Monday, June 30, 2008

Open House

Can you say interesting weeken?! HAHHA. Oh geeeezez. Friday, gallavanted around with Reggie to PH. Left him accidently cuz of miscommunication, then picked him back up at in-n-out where we ate. Haha my bad Reg. THEN had to go home to get his shit from mom's. Then I dropped him off at the apartment. Then he calls me asking how far I was if I can pick up bro from work. Then I told him I'll call Thug, then she said she would, then Reg asks if I can pick me up, but I said Thug was on the way. Then Bro calls me and asks where Reg was and if he's gonna pick me up, then I said i would, but he wanted Reg to. AND it was a whole bunch of confusing shit ! GEEZEZ. Haha so I ended up following Reg to give bro the car, then took Reg home again. Then I went home cuz I had open house and ppl were coming over. Thug was already at my house with Daffi and Aldrin. So it was Thug, Daff, Aldrin, Johne, Lo, Jayce, Bro, Jackie ,and Justin just dranking at my house. We were supposed to go ghost hunting again, but no one was sober enough to driveeeee. Haha so yeah. INTERESTING NIGHT. That's all I'm going to say hahahahahah !

Woke up to Bro waking me up at like 10 in the morning ! OMGAH stop doing that please, he always wakes me up. walking into my room and shit. Reg left to the bay that morning. So justin thug and him crashed at my house that night...Thug felt like shit in the morning, so me bro and justin went to go eat at IHOP. Then went home, I got ready, Justin left, then the three of us amigos went to the mall to buy my vans and I bought jeans. Then we went to eat at chili's. Lo met us up then all four of us went to watch Wanted. Sick ass fuckin movie. That joint was hard. Then after, back to my house for another random night. Just drank a lil and ya same ol shit.

Sunday, wth did I do... UMM.. ate pho with Thug and bro. After went to the apartment and I knocked out sick there. hung out with bro after Thug left, I was walking down the street to the car and I saw Mom outside the house, she asked where me and Jonathan were going, so I went up to say hi to her and I told her we were going out to eat. Then she asked why don't we just eat here. So I told Jonathan why don't we eat here? So we ate at his mom'shouse.GOOOOD FOOOD geeeesh. =) Hung out for a bit then left. Went to forum shops. He wanted to be a burBERRY (haha) belt but he didn't even buy. Yup, after Emma hit me up for a party for this girls going away party. Haha old ppl there and shit ! HAHA. But hung out with Pope, Emma, Kristian, Mac and Bro. Met new people. We all went to South Point for breakfast =) It was like 2ish. Bro was pretty much drunk so I was driving. Mico wrote all over my arm and shieeet. Food was good =) 3 bux. YUMMM. Haha. Then went home!

ahhh Today, just watched EJ while Chanelle had her meeting. FUSSY ASS BABY TODAY. Haha. It's ok he still cute. So yeah, I have to watch him again tomorrow from like 1-6ish. Hey at least ill get paid for it?! Hmph. OK good weekend though. YEE !!!!

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