled everything.

Um I'm half way done with cleaning my room. Yay hahaha. No more clothes on the floor it looks so nice haha. But yes, I just wanted to say, I'm so in love with you. No matter what happens. I know you love me too, not as your girlfriend, not as your partner, but as a friend. Because yeah I've heard it. And it makes me feel great inside. I'm glad we are becoming ok again. No more hella yelling at each other haha. He's in love with another girl, and all I have to do is support that. Good for him if he makes that decision. But I still have shit on my mind =\

Now it's like the other way around. Him with her, and i'm the ex girlfriend. Can't see her blah blah blah can't talk to her. That's exactly how I was with him. He never respected that and still went and did the things I didn't want him to do. So I did the same thing. Don't call me saying this and that please, because you know damn well how I felt. Don't get mad reading this, I aint gonna be a homewrecker or anything. Chill. Just good luck with your relationship since you two are meant to be? haha Ok i'm done. Love you Reggie. You know I'm always here if you need anything :] Don't forget my present :] The fuckin golden gate bridge hahaha.

It's too damn hot out here in Vegas. FUCK ! But I need to go running tonight since I didn't go yesterday dangit !!! Gonna get fit yall ! Watch out ! hahaha. Ew. Um Wednesday night/Thursday morn, Mico, Kalila,Emma, Ej, Johne, Eman, Lo, Jonathan, & I went to the caves haha. So LAME ! Lmao. Yeah it was scary but boring. When we finally got to the top and shit, we were all out of breath ha. We wwere making our way to the opening of one of the caves, and we heard a noise and we all screamed and ran away HAHA ! Like a fuckin horror movie and shit. So funny. But the cave was blocked off. So They went around and found another entrance. But Kalila, Emma, Lo, Jonathan, and I were already making our way down. So we were all posted down at the mountain and some guy is walking from the caves or somewhere to IDK?! It was scary, we had no idea who he was. Some guy that just like walked from the desert to the street and disappeared. We were like wtf? Haha anyways, yeah. It was just a random night. Fun but boring. My car smells like weed cuz of Jonathan. And yes ! Well I'm going out with Lo today just cuz we both bored. Nothing more. I gotta get ready and all that good ish ! Okiee ! :] much love to everyone. Have a good month of JUNE !

OH !!! Cali trip the end of this month ! 26th-30th!!!! SoCal trip ! W/ mico, emma, kalila, and christian. So excited ! Six flags, gettin drunk, SD, BEACH ! WTFAk?! What more can you ask for?! Especially with some great ass friends. Oh yee. Graduating in a week snictches !!! GET EM LEX !

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